best-of-interzoo-2014-b The new InterZoo products we expect to see at MACNA Writing about the release of the Radion Mounting System got us to thinking about all the new products we reported on at InterZoo which American reefers will see for the first time at MACNA. While it may be four months after their initial release, many of the products debuted at InterZoo 2014 are one-offs and
Heat header What our readers do to “beat the heat”
How to turn a Sicce Shark ADV internal filter into a fluidized reactor in less than 2 minutes

Radion Mounting System now shipping

The Radion Mounting System is the first placement solution from Ecotech Marine which attaches directly to the aquarium. The first option Ecotech released for mounting the Radion LED light was the rail hanging kit but the Radion Mounting System (RMS) will have much broader appeal with a range of options for elegantly fixing the Radion Read More

Mission Blue now available to stream on Netflix

Mission Blue is an important new movie that stresses the critical need to begin conserving the oceans the way that we protect the land. The Netflix original film is partly a biopic about the life of esteemed ocean scientist Sylvia Earle, and her lifelong message about how completely we are trashing every facet of the Read More

Skimz Biopellet Reactor includes a new nano hang-on model

Skimz has a new Biopellet Reactor coming to market in three sizes to take advantage of the nutrient reducing properties of the biopolymer. The Skimz Biopellet Reactor is unique in being bottom-fed and does away with the sometimes awkward internal inlet pipe. Skimz uses one of their own branded pumps through a conical base which helps Read More

Royal Exclusiv USA opens its doors

Royal Exclusiv USA just opened its doors to its online store and US warehouse location, bringing the high-quality German products. We first learned about the plans for Royal Exclusive USA back in February when they had secured a 4,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Fort Meyers, Florida. Not all of RE’s products will be available right Read More

Pachyseris inattesa is a newly described coral from the Red Sea

Pachyseris inattesa is a new species of plating stony coral recently described from several locations around the Red Sea up and down the coast of Saudi Arabia. Colonies of the newly described Pachyseris inattesa was previously confused as belonging to the Leptoseris genus due to superficial resemblances but a recent closer examination revealed minute skeletal features that actually Read More

ZapCal makes quick work of even the heaviest calcium buildup

Zap-Cal is an aquarium equipment cleaner and de-scaler from Crystal Clear Aquatics. In the aquarium world this type of chemical cleaning work is normally performed using some form of strong acid, the strongest of which being sulfuric acid which is highly corrosive and creates tons of toxic fumes requiring the acid-bath to be performed outdoors Read More

Florida reefs get Google Maps love

Google Maps took its Street View below the sea a few years back mapping the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and now the technology is coming to Florida’s reefs as US scientists are learning to use specialized fisheye lenses underwater in the Florida Keys this week in hopes of applying “street view” mapping to research and Read More

Delicate Anacropora forbesi can actually grow into fields

Anacropora is a delicate, thin branching stony coral which is greatly underrepresented in the aquarium hobby. However in the wild, the fast-growing thin branches of Anacropora species can all but take over certain habitats. Closely related to Acropora and Montipora, Anacropora is the physical embodiment of a blend of the two with corallites that are somewhat exert on the sides Read More

Using the unique Barrel Tender ATO device from Avast Marine

The Barrel Tender from Avast marine is such a unique product, it’s hard to compare it to anything else that is available in the aquarium market. Simply put the Barrel Tender is a high precision “float switch” that includes a high and low water level sensor, and a heavy duty solenoid to open and close Read More

Neat photosynthetic blue sponge likes to live among stony corals

Corals command so much of the spotlight when it comes to aquariums, it’s easy for us reefers to forget that there’s an incredible diversity of other creatures that populate the reef environment. One such critter that caught our attention on the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition is this fascinating blue sponge we found living mere feet from Read More

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