most-popular-stories Top 10 most popular stories of 2014 It’s that time of year again, not only when we recap our favorite new species of corals and fish, but also take a look back at what YOU the readers really liked the most. Through a combination of page views, comments and facebook like we’ve distilled our top ten most popular stories from the past
tunze-nanostream-6040-4 Tunze NanoStream 6040 Review: the most features packed inside the smallest controllable pump
Build My LED gets multi-channel control, taking beta product orders

7 Questions: Joe Yaiullo

In our next installment of “7 Questions” we sit down with Joe Yaiullo, the Curator and Co-Founder of the Long Island Aquarium & Exhibition Center in Riverhead, New York. Known for curating an amazing 20,000 gallon coral reef at the aquarium, Joe is extremely active in the reefing community making appearances at national, regional and Read More

Red Sea Reefer video overview reveals some details about the new system

Red Sea’s Reefer range of rimless reef-ready aquariums are designed for advanced hobbyists who have their own preferences of aquarium equipment, and are also in the market for a higher end tank, stand and sump to start with. More than any other product that Red Sea has revealed in recent years, the Reefer line has garnered Read More

Will the real Terelabrus rubrovittatus please swim up

Terelabrus is at the moment a monotypic genus first erected in 1998 based on an unknown labrid caught at 100m in Bulari Pass, New Caledonia. Since then, the genus has not expanded despite the appearance of two potentially new species, one of which from the Indian Ocean. In the aquarium trade, these three different looking Terelabrus species Read More

AccuraSea salinity reference gives you no excuse not to calibrate refractometers

For a hobby that is founded on reproducing the needs of saltwater animals, reef and marine aquarists are woefully undereducated about what salinity actually is, and how to accurately measure it. So many problems with chemical and mineral imbalances in our aquariums can be attributed to simply not having enough salt in the water; low Read More

Awesome Fish Spotlight: The Armitagei hybrid love child

Apolemichthys is one of seven angelfish genera that are ever popular in the aquarium trade. The genus encompasses some of the age old aquarium favourites such as the flag fin angelfish (A. trimaculatus), bandit angelfish (A. arcuatus) as well as the gold flake angelfish (A. xanthopunctatus). Like many of the angelfish genera, Apolemichthys is not Read More

Triton Elementz Base now available in the U.S. from Unique Corals

Unless you’ve been reefing under a live rock this year, you will no doubt have heard the aquarium chemical additive buzzword of the year, Triton Elementz. Triton first gained our attention with their interesting Lani LED light fixtures but the company’s been blowing up in Europe for its aquarium water analysis service and its full Read More

Friday Smorgasbord: Giant lobsters, ocean surprises and rooms with a view

A great meal or fuel for a nightmare? Biologist Forrest Galante got quite the surprise when he was diving for lobsters off the coast of Anacapa Island in California as he came across this ginormous 70-year-old, 12-pound monster of a lobster. No he didn’t throw it on the grill, he took it home to show Read More

Apogee rumored to be developing a USB PAR meter

Earlier this year when we wrote about the iPhone Light Meter, we implored the inventors out there to develop something like it for aquarium use. Well our calls were partially heard because we’ve gotten word that something along those lines is in development as we speak and should be a nice intermediate to having a Read More

Mind Blowing Corals’ Leptoseris frags shows the power of intensive culture

Once upon a time there were so few of us reefers that there was an unspoken code that corals were to be given away, shared, traded, but never sold. Well that is ancient history now, mostly, and the American reef aquarium hobby is defined by a cottage industry of coral farmers and frag slingers that specialize Read More

South African Harlequin Goldies, Pseudanthias connelli available for the first time

The Harlequin Goldie, Pseudanthias connelli is an iconic member of the underwater marine aquarium community in its native range of South Africa. A member of the widely distributed Pseudanthias genus, the males of this species sport a dramatically different color and pattern which is unmistakable with any other congener, whether the male is in relaxed or nuptial coloration. Read More

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