flores-aquarium-diving A reef tank is not a piece of a natural reef I have to chuckle when I hear someone say that their reef tank looks just like a reef in the ocean, or that their tank is like a small piece of the reef. It may sound like sacrilege to fellow reefers, but despite how much we want to believe this illusion, or how good our tanks look, or even
cladocora-persian-gulf The Persian Gulf is hiding a treasure trove of brilliant Azoox corals
More details on the Coralife Aqualight LED and interchangable Tri-Lamp LEDs

Reef Nuggets 5: Pseudanthias and notes regarding feeding and husbandry

In Reef Nuggets 4 we recounted Macropharyngodon and our personal experience with maintaining a harem using M. vivienae as an example. Today’s installation will aim at covering a topic that’s widely discussed, and on a subject that is ubiquitous and iconic in both the reefs of the ocean as well as our homes. Pseudanthias is high on Read More

Rainbow Corals: The Master Aquarium List

Twenty years ago, “mini reef hobbyists” were lucky to get corals in a particularly juicy shade of brown, and if they were lucky there might be a hint of green in an elegance coral or trachyphyllia. But this is 2015 dang it, and REEFERS will not be satiated with corals that don’t display a veritable Read More

Pseudanthias cf. aurulentus from the Coral Sea may turn out to be a new species

The genus Pseudanthias is growing at a rate of at least one new member per year as the reefs of the Pacific continue to drip feed us with brand new, never before seen species. In 2013 we saw the appearance of the “sunrise anthias” from New Caledonia, and while it hasn’t been yet been described scientifically, it’s Read More

What’s in a name?

Scientists are often pretty whimsical in their own way when it comes to describing a new species for science. To the undiscerning amateur like us, we may find scientific names cumbersome, made up of an unpronounceable mass of consonants with an unearthly amounts of x’s, y’s and z’s mashed together. But beyond the keyboard smashing, scientific names Read More

Reefing like it’s 1993: One Acropora becomes three

 The following article was originally published in Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Magazine more than 20 years ago and is reproduced here with permission from the author, Tony Vargas. This is surely one of the first articles ever on propagating stony corals. It may come across as rudimentary now, but imagine doing this more than two decades Read More

Reef Nuggets 4: Macropharyngodon and notes on maintaining a harem

This is the fourth installation of a running series we call Reef Nuggets, a platform in which we share informative and useful tips on reef keeping in general. In this chapter we take a look at my recount regarding the maintenance and husbandry of Macropharyngodon vivienae, how they are kept, and the journey from collection Read More

Turbinaria bifrons is the rarest stony coral you’ve never heard of

Turbinaria bifrons is quite simply unlike any coral anyone has ever seen, and it is perhaps one of the rarest stony coral species in the aquarium hobby. When we say T. bifrons is rare we don’t mean rare as in a strain of a particular highly desired Echniophyllia, a genus that is practically overrepresented in aquaria. No Read More

Understanding the photography triad: ISO, aperture and shutter speed

As aquarium owners, we are often very proud of our creations and want to capture them in pictures. Perhaps it’s that Acropora that you’ve been growing, or that fish that you love so much. Photography is a great way to document and digitalise your day to day hobby activities. Photography is an art, and there is Read More

Geminate sisters and their path to speciation

Ever wondered why with an endless possibility of patterns and permutations, there is always somehow a few fish with consistently repeated pattern templates? A few species that share the same overall appearance but not quite the same. That confusing group of fish that you can never really figure out because they just look so similar? Speciation Read More

I see you looking at me, like I’m some kind of freak

Sight is a vital sensory system for most living things that enables them to process and visualise information from their surroundings. What to eat, and where to find it? Who to flee from, and who to mate with? Survival and procreation are some of the day to day necessities that would be impossible, for most, without Read More