ReefBuilders_Banner FUSION Nano 10g & 20g Premium Starter Kit from Innovative Marine Innovative Marine will soon start shipping two new sizes of their Fusion aquarium series, the 10 & 20 gallon Fusion Nano all in one aquariums with more fit and finish than has ever been offered in an aquarium of this type and size. With the Fusion series Innovative Marine really broke new ground as far
coral-aquarium-time-lapse Five time lapse aquarium videos that show the ‘behavior’ of corals
Build My LED gets multi-channel control, taking beta product orders

Pseudanthias flavicauda sighted in tahiti, with video of its habitat

Pseudanthias flavicauda aka the yellow tailed anthias is a juicy colorful species of anthias which is rarely ever seen in the aquarium trade. First described in Fiji, Pseudanthias flavicauda was recently collected in the Coral Sea by Cairns Marine and now the species has also been documented on the other side of the Pacific Ocean in Read More

Golden grouper collected in the Philippines is extremely lucky to be alive

The fish pictured above is a super common Boenak grouper, Cephalopholis boeanak, with a one-two punch of extremely rare traits.The reason we are writing about this fish at all is that it exhibits and marked form of xanthism turning it a nearly solid yellow coloration, save for its black eye and bright orange highlighted fins. This Read More

Neat video recounts the history and beginnings of Ecotech Marine

After years of using certain marine aquarium products and seeing their ads in various aquarium publications, it’s easy to let yourself believe that some companies are mega corporations that just crank out pumps and lights in a factory. Some aquarium companies may be like that, but Ecotech Marine has been a Made in America manufacturer Read More

Spectrapure needs to rethink suction cups to hold ATO level sensors

Spectrapure is a long-established equipment company in the marine aquarium world with its LiterMeter and reverse osmosis water purifying filters being a mainstay of the aquarium hobby for over a decade. The company’s latest offering to the marine aquarium hobby is the second version of the Ultra Precise Level Controller, an auto top off device known as the Read More

The polyps of the weeping willow leather coral have gotten even longer

Earlier this year we shared with you a video of the Weeping Willow leather coral, a particular Sarcophyton species of soft coral that has been growing in aquaria since the nineties. At the beginning of the summer we began nourishing the aquarium water of this soft coral with Triton Reef Elementz and whatever this coral was missing, it Read More

Humphead Wrassee does not receive endangered species listing

The humphead wrasse will not be put on the endangered species act as either threatened or endangered according to the newest information from NOAA. Their review process concluded: We conclude that the humphead wrasse is not presently in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range nor is it likely to Read More

California greatly increasing Consumer Protections for Pet Insurance that include aquatics

California is one of the few states that have added new provisions to pet insurance, which includes aquatics. The new law is increasing consumer protections for pet insurance. The pet insurers are now required by law to disclose important information regarding their policies, standardize definitions, and provide consumers with a 30-day “free look” period, under Read More

Seneye Web Server now available worldwide

The Seneye Web Server is a new device from Seneye which will finally put the Seneye aquarium probe online in a stand alone fashion. It’s odd to call the Seneye Web Server and “accessory” for the Seneye Probe since the probe seems to be the accessory for a larger base station that will control all Read More

The Ambio lamps glows from bioluminescent bacteria

The Ambio lighting concept is a new kind of “artificial” light source which is powered by a truly ancient process, bioluminescence. Filled with Photobacterium species of light-producing bacteria, the Ambio is not powered by electricity but instead powered by biology and a little bit of wave action. You see, the bacteria that impart their glow onto Read More

Hero Turbinaria corals are coming back thanks to Cairns Marine

It was approximately three years ago that the first tiniest influx of Hero corals began making their general debut in the marine aquarium hobby. We got our piece of Turbinaria heronensis back then and it was a struggle to keep the hero coral alive through the acclimation to aquarium life, but ever since then the hero Read More

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