red-acropora-kwajalein Kwajalein has more than its fair share of Red Acropora Red Acros are one of the rarest color forms you can find in captively grown Acropora species, which is why species such as the ORA Red Planet, the Red Dragon acro, and the raspberry red Millepora acros are so popular in a field of otherwise blue and green SPS corals. With red color being such a
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Reef Octopus automatic waste collector just works
Kessil A360N & A360W LED lights announced with excellent new features

Check out this amazing $1.5 million custom aquarium

Are you tired of your current aquarium setup? Have $1.5 million lying around? Want to throw a party inside your aquarium? Then you have to check out this unique custom aquarium that is not only BIG but has a room inside it big enough to hold a party. The aquarium built by Red Fin Aquarium Read More

Possible Acropora chimera: a table acropora develops unusual upright branches

We spotted many beautiful corals and unknown colors while thoroughly assessing the coral life of Kwajalein Atoll, but one particularly colony stands out among our discoveries for some very unusual features. Two coral species which are well represented inside the lagoon of Kwajalein Atoll include Acropora cytherea, the common table coral, and Acropora inermis, a Read More

JBWave controller to synchronize any pair of Jebao WP pumps

The JBWave is a new basic controller from Joe Jaworski, the electronics wizard who brought his own blend of aquarium controller with the MCU Research Lighthouse and novel accessories several years back. His newest creation the JBWave gets back to core functionality with some simplified and advanced controllability with Jebao’s WP line of propeller water Read More

Nice Japanese SPS reef tank video

When it comes to aquascaping a reef tank, there is plenty of discussion on advanced rock arrangement, the golden ratio, and getting an asymmetrical layout in three dimensions. Sometimes keeping it simple can be equally effective at producing a visually striking aesthetic, especially when the corals are in the peak of health. There’s something about Read More

Vertex V6 pump review – silence and efficiency, at a price

The Vertex V6 pump is the first water mover from Vertex Aquaristik made in-house with the same custom volute as employed in the popular Omega 150 protein skimmer. Whereas the Omega 150 uses a Sicce pump with a custom volute, the Vertex V6 uses a Laguna style motor block with a custom volute to create Read More

The Ebeye Special Acro – a new ‘shortcake’ from Kwajalein Atoll

Acropora microclados is a wide ranging species of stony coral that is better known to aquarists via the “Strawberry Shortcake”. However, last month while diving all around Kwajalein Atoll we came across a striking new strain of this iconic coral which we nicknamed the “Ebeye Special” in honor of the locals who supported our diving Read More

Video of an all yellow pseudochromis is probably a xanthic mutation

Something about this beautiful dottyback discovered and imaged by Marj Awai reminds us instantly of Gramma dejongi. We know we have a fever that can only be cured with more dejongi which is why this all yellow slender fish really grabs our attention. The yellow dottyback is probably a xanthic form of the ubiquitous diadema dottyback, Pictichromis diadema Read More

EuroQuatics Angel LED by Gavita Lighting launches with sophisticated features

The Angel LED is a new aquarium LED light from EuroQuatics, a newcomer to the aquarium world but its parent company has been doing lighting for years. More than four years ago we first detailed Gavita Lighting‘s illumination prowess with their work on Plasma technology and we always hope that they would turn a deliberate Read More

You can help crack the ‘Dendronephthya code’

The aquarium you are looking at at home would not have been possible without the effort many other hobbyists and scientists put in lots of experimenting. Just 50 years ago, keeping marine fish alive for more than a few months, was a huge challenge. The stony corals that outgrow many of our tanks nowadays, were Read More

Photos of Paracheilinus nursalim by Eric Cheng are the best we’ve seen of this species

The West Papuan endemic Paracheilinus nursalim is not only the crème de la crème of Paracheilinus, it is also one of the newer members to be described; Discovered not too long ago in 2006, and described in 2008. This stunning gem is found only around the rubble substrates of Bird’s Head Peninsula and Triton Bay, far out Read More

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