macna-speakers-2014 First four MACNA 2014 speaker videos now available to view online The Marine Aquarium Conference of North America is such a seminal event in the marine aquarium community, it’s a gem to be able to gather once a year with friends and colleagues from all over the world. One of the best parts of attending a MACNA is seeing all the different presentations and the information
aquatics-hobby-in-peril The Worldwide Aquatics Industry is in Jeopardy
Tunze’s smallest skimmer, the DOC 9001, set for release “any day now”

Teco Tank TK150 Nano chiller has a body made of its heat exchanger

The Teco Tank TK150 Nano chiller is the sort of engineering marvel that illustrates clearly why Teco is one the most esteemed designers and manufacturers of high quality aquarium chillers. The new Teco SeaChill Tank series of chillers includes many novel models of aquarium cooling devices but the smallest in the line, the Teco TK150 Read More

Getting a closer look at the GHL Doser 2 dosing pump

The GHL Doser 2 was one of the most exciting products of InterZoo 2014 and it held a similar position of high regard in America for the Mile High Marine Aquarium Conference of North America. While the unit we first revealed in early summer was an early prototype, the working model that GHL showed off Read More

Halcyon Marine Reef Salt from Continuum Aquatics

Halcyon Marine Reef Salt is a new seawater salt mix from Continuum Aquatics which prides itself on being as clean and pure as economically possible. The basic ingredients of Halcyon Marine Reef salt are never constituted from evaporated seawater and use instead only reagent, pharmaceutical, tested and assayed ingredients to create a seawater formula which Read More

Reefgreentech debuts intriguing impeller on new double cone skimmer

Reefgreentech, an online store in France, has released a new double cone skimmer that features an intriguing impeller design. Although the double cone skimmer is nothing new, the R200DC is a DC-powered double cone skimmer with a unique approach to chopping air. Instead of the pinwheel or meshwheel, it features a bevy of micro propellers across Read More

Macropharyngodon pakoko adds to the list of endemic species in the Marquesas Islands

There’s a new leopard wrasse on the books and it’s called Macropharyngodon pakoko. The new leopard wrasse species was described from specimens collected in the Marquesas Islands, a region of the South Pacific Ocean which is well known for it’s localized endemism. Macropharyngodon pakoko is very similar to the common leopard wrasse M. meleagris which is widespread in Read More

Captive bred Genicanthus personatus debuts at MACNA 2014

Today 30/08/2014 marks a historic date in the rare fish and captive breeding circle. Some of you may have heard rumors floating around for awhile now but today we put a stop to all the coffee shop gossip. Genicanthus personatus has been successfully spawned and raised for the market by none other than breeding legend Read More

PH Box DL-100-WF, adding wireless control from Milwaukee Instruments

Milwaukee Instruments new PH Box DL-100-WF is an advanced pH data logger that includes a probe, data logger and meter all in one plus it features a cutting edge wifi chip. The chip is supplied by Texas Instruments CC3100 and has been profiled numerous times across the larger tech network and includes 802.11 b/g/n Radio, Read More

Fluval Sea EVO 12 Nano Tank will rock $159

Fluval Sea’s new EVO 12—a 12 gallon nano tank is set to be released early next year if all goes as planned. The new tank includes LED lighting that is said to be “ideal for SPS and LPS corals” and included “high output circulation pump” with an industry “integrated 3-stage flirtation” system. Not pictured is Read More

Sea & Reef Aquaculture to release captive bred Lightning Maroons

Sea & Reef are at MACNA this year and they’ve got some really cool clowns on display. The captive bred lightning maroons are the first batch of offspring to come from a lightning maroon x PNG white striped maroon pair. The male of the brood stock came from one of Matthew Pedersen’s many successful lightning clown offspring, Read More

New Life Shield Medicated Foods: Ick Shield & Hex Shield

New Life Spectrum, a purveyor of fish foods has two new products Ick Shield and Hex Shield. Each of these foods actually has something hidden inside: fish medicine. The first Ick Shield does what you might expect and combats aquarium ectoparasites such as Ich, velvet disease, black ich and more and is being billed as Read More

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