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Prognathodes “basabei” in serene Kyoto

Once regarded as the former capital of Japan, Kyoto relinquished its title to the anagrammatic Tokyo in 1868. Today, Kyoto is known for its serene and tranquil landscapes peppered extensively with shinto shrines, temples and historical culture. This geographical icon of the Kansai region embodies the Zen culture to full effect, and while shrines and pagodas … Read More

MACNA 2016 to be hosted in San Diego, California by the S.D Marine Aquarium Foundation

It’s official. MACNA 2016 will take place in San Diego California, hosted by the San Diego Marine Aquarium Foundation (SDMAF). The 28th annual Marine Aquarium Conference of North America makes its big return to the West Coast for the first time in 18 years since 1998. For almost three decades, MACNA has been widely revered as the top … Read More

New Fusion Lagoons tanks in two sizes from Innovative Marine

The Fusion Lagoons is a new line of all in one aquariums from the prolific glass box builders at Innovative Marine. The Fusion Lagoons join the Nuvo Shallow Reef, Fusion Nano, Fusion Nuvo line of all in one aquariums that are specially tuned for saltwater aquarium use. The two new sizes of Fusion lagoons share similar … Read More

An insight into documentary film making with Richard Fitzpatrick

The best things in life often come unscripted and unplanned, brought upon by sweet serendipitous moments that take you by surprise. While visiting Cairns Marine earlier this month, we were treated to an enchanting encounter with one of documentary filmmaking’s biggest names. Case in point, our rendezvous with Richard Fitzpatrick in Australia. … Read More

A fly/spy on the wall at Cairns Marine – Part 2

The caliber and quality of sustainably collected animals from Cairns Marine are some of the best anywhere in the world today. From miniature shrimps to magnificent sharks, stinging anemones to demanding Acropora, every animal that pass through these doors are exposed to a complete gamut of strict husbandry practices and protocol. In this final recount of … Read More

The Peppermint Angelfish that won the world over

Despite the Peppermint Angelfish’s (Paracentropyge boylei) recent meteoric debut in the mainstream aquarium trade, it’s status as an iconic book fish has hardly been relinquished. Familiarity has not made us jaded with the clinquant beauty of this incredible species. In fact, it’s a nostalgic experience that reminds us why this Angelfish is truly the crème de la crème … Read More

A fly/spy on the wall at Cairns Marine – Part 1

The heaven and earth contrast between home aquarists and public aquarists have succeeded in fissuring the marine aquarium paradigm in more ways than one. While both industrial scenes are unified by the prevailing love of marine life, the industrial aspects and technical rigmarole driving the two couldn’t make for a better juxtaposition.… Read More

We tracked down the Purple Monster Acro to its original source

The Purple Monster Acropora is arguably one of the most infamous stony coral strains in the marine aquarium hobby, of all time. This particular strain of deep purple acro is the coral that kickstarted the whole idea of even having some corals that are exceptional and special compared to others, and it was the first limited edition coral … Read More

Kessil AP700 coming in September, 185 watts & wireless control for $949

The Kessil AP700 has been a long time coming but as of today, fans of Kessil’s unique approach to aquarium lighting can look forward to the concrete release date for the company’s first fully fledged aquarium fixture. Kessil made a name for itself for basically reinventing what an LED aquarium spotlight could be with the … Read More

MindStream Aquarium Monitor goes live on Kickstarter

The MindStream Kickstarter campaign kicks off today with the new, potentially revolutionary new water monitoring device going to the first round of backers for the totally reasonable sum of $499. Currently, aquarium water quality management and testing can be one of the most time intensive, laborious, and expensive parts of keeping a marine aquarium. If … Read More