giant-staghorn-corals-jake-1 Giant staghorn corals so big they make you feel small There are staghorn acros and then there are STAGHORN corals! It is astounding to see the massive size that some species can reach in their preferred habitat amnd stumble upon the kinds of gargantuan ship-grounding sizes the colonies and their branches can reach. We know how fast “aquarium” staghorns can grow and while it is
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Ebeye Special Acro – a new ‘shortcake’ from Kwajalein Atoll
Lanthanum Reactor from derKroon Mechanics is specially designed for phosphate reduction

Acropora rongelapensis is one of the craziest Acros we’ve ever seen

Ever first we learned and wrote about the exquisite Acropora rongelapensis, it has been on our bucket list to go to the Marshall Islands to find and photograph this species in the wild. Last week we just happened to be on a diving binge in Kwajalein Atoll and fulfilled a true coral geek’s dream, to find Read More

Nuvo Fusion brings Shallow Reef styling to smaller Innovative Marine aquariums

Innovative Marine’s Nuvo Shallow Reef series turned a lot of heads with an out-of-the box set of features which brought the modern marine aquarium into the twenty-teens. Now, the Nuvo Fusion brings the same attention to aquaristik detail to the Nuvo Fusion line of aquariums. Available beginning this week, the Nuvo Fusion aquariums come either Read More

The longfin black darwin ocellaris clownfish is real! (video)

Not only is the longfin clownfish from Sea & Reef Aquaculture a real fish, but we’ve also got the video to prove it. The real April Fool’s joke of yesterday’s posting of only the second known longfin clownfish to be documented is that this endowed black Darwin Ocellaris is not only real but it is Read More

NextReef experiments with 3D printed sumps

3D printers are getting more affordable and more robust and NextReef is now leveraging this next wave in aquarium equipment design by building 3D printed sumps on spec. The company has been doing contract work outside of the aquarium industry that helped justify the expense of a large commercial 3Dprinters. By simply plugging in custom Read More

Longfin clownfish discovered among Sea & Reef’s black Darwin Ocellaris

Longfin clownfish are still the white buffalo of the captive breeding world and now it looks like we’ll be seeing longfin clownfish from the black Darwin ocellaris. The Longfin Darwin Ocellaris was found by one of Sea & Reef Aquaculture’s attentive staff Brandon Weik. He spotted it in one of our grow-out tanks among thousands Read More

Yellow Hawfkish comes stateside, makes appearance in Maryland

We have appreciated the Paracirrhites xanthus, better known as the Yellow Hawkfish, for a while and were excited to hear a few of these finally have made their way to the US. If you recall, we heard about this unusual and rare fish surfacing in Japan back in 2011. Then earlier this year we had to wipe up Read More

Check out this crazy 3D printed protein skimmer

What do you do if you have access to a 3D printer and also are a reefer? You build some cool gadgets like this 3D printed protein skimmer designed to fit a plastic two liter bottle. These images were shared on Imgur recently by  madscientistcoral with just a little background information. According to their captions, the Read More

Crazy aquarium window tints play underwater scenes

We’ve seen some pretty interesting aquariums and aquarium scenes in the craziest places and these aquarium car windows seen in Dubai certainly do trump many of the normal car mods we typically seen. This YouTube video has a short description “In Dubai three cars roll up. Drivers get out and their windows start displaying aquarium Read More

Time lapse & focus stacked coral video redefines “mind blowing”

Time lapse video and focus stacked images were made to feature corals in all their glory. But when you take 150 thousand images, focus stack them with panning and time lapse to produce a video like no one has ever seen before, Slow Life, then my friend you are in a totally different world of coral imagery and Read More

Secrets of the ghost anthias revealed in Sakayana’s dive blog

We’ve mentioned briefly before that the genus Pseudanthias, and anthias in general, are not prone to hybridisation and aberrations. Despite making their presence deeply felt by occupying almost every square inch of coral reef in shallow water, and even being found at twilight zone depths, very few hybrids or aberrant individuals have ever been documented Read More

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