Fairy Wrasses: The bathyphilus group

The bathyphilus group, despite being a very small congregation, is by no means any less interesting or provocative compared to its congeners. In 1997 during the Indo-Pacific Fish Conference held in New Caledonia, five unidentified specimens of Cirrhilabrus were brought to the attention of Dr. John Randall by Michael Kulbicki. Because the specimens were long Read More

Fairy Wrasses: The lanceolatus group

The members of the lanceolatus group are some of the largest and showiest fairy wrasses, collectively celebrated for their grandiose caudal fin and chromatic brilliance. The group spans most of the Indo-Pacific, with its various species occupying a series of non-overlapping biogeographic ranges which fit together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. This puzzle Read More

MaxSpect Ethereal LED is just about ready for prime time

It’s been a long time since we’ve had any updates on the MaxSpect Ethereal LED, but after nearly a year we are looking forward to seeing the new light at Aquarama next week. First revealed at InterZoo last year, Maxspect’s new flagship LED lighting platform has been under advanced development and refinement for the past

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A selection of Echinophyllia chalice corals from the Solomon Islands

As far as the hobby is concerned, nearly all of the stupid-awesome colored chalice corals are basically only found in Indonesia. Australia throws out some winners here and there but by and large, Indo is where it’s at when it comes to all the fancy Echinophyllia chalice corals with all the silly names. This is why

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Fairy Wrasses: The lunatus group

Cirrhilabrus johnsoni was first described in 1988 based on specimens collected in the Marshall and Caroline islands. This small species served as the twentieth member of a rapidly expanding genus, and was decidedly different with a crescent shaped caudal fin adorned with long filamentous extensions. It was only three years later that another species of Read More

Fairy Wrasses: A review of the genus Cirrhilabrus

Fairy wrasses are some of the most ubiquitous fishes in the marine aquarium trade, which is why it may come as a surprise to learn that the group has never received a serious taxonomic review. The scientific literature is filled with scattered species descriptions, but there is typically nothing more than a cursory sentence suggesting Read More

Rainbow Australomussa from the Solomon Islands has almost magic color

I returned from a coral collecting and scouting trip to the Solomon Islands less than a week ago and all this time, I’ve been anxious to see how the corals collected would fare on the extra long, 48 hour flight from Honiara to Los Angeles. Yesterday, the ‘main event’ of coral shipments finally arrived at Unique

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The Triton Reef: A full portfolio of this illustrious set up

The precedence of the Triton method and its new unconventional way of reef keeping has increased so tremendously over the recent months that it is quite impossible to sway away from the allure of this new founded principle. While much has been said about the methodology and the element testing, it is undeniable that the

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Face to face with the mythical Devil Clam, Tridacna mbalavuana

We’ve been writing about the devil clam, Tridacna mbalavuana (formerly T. tevoroa) for years, and even more so in the last couple months since Tonga loosened up its exports of giant clams. But finally, this week we had the chance to see a real live devil clam, in person, in the flesh, and extremely personal. Coming face to face

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Top 5 recent captive raised marine fish stories

There’s been such a flurry of captive bred marine fish stories lately, that it may have been hard to get a handle on how much is going on. Once upon a time, like ten to fifteen years ago, the announcements of new captive bred marine fish were so few and far between, that each achievement was

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