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Reef Builders Indonesia Travelogue – Bali Aquarium Serangan Coral Farm

Staring out to sea only a few short kilometers from the hustle and bustle of Denpasar Indonesia, it would be easy to miss what is going on beneath the surface of the water. Above you would notice surfers paddling out to crashing waves, or fishermen wading out at low tide, but below what you might … Read More

Video: Stunning adult blue squamosa clam in Tulamben, Bali

When it comes to giant clams, very few species can truly grab our attention like a nice, big, blue squamosa clam. Sure our heads will turn for a crazy rare Tonga Devil clam, an African Costata clam, blue Derasa clams and the like, but for sheer eye catching quality, a jumbo blue Tridacna squamosa cannot be … Read More

3.4 Fairy Wrasses: The filamentosus group

The filamentosus group presents the reader with a collection of familiar, aquarium-friendly species, many of which are exuberantly colored and morphologically quirky. Despite some superficial differences in colors and fin shapes, the overall morphology strongly implies that this is the Pacific counterpart to the Indian Ocean rubriventralis group. Given the highly diverse and endemic nature … Read More

Pax Bellum ARID Filter review: the most ‘intense’ way to grow Chaetomorpha

They say that everything that is old will be new again, and this statement couldn’t ring any more true for the Pax Bellum ARID Chaetomorpha filters. In the early days of successful reef keeping, algae scrubbers and phyto-remediation was the state of the art for aquarium water quality control and nutrient export. With improved protein skimming, … Read More

An update on the captive bred yellow tang

The Oceanic Institute together with the Rising Tide Conservation project have finally broken through with successfully breeding and raising the yellow tang in captivity. So you may be wondering, when will you be able to pick up captive bred yellow tangs at the LFS? Not so fast. The work that has been done to breed … Read More

Waveline WaveTank brings RLSS to the All In One Aquarium game

The Waveline WaveTank is the latest new product to be debuting at the CIPS show in China this week. The new All In One (AIO) reef aquarium from Reef Life Support System ties together the entire ecosystem of Waveline devices including controllable return pumps and controllable protein skimmer, all powered with Direct Current. The WaveTank … Read More

Peacekeeper Maroon Clownfish available in the U.S. very soon

The Peacekeeper Maroon Clownfish made a sensational debut on the world stage when it was first introduced by Captive Bred. After more than a year of waiting, Alpha Aquaculture has secured the first imports of this epic clownfish strain from Israel, and several fish are already alive and well at their Madison, Wisconsin facility. Maroon clownfish, … Read More

Is colorimeter testing finally ready to breakthrough in the aquarium hobby?

Of all the advancements that marine aquarists have enjoyed over the years, general testing of aquarium water has been one of the most stagnant areas of improvement and development. If you’re testing the chemistry of your reef aquarium water at home, you’re basically doing the same color changing and titration tests which have been the de facto … Read More

Lupyled theOne LED has some really sweet features

Lupyled has been teasing their first LED light called theONE for about a year and half and all the while they’ve been rather coy about what makes this light worth talking about at all. For 18 months all we’ve gotten to see of theONE LED is a sleek metal slab and lots of hype but … Read More

San Diego LFS demonstrate that this city is ready for MACNA

MACNA 2016 will be held in beautiful and sunny seaside San Diego California, bringing this monumental event to the West Coast for the first time in over a decade, and only the second time ever. We went down to San Diego to see for ourselves what the local reef aquarium community is like, and especially how … Read More