Far Red LEDs from Sunbrite peak at 680nm

By on Oct 23, 2010

Red LEDs may have not joined the ranks of regular use like blue and white LEDs but that hasn’t stopped Sunbrite LED from bringing out a second crimson. In addition to their previous shade of red with a peak of 640nm, Sunbrite is here at RAP showing off their new “Far Red” LEDs with an emission peak of 680nm. You might think that a red is jsut a red but the color difference between the 640 red and the 680 far red is easily discernible to the naked eye. The Far Red LED from Sunbrite excites a different part of the photosynthetically active spectrum but it won’t excite your wallet any more than previous LED colors. The 15 Far Red LED watt spots will be $119 and the  striplight t00b form factors for the same basic price as [previous Sunbrite lights.

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