pacific map2 Diversity and forms of the Pseudanthias ventralis species flock: How many are there? In light of our recent trend in picking apart cryptic species within a given complex like we did for Pseudanthias pascalus and Nemateleotris helfrichi, we continue yet again with a rather massive undertaking. This time with Pseudanthias ventralis. This beautiful species is wide ranging across much of Oceania, but seems prone to insular variations with at least
Mark's 180 Reef Builders Reboot Phase One
Hands-on with the PRS Corrente digital flow sensor

Shipping livestock is the weakest link in Aquatics

The hobby has made remarkable strides over the last 30 years; almost everything in the hobby is now superior to how it was in the early days of the hobby.  Sadly the one thing that really has not improved is shipping. I have spent countless hours in airport cargo facilities waiting for shipments to arrive.  I have Read More

Brilliant yellow branching flowerpot lands at Unique Corals

Flowerpot corals of the Goniopora genus is not usually a coral to get really excited about, but a new type/strain just landed at Unique Corals which is making us want to set up a field of them. The new corals are a branching species of Goniopora that has the most exquisite, toxic yellow-green tissue that we’ve ever seen in Read More

New island in Tonga will be a front row seat to reef development

Earlier this year a volcanic eruption began forming a new island in Tonga and it’s fairly substantial in size, considering how little time it took to form. At almost a mile long and half a mile wide, this virgin island is now visitable since the eruption has died down, and already colonization of the land Read More

Aberrant Ctenochaetus binotatus shows up with patchy skin coloration

Another surgeonfish has been collected in the wild with the strange piebald coloration that seems to be pretty common in wild surgeonfish and now we’re really getting anxious to know what this condition is, or what causes it. The genus Ctenochaetus is not nearly as susceptible to the aberrant skin condition that is relatively common in Zebrasoma, but Read More

Fossil of strange man-sized, swimming centipede discovered

Score another win for the arthropods, the group of animals that include insects, arachnids, myriapods, and crustaceans. Scientists have uncovered the remains of one of the first arthropods ever that could be described as a “man-sized, swimming centipede” or a “7-foot lobster without claws” that also happens to be 480 million years old. The strange Read More

Masanao Shibuya’s SPS reef tank is bordering on perfection

Attention to details is what can make the difference between a nice reef tank, and a great reef tank. In this exquisite example of a reef display by Masanao Shibuya, no detail has been left to chance to create a reef tank that is world class by any standard. The coral growth and coloration is Read More

Hands on video with the Ecotech Marine Radion Mounting System

There are simple tank mounts, and then there are mounting systems. The Radion Mounting System aka RMS is in the latter category and while it seems like it could be just a simple mounting solution, the level of thought and consideration of the needs of actual users is what makes the RMS the only tank mounting solution Read More

Video of crazy, never ending coral field in Japan

There’s a lot of coral awesomeness in Japan, for some reason it is home to the northernmost coral reef ever found, as well as one of the single largest coral colonies yet documented. And here again we have procured this video of a sprawling thicket of coral which seems to be comprised primarily of two Read More

Kessil AP700 LED fixture can’t come out soon enough

Kessil has been teasing us with their forthcoming Aquarium Panel AP700 LED light fixture for nearly a year now, and frankly we’re ready for this new phase in Kessil’s legacy to come the aquarium hobby. After years of refining the ultimate LED spotlight, the Aquarium Panel is the most refined and feature-rich light Kessil has ever Read More

Cobalt NeoTherm heaters now available in 300w & 400w sizes

The Neotherm heaters from Cobalt Aquatics are arguably some of the best aquarium heaters to be introduced to the market in years. However, up until now the hot Neotherms were only available in up to a 200w model, but aquarists will soon be able to enjoy the refinements of this heater line in a 300 Read More

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