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Euroquatics Angel 1 and Angel 1 Pro LED review

The Angel 1 LED and Angel Pro LED are the first aquarium lights from the nascent Euroquatics aquarium lighting brand. Being backed by Gavita, a large horticulture company based out of Holland, certainly helped Euroquatics leapfrog the entry-level competition to offer a truly compelling LED reef light. When the Angel 1 and 1 Pro LEDs … Read More

Plectranthias winniensis & P. helenae captive raised by RCT Hawaii

Plectranthias winniensis and P. helenae are two species of this adorable group of basslets that grace the pages of Reef Builders today for very good reason. Reef Culture Technologies Hawaii has been trailblazing the captive rearing of various marine fish genera and species; first by captive spawning and breeding many different species of Centropyge, and … Read More

10 generations of Aqua Illumination LED lights

Aqua Illumination is the oldest aquarium company around today that has always been specifically dedicated to designing and building LED reef aquarium lights. This week we travelled to Aqua Illumination headquarters to spend some time with the crew, wrap our head around the new AIFI, myAI and HyperDrive features of the new Hydra 26 HD … Read More

Mandarin shark is alive and well in this feeding video

The Mandarin Shark that swept the aquarium and shark world by storm last week is alive and well at Country Critters in Long Island, New York. Despite being harvested from the deep waters of the Northern Philippines just about a week ago, the sensational Mandarin shark is already in the hands of a really gifted … Read More

Sensational new ‘Mandarin’ cat shark collected in Philippines (updated)

The Mandarin Cat Shark is an exciting new species of shark which has just been discovered collected in the northern Philippines. The incredible pattern of the ‘cat shark’ has an uncanny resemblance to the beloved Mandarin goby, and we’ve never seen a shark so beautiful that it made us want to have a nice large shark tank of … Read More

New insights on eradicating the dreaded Acro Eating Flatworm

Acropora Eating Flatworms aka AEFW aka Amakusaplana acroporae are the bane of SPS coral keepers, especially those of us with a penchant for Acropora species. Acro flatworms can turn an otherwise perfect reef system into an nightmare for the Acros in our aquariums. We are often asked how to treat this pest, how to dip it, what … Read More

Waveline WavePuck is a dramatically different kind of water mover

The Waveline WavePuck is completely new type of DC propeller pump from Reef Life Support Systems. Like so many other propeller pumps, the WavePuck moves water with a propeller, but the motor assembly is unlike anything we’ve seen before, and it allows for a radically new pump form factor. A typical motor assembly consists of … Read More

Top 5 new aquarium products of MACNA 2015

Every year and every reef show and conference we go to, people always come up to us, either at our booth or while walking about, whether there or we have seen any new and revolutionary new products lately. Most of the time we can see and catch a glimpse of several new products that have … Read More

2015 Dream Tank Giveaway

Once again, it is that time when some of the biggest commercial names come together in a bid to help fight childhood cancer, and this year the odds of winning are even better with multiple prizes! For the lucky winners it is going to be Christmas in September and for all those kids currently suffering with … Read More

RLSS introduces radically new db5i, db6i and db8i protein skimmers

Reef Life Support Systems kept their MACNA presence pretty low key this year, but their new line of DBi skimmers are anything but. With a radical new pipeless design and a slew of innovative features, the DBi protein skimmers are poised to put Waveline back on top of the skimmer game. RLSS was the first … Read More