Brand new and better videos of the one and only Lipogramma robinsi

By on Feb 06, 2012

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We posted about the only captive Lipogramma robinsi in the world not too long ago, and then updated with a short video of it. The old video, nice as it may be, cannot compare to these brand new out of this world videos of the now comfortably settled fish. The tiny basslet is now conditioned and has improved in coloration.

The Robins basslet also seems much more relaxed – notice how it flits around the tank, and flares its fin at every pause, very Gramma like. The uber rare fish is also sharing its tank with a very tiny juvenile Prognathodes guyanensis, but the butterfly, as rare as it may be, is paling out in comparison next to the superstar basslet. Enjoy these two videos of the first and only L. robinsi to enter the market. Big thanks to BlueHarbor for the updates on this magnificent find.

YouTube Preview Image
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