most-popular-stories Top 10 most popular stories of 2014 It’s that time of year again, not only when we recap our favorite new species of corals and fish, but also take a look back at what YOU the readers really liked the most. Through a combination of page views, comments and facebook like we’ve distilled our top ten most popular stories from the past
tunze-nanostream-6040-4 Tunze NanoStream 6040 Review: the most features packed inside the smallest controllable pump
GHL’s new Powerbar 5.1, smaller and updated

Turbinaria bifrons is the rarest stony coral you’ve never heard of

Turbinaria bifrons is quite simply unlike any coral anyone has ever seen, and it is perhaps one of the rarest stony coral species in the aquarium hobby. When we say T. bifrons is rare we don’t mean rare as in a strain of a particular highly desired Echniophyllia, a genus that is practically overrepresented in aquaria. No Read More

Understanding the photography triad: ISO, aperture and shutter speed

As aquarium owners, we are often very proud of our creations and want to capture them in pictures. Perhaps it’s that Acropora that you’ve been growing, or that fish that you love so much. Photography is a great way to document and digitalise your day to day hobby activities. Photography is an art, and there is Read More

Geminate sisters and their path to speciation

Ever wondered why with an endless possibility of patterns and permutations, there is always somehow a few fish with consistently repeated pattern templates? A few species that share the same overall appearance but not quite the same. That confusing group of fish that you can never really figure out because they just look so similar? Speciation Read More

I see you looking at me, like I’m some kind of freak

Sight is a vital sensory system for most living things that enables them to process and visualise information from their surroundings. What to eat, and where to find it? Who to flee from, and who to mate with? Survival and procreation are some of the day to day necessities that would be impossible, for most, without Read More

Will you stop hiding from me! Lonesome Liopropoma

Today’s post is c0-contributed by Mr. Tay, a friend of ReefBuilders and one of my best fish buddies in Singapore. Mr. Tay is known online by his alias “Digiman”, and has an extensive collection of deepwater and unusual fish, many of which have been featured here before. We love basslets, and Liopropoma is arguably one Read More

Unique observations of the natural habitat of Acropora suharsonoi

As far as cool “mythical” acros go, for us Acropora suharsonoi has always been one of the be-all unique and beautiful small polyp stony corals for the home aquarium. As an SPS lover, getting our hands on this species for the first time in 2005-2006 was a momentous occasion rivaled only by seeing the species in Read More

Diary entry 1: Fighting fire with fire, chronicles of Pseudochromis tonozukai

Dear diary, i’m at my wits end. It has been three days since I’ve initiated my plan to remove a male Pseudochromis tonozukai from my reef. I’ve tried everything, but this fish is no ordinary dottyback. Highly intelligent, careful and secretive, he seems to be one step ahead of my every move. I should have Read More

Do protein skimmer neck cleaners really work?

Back when protein skimmer neck cleaners were little more than overpriced novelties, we had serious doubt about their actual efficacy in a real world situation. Just over three years ago a much smaller breed of simple and affordable protein skimmer neck cleaners began to hit the market and we began using a model from Vertex Read More

Neptune Systems DoS is so much more than a dosing pump

It’s easy to look at the new Neptune Systems D0S “Fluid Metering System” and lump it in with all of the other dosing devices on the market, but you’d be mistaken. Nearly every facet of the DoS has been completely designed and engineered to be a tool of precise and reliable fluid dosing and metering, Read More

The second unknown Acropora discovered on the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition

One of the most exciting outcomes we could have hoped for on the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition is to encounter some corals that have never been seen before. Early on we observed not one but two species of Acropora the likes of which we have never seen in person or documented with photographs. We already told you about Read More