koralia-3rd-generation-hydor-5 Sneak peek at Hydor’s third generation Koralia water pump The third generation Koralia pump is Hydor’s latest breed of propeller pump which really bring with them a next generation level of refinement. Any pump manufacturer can deliver incremental improvements to their newest pumps, kinda like what hydor did with the second generation Koralias, but these third generation Koralias are better, faster, quieter, stronger in so
zoanthid-tree-top Tyler Bell’s Zoanthid tree is an exquisite concept of coral display
Fishbit aquarium monitor and controller launches at CES

We sit down with Ecotech Marine to find out how QuietDrive works

Like many of you, when we first heard that the new QuietDrive controller for Ecotech Marine Vortech pumps resulted in 90% less noise, we simply couldn’t believe it. We could fathom how better motors, high tech bearings, and other engineering refinements could reduce motor noise by a little, but what voodoo-talk is Ecotech Marine trying to get Read More

Opulent Osaka part 3: Dr. Shimokobe’s deluge of deepwater treasures

We’ve arrived at our third installation of our Osaka recount and if you’re still following, then thank you, and we hope you’ve enjoyed parts 1 and 2. We visited one of our favourite aquarist in Osaka, and we’ve featured his fish and his collection here a few times before but never in its entirety as Read More

Giant Pavona clavus in Japan is over three stories tall!

Pavona clavus is a stout species of Pavona that is known to develop into huge colonies in the wild, but divers in Japan have documented the mother of all colonies, and perhaps one of the largest colonies of stony coral ever discovered. Measuring in at 17 meters wide, 24 meters long and 10 meters tall – Read More

JNS’s new larger ConeS Q and CO5 Protein Skimmer

JNS has released two new large protein skimmers this year, the ConeS Q and the CO-5, both of which leverage the turbulence-reducing bubble plate and their distinctive mini-cones. Both of the new JNS skimmers are some of the larger models JNS has released for internal use, inside a sump, but differ slightly in their pump configuration. Read More

Up close with the mythical Devil Clam, Tridacna mbalavuana

A Devil Clam has been collected in Tonga and is being offered to the aquarium hobby by Ecological Reef Farms Tonga for the first time ever. These pictures of Tridacna mbalavuana are the best, and closest look we’ve ever had of this enigmatic species – most pictures show the Devil Clam as a dark, warty mantled Read More

Review of the DoS Fluid Metering System by Neptune Systems

Historically speaking, the real big advancements in the aquarium hobby have always been in step with the development of new and better ways to move water. In the early 1900s, air driven aquarium devices radically changed the way we keep aquariums. Ensuing decades saw rapid gains in water movement technology first by pumps with external motors a-la Read More

Reef fish caricature collar pins are the perfect accessories for your geeky fish nerd apparel

Dying to own a pair of Haemulon squamipinna Havaianas slippers? Are Yellow Tang fanny packs or assorted fish wholesaler collectible T-shirts gracing your closet? Want to secretly wear your LiveAquaria T-shirt while travelling but with fear of people judging? Listen, been there done that. If you want to take things one step further though, here’s Read More

Man catches world record lionfish…off coast of Alabama

Lionfish are a huge problem in the Gulf of Florida and Atlantic, and one man from Biloxi, Mississippi, found out just how big when he caught a world record 1-pound, 11.2-ounce lionfish off of Dauphin Island (off the Alabama coast). The previous record was 1 pound, 10 ounces, which was caught in 2013 off the coast of Port Read More

Sunset Mocha Clownfish is Latest Twist on Cocktail Clownfish

If anyone is left wondering what the real guppies of the marine aquarium world are, it’s the clownfish, specifically Amphiprion ocellaris, A. percula, the Darwin Black, and all the myriad variations that are being discovered and/or created. The combination of hybridization, selective breeding, and genetic mutations is giving even the smallest breeder the opportunity to Read More

Ecotech Marine QuietDrive is a revolution in DC motor performance and silence

Ecotech Marine’s new QuietDrive is not just a new pump, or a new controller, but a completely new way to drive brushless DC motors which is going to revolutionize the way that users experience their Vortech pumps. The promise of QuietDrive means that the whole line of Vortech pumps from the newest to the oldest Read More

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