Take our latest survey: The rise of the “connected” aquarium

With the growth of the connected home, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at the “connected” aquarium with our latest survey. Click here or on the image below to answer a few questions about how internet-enabled aquarium devices are becoming the norm. Whether its via WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet or cellular connectivity,

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Q&A with Victor and Lou of World Wide Corals

World Wide Corals has long been one of our favorite livestock providers and whenever we get the opportunity to visit the store in Florida, we make sure to take advantage of it. We were able to sit down with WWC chief operating officer Lou Shiavo and co-founder Victor Fornari to learn a bit more about them

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Texas State Aquarium suffers massive die-off after treatment for parasites

The Texas State Aquarium is suffering considerable losses in some displays after an attempt to treat parasites lead to a massive die-off Tuesday night. The aquarium in Corpus Cristi, had used a method they first used on a smaller display with no adverse effects, however once administered to the larger systems they discovered it was

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Consumers still protesting Petco / Drs. Foster Smith deal

Now that it’s been several months of Petco’s acquisition of Drs. Foster & Smith and their famous Live Aquaria division the Internet has  and is still crying out in protest of the deal. Every major social network has been slammed with negative responses to the news including news outlets that are outside of the industry.

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Bulk Reef Supply suffers cyber attack, customer data stolen

Bulk Reef Supply, a popular provider of aquarium equipment and supplies announced yesterday they have been hacked. Those customers who were affected by the breach will receive written notice from the company along with free instructions to receive credit monitoring services. The investigation is ongoing to the incident but the company has confirmed some customer

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Hawaii removes ban on aquarium collection in proposed bill

Hawaii has been at the center of legislation that would ban aquarium collection. Last week, the House Committee on Ocean, Marine Resources and Hawaiian Affairs approved a revised House Bill 873 which initially called for a ban on the industry that officials have said does around $2 million a year in business. The decision came Read More

Bali Aquarich adds another feather to its cap with captive bred Holacanthus passer

Su Wen-Ping is a real dark horse in the industry that really deserves tremendous applaud and accolades for the work that he is doing. Owner and founder of Bali Aquarich, Mr. Su and his company are well known for supplying high quality designer clownfish to the world over. Not only are they adept in their work and Read More

The Saltwater Aquatics Industry is in major jeopardy

Last week, we reported on the process to start legislation to ban 20 species of corals in the U.S. Territories. The process does take time to work its way through the United States and as we again reported last week the phase the 20 corals are in is the commenting phase. The commenting phase is

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National Marine Fisheries Service requests Comments from public to ascertain a potential 4(d) ruling on threatened corals

Uh oh. It looks like someone is doing their job at the National Marine Fisheries Service. Do you remember the 20 species of corals that were listed as threatened in 2014? The agency stated today: “We are now considering whether there are protective regulations that are necessary and advisable for the conservation of these 20

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Aquatics retailers: Amazon is now the #1 Competition

Amazon might be hurting fish stores more than other online stores, that’s according to interviews conducted by Reef Builders and talking to major retailers across the country.  The data suggests that consumers are comparison-shopping online and in stores for popular aquatics goods and then purchasing directly through Amazon. Several online retailers have reported that Amazon

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