flores-aquarium-diving A reef tank is not a piece of a natural reef I have to chuckle when I hear someone say that their reef tank looks just like a reef in the ocean, or that their tank is like a small piece of the reef. It may sound like sacrilege to fellow reefers, but despite how much we want to believe this illusion, or how good our tanks look, or even
cladocora-persian-gulf The Persian Gulf is hiding a treasure trove of brilliant Azoox corals
Eheim’s Multibox is a handy fragging station

Tropic Marin Zootonic and Lipo-Garlic help nourish your aquarium

Two more products recently unveiled by Tropic Marin are the foods designed to meet the nutritional needs of your reef tank. First off is Tropic Marin Zootonica, a plankton substitute to supply plankton filter feeders all the vital nutrients such as amino acids, highly unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. Tropic Marin Lipo-Garlic is a garlic Read More

Monochrome magnifica, the almost magnificent fire fish

Somewhere along the primeval soup of genetic crossing and embryonic development, a magnificent fire fish decided to break free from the metaphorical cloning factory and decided to be different. The concept of massed produced factory clones is not limited only to cheap plastic toys. In the fish world, this cookie cutter vision is seen in Read More

Saturday Morning Coffee with Mike Paletta

         Like many of you, as an avid reader of ReefBuilders, I feel a sense of withdrawal on the weekends when Jake and the crew typically do not post a whole lot of new material.  Granted like most of us who work Monday through Friday their work week ends on Friday afternoon.  Read More

Pseudanthias cf. aurulentus from the Coral Sea may turn out to be a new species

The genus Pseudanthias is growing at a rate of at least one new member per year as the reefs of the Pacific continue to drip feed us with brand new, never before seen species. In 2013 we saw the appearance of the “sunrise anthias” from New Caledonia, and while it hasn’t been yet been described scientifically, it’s Read More

Submerged induction light powers a cold-water macroalgae tank

As far as lighting technologies go, induction lamps are quasi-absent in the aquarium hobby and the biggest marketing push of this lighting technology has been geared towards growing terrestrial plants. One of the things that makes induction lighting efficient and long lasting is that it uses induction instead of electrodes to transfer energy to the Read More

Beautiful colony of rare Madracis spotted at World Wide Corals

As the coral enthusiasts that we are, we live for the rare, the unusual, and the corals that are otherwise challenging to identify. Case in point is this super neat Madracis coral that we spied at the World Wide Corals Farm opening event this past weekend in Orlando. The evening that we arrived we spotted this Read More

Blackface Bicinctus clownfish is the freaky fish of the week

Sometimes it seems like every fish we enjoy in our aquariums is bound to have a turn at exhibiting aberrant coloration, and this week’s freaky fish is this odd blackface bicinctus clownfish. Amphiprion bicinctus also known as the two-banded clownfish is an endemic of the Red Sea and its limited distribution results in very homogenized looking Read More

Reef Builders Editor’s Choice: 10 best new products of 2014

Every year we have been doing this reef aquarium blogging gig, we’ve looked out for the best and most innovative new products to be announced around the world. Hundreds of new aquarium products are introduced every year and the competition for the Editor’s Choice Award gets more fierce every year but more than any other year, Read More

Ecotech Marine is bringing the Nyos line to America

We have featured Nyos aquarium products several times over the years to highlight many of their interesting and otherwise refined aquarium ideas. After incubating in Europe for the last few years, it seems that Nyos is ripe for the American aquarium market as Ecotech Marine has seen fit to distribute Nyos in the United States. The Read More

Awesome Fish Spotlight: Lavish Liopropoma, the Golden Basslet

Our first Awesome Fish Spotlight for 2015 goes to the infallibly lavish Liopropoma aberrans, otherwise known as the Golden Basslet. L. aberrans is a cornea scorching fish with an incredibly vibrant combination of saturated yolk-yellow, bleeding into a rich tangerine toward the centre. The zone where the two colours mix is replete with a honeycomb reticulated pattern which Read More

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