fish eyes I see you looking at me, like I’m some kind of freak Sight is a vital sensory system for most living things that enables them to process and visualise information from their surroundings. What to eat, and where to find it? Who to flee from, and who to mate with? Survival and procreation are some of the day to day necessities that would be impossible, for most, without
coral-aquarium-time-lapse Five time lapse aquarium videos that show the ‘behavior’ of corals
Hands on and first impression of the Kessil Spectral Controller

Apex User meetup at Reefapalooza later this month

Neptune Systems has been investing heavily in research and development of new products but they’ve also really been putting a lot of effort into personally reaching their users. Between the MACNA Apex users meetup, and the Apex road trip this summer, Neptune Systems is doing everything in its power to bring their community of aquarium Read More

Photos of Cirrhilabrus cenderawasih and Paracheilinus walton give us a glimpse into the endemic life of West Papua

In a world abundant with coral reefs and geographical landscapes, no place captivates me quite like the amazing and wonderful West Papua. Isolated and disjunct from just about everywhere, the local flora and fauna both terrestrial and aquatic have evolved in harmony over the years into a collection of highly endemic species. As a fish geek, Read More

While Blue LED inventors get Nobel Prize, father of LEDs still snubbed

LED lighting is probably one of the most significant industry advancements in the last 20 years and has far-reaching implications outside of the world of aquariums . This has been validated with the awarding of the 2014 Nobel Prize in physics being awarded to the trio of scientists who invented the blue light emitting diode. Read More

Reef Nuggets 1: Damsels in disguise

Here at ReefBuilders, we keep our readers on their fins as we strive to deliver the latest aquarium happenings around the world. At the same time, we also try to pepper our blogroll with informative posts so as to keep that reef noodle working. Reef Nuggets is a new mini series that can hopefully spruce up Read More

Pictures of cool cryptic corals from the Flores Sea

When we get corals through the regular distribution channels, we are at the mercy of the coral collectors in Indonesia and the Pacific Ocean as to what corals they collect, and most often these will be known species that are sold by the hundreds every week. But when you’re diving in the heart of the Read More

This video is mandatory watching for anyone who deals with LFS

Let’s face it, there’s been a huge shift in the dynamics of the marine aquarium hobby and industry over the last ten years. For the most part the aquarist as a consumer has gotten increasingly closer to the source of the products and the livestock we seek. If you don’t believe it then just consider Read More

Five time lapse aquarium videos that show the ‘behavior’ of corals

Everyone loves a good time lapse video, whether it is of everyday scenery, passing clouds, or just some plants growing. In aquariums, the use of time lapse photography is uniquely useful in helping to show the behavior and growth of slow moving, slow growing corals, helping us to better understand the observations we see in Read More

Giant clams are even more specialized to harvest light than we thought

We all know that giant clams of the Tridacna and Hippopus genera are fast-growing molluscs which are found in shallow water reef waters where they can bask in the sunlight, harvesting energy from their symbiotic zooxanthellae. Unlike corals which have Symbiodinium zooxanthellae which live inside the cells of their hosts, in giant clams the zooxanthellae live in specialized Read More

Dendronephthya colonies can grow to massive sizes

We’ve always read that certain species of Dendronephthya soft corals can grow to massive proportions but it really took seeing a colossal one in person to appreciate what this means. While diving for the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition, we came across one particularly gigantic colony of Dendronephthya that is about half the size of a full grown Read More

FUSION Nano 10g & 20g Premium Starter Kit from Innovative Marine

Innovative Marine will soon start shipping two new sizes of their Fusion aquarium series, the 10 & 20 gallon Fusion Nano all in one aquariums with more fit and finish than has ever been offered in an aquarium of this type and size. With the Fusion series Innovative Marine really broke new ground as far Read More

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