jake-vincent-video The Show Episode 5: Jake & Vincent talk about coral farming and diving the Flores Sea If you don’t know who Vincent Chalias is by now you must have been living under a very big piece of live rock. Following on the successes of Bob Mankin in the Solomon Islands and Walt Smith in Fiji, Mr. Chalias is one of the pioneers of aquarium coral mariculture in Indonesia. In recent years Vincent
Acropora_cervicornis Endangered versus Threatened: Why should you be concerned?
EcoSmart Live Beta announced with Dropcam support and VorTech integration

A first look at the REAL Cirrhilabrus claire from its type location of the Cook Islands

As I type this, my breath is rapid, and my fingers are bent from random spasmodic twitching. We’ve seen Cirrhilabrus claire before, and a few times now. We’ve even covered it extensively before, but nothing could have prepared us for this. In hindsight, it was a no-brainer. We should have known and we should have expected Read More

Behind the face of LiveAquaria – Kevin Kohen’s fish collection part 2

Here’s part two of our trip to LiveAquaria and a peek inside Kevin Kohen’s office and his fish collection. Incase you still do not know, Kevin Kohen is the man behind the company and as mentioned in part 1 of this story, has a pension for keeping uncommon and difficult marine fish species. Previously we Read More

USFWS Los Angeles: We are now advising the trade of coming ESA listings

We have confirmed the USFWS was incorrectly restricting some wholesalers regarding the 20 species of corals recently listed as threatened as illegal to import. Apparently the local offices in Los Angeles were interpreting things different than the folks back at the National Marine Fisheries (NMFS) who control the listings. We spoke directly to Paul Mckinn, Assistant Read More

USFWS Los Angeles: It is now illegal to import frogspawn & certain deepwater acro species

Update:  9/16/14 4:15PM CT Waiting on a call back from the Office of External Affairs regarding the validity of it being an honest mistake. Update 2: USFWS Los Angeles: We are now advising the trade of coming ESA listings We have just confirmed The United States fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) at the Port of Los Read More

Build My LED gets multi-channel control, taking beta product orders

Build My LED MC Series is showing the company is getting even more innovative by bringing multi-channel control to its custom LEDs. The new MC Series is being debuted in a small, beta product launch before the final launch later this fall. Coming in two flavors, the MC Series 6300K Dutch Planted Spectrum and the Read More

Neptune Systems DoS is so much more than a dosing pump

It’s easy to look at the new Neptune Systems D0S “Fluid Metering System” and lump it in with all of the other dosing devices on the market, but you’d be mistaken. Nearly every facet of the DoS has been completely designed and engineered to be a tool of precise and reliable fluid dosing and metering, Read More

More details on the Coralife Aqualight LED and interchangable Tri-Lamp LEDs

The new Coralife LED Aqualight and interchangeable LED Tri-Lamps are an affordable way to get some customized LED lighting over your tank. As we saw before MACNA, the new LED Aqualight is fitted with just a portion of possible LED Tri-Lamps along with integrated directional lunar blue LEDs. For example, the 48-in. LED Aqualight comes with 10 Read More

One man’s trash is another fish’s treasure

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This doesn’t just apply to bipedal humans, but to many creatures in the animal kingdom. In the fishy world, man’s junk can sometimes find usefulness in the deep blue sea. Disclaimer* We feel strongly against harming our seas and we do not advocate ocean dumping and blatant littering in the Read More

Fish Stores: Are you ready for Apple Pay?

If you own a fish store you might think about looking at your point of sale software. According to Apple, the company sold 4MM pre orders of their new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus which is their larger 5.5” smartphone version. With the iPhone 6—Apple announced their new contactless payment system called Apple Pay, Read More

These pictures of Royal Exclusiv’s 3 meter Dreambox are inspiring

We were teased by the Royal Exclusiv 3-meter Dreambox sump we posted last week and now have more images of this monster sump complete and ready to ship. Built for a 5,500-liter tank (around 1,500 US gallons), this beast of a sump features three levels of mechanical filtration via a bank of filter socks in Read More

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