maxspect-gyre-pump-1 Gyre Flow: What a difference ten years can make The year is 2003 and I was just starting to delve into the first year of real marine science courses like ecology, oceanography, and fluid dynamics. At that time I’d already been keeping marine aquariums for 8 years and i was glad to be a part of a growing number of people who were very enthusiastic
red-sea-reefer-450-black-white Red Sea REEFER tanks get pricing and early 2015 delivery date
Tunze Turbelle nanostream 6020 and 6040 pricing and availability update

H2Overflow & Siphon Stopper are two unique new plumbing accessories

The H2Overflow and Siphon Stopper are two very novel new aquarium plumbing parts from Custom Aquariums. The company specializes in aqarium installations and maintenance and their years of experience have led them to develop these two new plumbing parts because they really needed it. If necessity is the mother of invention, the H2Overflow and Siphon Stopper Read More

ORA’s Whitespotted Pymgy Filefish Makes A Third

Filefish are one of those forgotten groups in our hobby. Not generally thought of as reef safe, too timid for the typical fish-only setup (where their relatives, the Triggerfish, tend to be more obvious choices), the Filefish are relegated to the curiosities, the afterthoughts. ORA’s latest captive-breeding first, the Whitespotted Pygmy Filefish, aka. Rudarius ercodes, Read More

Geminate sisters and their path to speciation

Ever wondered why with an endless possibility of patterns and permutations, there is always somehow a few fish with consistently repeated pattern templates? A few species that share the same overall appearance but not quite the same. That confusing group of fish that you can never really figure out because they just look so similar? Speciation Read More

Fifth Annual Mountain West Reef Fest next weekend

We were glad to hear the Mountain West Reef Fest is holding its fifth event in Salt Lake City next weekend, Friday, November 14 and Saturday, November 15. They are bringing in seven fantastic speakers, with one at Friday’s VIP reception and six on the event itself. The doors open on Saturday at 8 a.m. Read More

Triton Labs and Unique Corals bring professional water analysis to US

The Triton Method for professional water testing analysis is coming to the US. The German company has struck a deal with Unique Corals to establish Triton US to let aquarists serious about water testing get water samples tested on a professional system to an accuracy unparalleled with off-the-shelf test kits. According to the press release, Read More

DVH Coral Protec is a new coral dip from Europe

DVH Coral Protec is a new coral dip from Europe that is making its way across the pond and into the US market. Although there is no shortage of coral pest eradicating products on the market not every one is always 100% effective and a lot of times, it is through trial and error to Read More

Newa ‘More’ all in one aquarium includes a sensible air driven skimmer

The Newa More all in one aquarium is a modestly small aquarium from the Italian division of Newa which was formerly associated with the French Aquarium Systems. The Newa More doesn’t exactly stand out in a crowded field but that’s partly because Newa did an excellent job of packing in very useful features into a Read More

The Aquatic Experience in Chicago this weekend is NOT to be missed!

Last year the World Pet Association set about to create a brand new, all-aquarium event that incorporated nearly all facets of the aquarium hobby and aquatic industry. As a first year show we didn’t know what to expect from a diverse mix of reefers, cichlid people, pleco fans, freshwater aquascapers and even pond keepers. What Read More

Italian reefers are really into phytoplankton reactors

On our recent reefing tour of Italy we expected many things, great food, stylish reef aquarium setups and an overall easy-going laid back atmosphere. We got to see all of those things but what we didn’t expect to see was so many gosh darn phyt0plankton reactors! In America and as far as we know, in the Read More

Giesemann’s LED/T5 hybrid light is a sign of things to come

It’s a very curious thing that with the advent of LED reef aquarium lighting, most early adopters opted to dive into the deep end of solid state lighting with LEDs. For some reason, the lesson learned of combining metal halide lighting with T5 fluorescents for supplementation was not carried over when it came to embracing Read More

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