kwajalein-coral-reef-scene-8-620x465 Recap of this week’s new products to create an aquarium reefscape By some neat coincidence, this week witnessed the announcement of four new products which have a different approach to building a mini reef aquarium aquascape. Each of this week’s artificial reefscaping materials represent novel solutions to using an alternative to live rock. The various choices for building an artificial mini reef structure include man made rock, ceramic
flores-acropora-unknown-two-5 The second unknown Acropora discovered on the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition
Tunze Turbelle nanostream 6020 and 6040 pricing and availability update

Fritz Quick Change Liquid Salt Concentrate

Fritz has been making pre-dissolved salt for years under their “Pro” line and selling tons of the stuff. It’s popular with larger customers (fish stores, wholesalers, etc.) but we haven’t seen it in consumer friendly packaging. Quick Change is now available in 64oz or 1 gallon sizes and is designed for use in marine, reef Read More

Coral Gumbo is new from Hikari

Hikari released their new Coral Gumbo this past May to stores and distributors. Coral Gumbo is adding to the Frozen fish frenzy that has surfaced in the past several years. The food is frozen in mini pack form and “Free from harmful parasites, unwanted bacteria and foul odor.”  The new frozen food is a “mix Read More

Unknown Acropora species discovered on the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition

If we had one greatest hope for the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition, it was to find some new, undescribed, and otherwise unknown species of marine life, with stony corals topping our wish list. Wouldn’t you know it, on just the second day of diving we began to encounter not one but two “species” of Acropora to Read More

Vertex Illumina Two sports more LED colors & channels than any other light

The Vertex Illumina Two is the first real major revision to the LED Light from Vertex Aquaristik since it was introduced more than four years ago. In some ways the Vertex Illumina has been the dark horse of LED reef fixtures from Germany with an exceptional industrial design, distinctive heat channeling features, and a thoughtful modules Read More

Adventures in fluorescent photography in the Flores Sea

On our recent diving marathon during the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition, we brought with us many different tools for sampling and observing the natural reef environment. One particularly special device which we came into possession just in time for our travel to Flores and Komodo is a new version of the Light & Motion Sola NightSea Read More

Giesemann Galaxxy 500 high powered light is truly a constellation of LEDs

The Giesemann Galaxxy 500 LED is a new high powered LED light from the respected German manufacturer which is packing a lot of high technology before and after the point of light generation. The Giesemann Galaxxy is truly an apt name for a light fixture that is populated with a veritable constellation of LED diodes Read More

The bubble coral shrimp, Vir philippinensis

Spending time under water, we learn so much about the animals we care about. We even discover animals that we never heard of that live among the exact same coral that we have in our tank at home. The Bubble Coral Shrimp, Vir philippinensis, is a relative unknown species in the aquarium hobby although a very widely Read More

Radion XR15w Pro hands-on and comparison with larger XR30w

The Radion XR15w Pro LED may be a smaller LED light from Ecotech Marine, but it’s still packing the whole suite of features which has made the Radion such a successful LED reef aquarium light. Priced at $449 for a single cluster you can think of the Radion XR15w as a high powered LED spotlight Read More

Ecsenius bathi, the blenny from Komodo and the Flores Sea

Among blennies the genus Ecsenius includes some of the most colorful, personable and aquarium-suitable species. Species like Midas and Bicolor blennies are part of the mainstay of marine aquarium fishes while others like Ecsenius pictus, Ecsenius tigris and Ecsenius oculus are among the more seldom yet equally captivating members of this adorable group of nano reef Read More

Convict chalice Echinophyllia documented in its natural habitat

Convict chalice corals are specimens of Echinophyllia plating colonies with a very distinctive series of stripes running usually from the edge of the oral disc (mouth) to the colonie’s edges. The lines of convict chalice corals can be very dark, or very bright, but either form gives these uniquely colored corals a very startling appearance, and Read More

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