flores-aquarium-diving A reef tank is not a piece of a natural reef I have to chuckle when I hear someone say that their reef tank looks just like a reef in the ocean, or that their tank is like a small piece of the reef. It may sound like sacrilege to fellow reefers, but despite how much we want to believe this illusion, or how good our tanks look, or even
best-nano-products-2014 Reef Builders Editor’s Choice: Top 5 best Nano products of 2014
AFM Marine BP reactor has a unique spin on fluidized media

The Saltwater Aquatics Industry is in major jeopardy

Last week, we reported on the process to start legislation to ban 20 species of corals in the U.S. Territories. The process does take time to work its way through the United States and as we again reported last week the phase the 20 corals are in is the commenting phase. The commenting phase is Read More

National Marine Fisheries Service requests Comments from public to ascertain a potential 4(d) ruling on threatened corals

Uh oh. It looks like someone is doing their job at the National Marine Fisheries Service. Do you remember the 20 species of corals that were listed as threatened in 2014? The agency stated today: “We are now considering whether there are protective regulations that are necessary and advisable for the conservation of these 20 Read More

Aquatics retailers: Amazon is now the #1 Competition

Amazon might be hurting fish stores more than other online stores, that’s according to interviews conducted by Reef Builders and talking to major retailers across the country.  The data suggests that consumers are comparison-shopping online and in stores for popular aquatics goods and then purchasing directly through Amazon. Several online retailers have reported that Amazon Read More

7 Questions: Joe Yaiullo

In our next installment of “7 Questions” we sit down with Joe Yaiullo, the Curator and Co-Founder of the Long Island Aquarium & Exhibition Center in Riverhead, New York. Known for curating an amazing 20,000 gallon coral reef at the aquarium, Joe is extremely active in the reefing community making appearances at national, regional and Read More

Triton Labs and Unique Corals bring professional water analysis to US

The Triton Method for professional water testing analysis is coming to the US. The German company has struck a deal with Unique Corals to establish Triton US to let aquarists serious about water testing get water samples tested on a professional system to an accuracy unparalleled with off-the-shelf test kits. According to the press release, Read More

World Aquatic Industry looks to provide global database for all things aquatic

The World Aquatic Industry directory (WAID) is a new endeavor that is launching today to create a global online repository of all things aquatic — fish stores, service companies, public aquariums, product vendors, aquaculture facilities and more. The online database, which has the potential to be a Yelp for the aquatic industry, was started by Read More

Humphead Wrassee does not receive endangered species listing

The humphead wrasse will not be put on the endangered species act as either threatened or endangered according to the newest information from NOAA. Their review process concluded: We conclude that the humphead wrasse is not presently in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range nor is it likely to Read More

California greatly increasing Consumer Protections for Pet Insurance that include aquatics

California is one of the few states that have added new provisions to pet insurance, which includes aquatics. The new law is increasing consumer protections for pet insurance. The pet insurers are now required by law to disclose important information regarding their policies, standardize definitions, and provide consumers with a 30-day “free look” period, under Read More

The new consumer aquatics lifecycle

Back in the 90s many folks got a freshwater tank and kept fish like the simple goldfish. They gradually progressed into keeping full-blown saltwater tanks and the progression from gold fish to clownfish took many years. Today, we are seeing a different behavior pattern, which has them jumping directly into keeping a saltwater tank. The Read More

Endangered versus Threatened: Why should you be concerned?

While yesterdays event scared just about everyone in the greater aquatics industry we might come to expect that more often as different petitions make there way around federal bodies that deal with the ESA. A lot of folks think we are safe if a species is listed as only threatened versus endangered but for the Read More