giant-staghorn-corals-jake-1 Giant staghorn corals so big they make you feel small There are staghorn acros and then there are STAGHORN corals! It is astounding to see the massive size that some species can reach in their preferred habitat amnd stumble upon the kinds of gargantuan ship-grounding sizes the colonies and their branches can reach. We know how fast “aquarium” staghorns can grow and while it is
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Ebeye Special Acro – a new ‘shortcake’ from Kwajalein Atoll
Abyzz 100 is Venotec’s smallest hot rod water pump to date

The coral tree of life is being rewritten one LPS at a time

Warning: the following is a nerdgasm of coral taxonomy, guest-written by Joe Rowlett, one of the many talented fish geeks working the fish tanks at Old Town Aquarium in Chicago.  Historically, corals have often been grouped at the genus and family level based on morphological structures of the entire colony—for instance, whether a new polyp grows from inside Read More

Three Old School corals that are still really cool to grow

There are many SPS corals available to the eager advanced hobbyist today. Far more than we ever had 10 years ago. I remember when the reef community was a much smaller one, a lot like a small town where everyone knows everyone else, and actual frag swapping was very common. Some years ago I attended Read More

Not Every Small, Benthic Fish Is A Goby

This is a guest contribution from Joe Rowlett, one of the many talented fish geeks working the fish tanks at Old Town Aquarium in Chicago.  The taxonomy and classification of fish is not a subject that your average reefkeeper investigates of their own volition. There is a bewildering array of big words, and terminology to Read More

Mame Nano Overflow review

This is a guest contribution from Briana Brasch, owner/operator of Applied Reefing in Denver Colorado.  I have always been a fan of rimless aquariums for my nano reef systems but such tanks present a bit of a challenge: how do I include effective filtration while maintaining the clean look of the display? Bulky hang-on-back filters Read More

The vitiligo angelfish, and Centropyge colouration

The dwarf angelfishes of the Genera Centropyge and Paracentropyge are amongst our favorite reef fishes, in part for their fabulous array of colour morphs and hybrids. We’ve always been fascinated by the variety of these aberrant individuals, and seem to have come across something new! On that note, I have to share this unusual Centropyge Read More

Digiman revisits BlueHarbor and closes 2013 with a spectacular bang

We are closing this year with one last travel story and it’s contributed again by rare fish expert Digiman from Singapore. Following up on his Hong Kong trip, Digiman visited Japan as a final pit stop to his year end holiday, and no rare fish aficionado will tick off Osaka in their travel itinerary. Osaka Read More

Plectranthias face-off: Two incredible species, P. fourmanoiri and P. garrupellus

We LOVE Plectranthias! Now repeat it with conviction, and then again while you read this post. Here at ReefBuilders we’re always on the ball with the genus Plectranthias for new discoveries, new species for the trade, you name it. We’ve covered a whole plethora of Plectranthias species in the past and do we have a treat Read More

Hong Kong through Digiman’s eyes part 2: A hat-trick of ultra lemonpeel hybrids

This is a continuation of Digiman’s two-part Hong Kong travel experience. In part 1, we took a look at the collection of two renowned HK reefers, namely Dr. Chung and Jimma Ma. Here, we take a quick look at Digiman’s findings and his purchases for his home trip back to Singapore: three ultra lemonpeel hybrids Read More

Acclimating corals, how most home hobbyists should do it (video)

Imagine that you are just stepping off a long inter-continental flight. As you step off you are walked through a long hallway with air that has a smooth gradient of temperature and pressure to carefully acclimate you to your new environment. Then once you reach the end of the Skywalk, you are hosed down and Read More

Hong Kong through Digiman’s eyes part 1: Legendary reefers Dr. Chung and Jimma Ma

Here’s another exciting Reef Builders travelogue showcasing the sights and adventures of the reefing scene in a foreign country. Like our Japan and Bangkok travelogues, we visit yet again another Asian country – the mystical land of Hong Kong. This time however, we have a very special contributor, Singaporean rare fish enthusiast who goes by Read More