Reef Nutrition Beta Brine hits the stores today

By on Aug 05, 2013

For those of you waiting to get your fins on the new Reef Nutrition Beta Brine, you are in luck as the product finally went on sale today. Beta Brine is Artemia salina that is naturally enriched with beta-carotene after chowing down on phytoplankton rich in ?-Carotene.

We got a sneak peek at Reef Nutrition’s Beta Brine last year at MACNA and if this product is like the other RN foods, your fish and corals with go nuts. If you are looking to add a nutritious food open with the added benefits of beta-carotene to help with coloration of your corals and fish, you might want to check this out.

A 6 oz. bottle will retail around $21 and is available on the Reef Nutrition website or from your favorite RN retailer.

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