lanceolatus map Fairy Wrasses: The lanceolatus group The members of the lanceolatus group are some of the largest and showiest fairy wrasses, collectively celebrated for their grandiose caudal fin and chromatic brilliance. The group spans most of the Indo-Pacific, with its various species occupying a series of non-overlapping biogeographic ranges which fit together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. This puzzle
A. firmamentum, showing typical schooling behavior. Credit: Paul Caigen Rare species of Arothron pufferfishes
Pacific Sun announces CruX IS-200 and CruX IS-400 internal protein skimmers

Destination De Jong

There are a handful of fish and coral powerhouses spread around the world in isolation, each with their special niche and prowess responsible for procuring some of the hobby’s most sought after. Most recently on our little tour of Europe, we swung by one such establishment, notorious in their craft and embellished with the songs Read More

The Gorgon Worm: Gorgonorhynchus

Ribbon worms (Phylum Nemertea) are an unfamiliar group of invertebrates to aquarists and the general public alike. Despite their occasionally immense size, this unique phylum of animal life is seldom on anyone’s radar. Which is why it came as a surprise to find a video of one of these creatures taking the internet by storm Read More

Orange tongue coral is sporting a rainbow of extra color

From this simple picture alone, this is probably one of the most exquisite tongue corals we have ever seen. Sent to us by Eye Catching Coral, the image of this already-rare orange morph of the tongue coral, Herpolitha limax, is double impressive for displaying a dizzying rainbow of additional colors on top of the already fluorescent Read More

The Flowave is a real life wavemaker

If you wanted to build the ultimate water flow creating aquarium, it would look something like the Flowave, a huge circular flow generating pool that is in a league of its own. The Flowave is 5 meters deep, 25 meters in diameter, and it contains 2.4 million liters (630,000 gallons) of freshwater that it can move Read More

Fairy Wrasses: A review of the genus Cirrhilabrus

Fairy wrasses are some of the most ubiquitous fishes in the marine aquarium trade, which is why it may come as a surprise to learn that the group has never received a serious taxonomic review. The scientific literature is filled with scattered species descriptions, but there is typically nothing more than a cursory sentence suggesting Read More

New splitfin anthias species, Luzonichthys seaver described from Pohnpei Micronesia

Luzonichthys seaver is a new species of splitfin anthias that has just been described from two specimens collected in Pohnpei Micronesia. The splitfin anthias are an uncommon group of fishes in the marine aquarium hobby whose number of recognized species just grew to seven with the induction of Luzonichthys seaver. The newly described Luzonichthys seaver was documented Read More

The coral civilization, an anthropomorphic empire

Humans. Colonial bipedal creatures of soft squishy texture, seeking the safety of artificially constructed nests in which they live in. A coral colony can be viewed in a similar fashion, and while lacking the socio-economics and political agendas that a thriving and growing civilization possesses, a coral colony is in some ways superficially similar to a Read More

DoS Dual Reservoir (DDR) now available to monitor two part solutions

If the Apex aquarium controller system is a computer for the masses, and the DoS is a somewhat niche high accuracy fluid metering system, then the DoS Dual Reservoir (DDR) is a hyperniche accessory for those reefers who are fully committed to the Neptune System ecosystem. We love the concept of having dual, 2L reservoirs of Read More

Unique Siamese UFO Scolymia at House of Fins

This cool image was sent to us by Luke Wilson of House of Fins showing their Siamese UFO Scolymia’s striking appearance. While there isn’t much of a story here, we still love sharing with you the unique and one-off specimens of deliciously unique LPS corals that come along from time to time. Today’s spotlight is Read More

At the source of black dogface puffers in the Solomon Islands

Dogface puffers are some of the most popular fish for fish tanks, with their lovable faces, pointed doglike snouts, and their cute and human-like eyes. On a scale of 1-10, pufferfish rate at about a 0 on the rarity scale as nearly all species and color forms are available in abundance in the aquarium, all Read More

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