jake-vincent-video The Show Episode 5: Jake & Vincent talk about coral farming and diving the Flores Sea If you don’t know who Vincent Chalias is by now you must have been living under a very big piece of live rock. Following on the successes of Bob Mankin in the Solomon Islands and Walt Smith in Fiji, Mr. Chalias is one of the pioneers of aquarium coral mariculture in Indonesia. In recent years Vincent
Acropora_cervicornis Endangered versus Threatened: Why should you be concerned?
Tunze Turbelle nanostream 6020 and 6040 pricing and availability update

Unique observations of the natural habitat of Acropora suharsonoi

As far as cool “mythical” acros go, for us Acropora suharsonoi has always been one of the be-all unique and beautiful small polyp stony corals for the home aquarium. As an SPS lover, getting our hands on this species for the first time in 2005-2006 was a momentous occasion rivaled only by seeing the species in Read More

Diary entry 1: Fighting fire with fire, chronicles of Pseudochromis tonozukai

Dear diary, i’m at my wits end. It has been three days since I’ve initiated my plan to remove a male Pseudochromis tonozukai from my reef. I’ve tried everything, but this fish is no ordinary dottyback. Highly intelligent, careful and secretive, he seems to be one step ahead of my every move. I should have Read More

Do protein skimmer neck cleaners really work?

Back when protein skimmer neck cleaners were little more than overpriced novelties, we had serious doubt about their actual efficacy in a real world situation. Just over three years ago a much smaller breed of simple and affordable protein skimmer neck cleaners began to hit the market and we began using a model from Vertex Read More

Neptune Systems DoS is so much more than a dosing pump

It’s easy to look at the new Neptune Systems D0S “Fluid Metering System” and lump it in with all of the other dosing devices on the market, but you’d be mistaken. Nearly every facet of the DoS has been completely designed and engineered to be a tool of precise and reliable fluid dosing and metering, Read More

The second unknown Acropora discovered on the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition

One of the most exciting outcomes we could have hoped for on the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition is to encounter some corals that have never been seen before. Early on we observed not one but two species of Acropora the likes of which we have never seen in person or documented with photographs. We already told you about Read More

Unknown Acropora species discovered on the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition

If we had one greatest hope for the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition, it was to find some new, undescribed, and otherwise unknown species of marine life, with stony corals topping our wish list. Wouldn’t you know it, on just the second day of diving we began to encounter not one but two “species” of Acropora to Read More

Turbinaria heronensis – an incredible story of coral comeback

I’ve been personally fascinated with Turbinaria heronensis ever since the first time I saw one in a book, but never could I have believed that I would ever get my hands on a whole colony of this fantastic species. Looking more or less like an Acropora suharsonoi dressed in Turbinaria clothing, there really is nothing, no other stony Read More

Self-sustaining ecosystems in a box, how close can we actually get?

Something that I’m continually fascinated with and ponder about; the idea of creating aquarium setups that require minimal human intervention. Growing up in the 90’s, the biosphere experiment held my imagination quite a bit. And then there were those ecospheres with the shrimp in the back of Smithsonian magazines. On a similar note, now people are Read More

The coral tree of life is being rewritten one LPS at a time

Warning: the following is a nerdgasm of coral taxonomy, guest-written by Joe Rowlett, one of the many talented fish geeks working the fish tanks at Old Town Aquarium in Chicago.  Historically, corals have often been grouped at the genus and family level based on morphological structures of the entire colony—for instance, whether a new polyp grows from inside Read More

Three Old School corals that are still really cool to grow

There are many SPS corals available to the eager advanced hobbyist today. Far more than we ever had 10 years ago. I remember when the reef community was a much smaller one, a lot like a small town where everyone knows everyone else, and actual frag swapping was very common. Some years ago I attended Read More