hydra26-radion-xr15w-pro-1 Comparing the Radion XR15w Pro and the Hydra 26 LED lights Ecotech Marine and AquaIllumination have been on parallel paths in their development of marine aquarium products for some time and with their newfound synergy from the recent merger, they have simultaneously released comparable reef aquarium LED lights. The Hydra 26 and Radion XR15w Pro are very similar in some ways but still have distinctive features that
flores-acropora-unknown-two-5 The second unknown Acropora discovered on the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition
Eheim’s Multibox is a handy fragging station

Ecsenius bathi, the blenny from Komodo and the Flores Sea

Among blennies the genus Ecsenius includes some of the most colorful, personable and aquarium-suitable species. Species like Midas and Bicolor blennies are part of the mainstay of marine aquarium fishes while others like Ecsenius pictus, Ecsenius tigris and Ecsenius oculus are among the more seldom yet equally captivating members of this adorable group of nano reef Read More

Convict chalice Echinophyllia documented in its natural habitat

Convict chalice corals are specimens of Echinophyllia plating colonies with a very distinctive series of stripes running usually from the edge of the oral disc (mouth) to the colonie’s edges. The lines of convict chalice corals can be very dark, or very bright, but either form gives these uniquely colored corals a very startling appearance, and Read More

Navigobius dewa is the undisputed queen of dart fishes

The pseudo-legendary Navigobius dewa weaved its way into the hearts of rare fish lovers alike back in 2009 when it was described, with its scintillating, almost alien-techno-raver-laser pink and purple coloration. Since then, very few pieces have entered the trade, and many photos of the species available online are of wild specimens by local japanese photographers. Read More

Protecting this fish can save Caribbean reefs

Caribbean reefs could be wiped out in as little as 20 years unless reef grazers, such as parrotfish and urchins, are protected. A recent report is showing it’s not just the threat of global warming causing corals to bleach out and die off, but it’s these important grazers that make a difference on the health Read More

These toroidal bubbles are simply amazing

Although this video of toroidal bubbles has been around for quite a few years, it still is just as captivating now as it was back in 2010. What are toroidal bubbles? Also known as toroidal vortices, a toroidal vortex is a region of rotating fluid moving through the same or different fluid where the flow pattern takes Read More

Guppies and Gonioporas make a wonderfully perplexing combination

I have a soft spot in my heart for guppies. I got bit from the aquarium bug thanks to the guppie tank my Dad had when I was just a wee lad and later on had my own crop of them. When I saw this incredible image of saltwater guppies and Gonioporas coexisting in the Read More

Get ready for lots of exciting stories from the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition

We’re back from the Flores Sea with loads of exciting observations and documentation on the reefs of this part of Indonesia. With support from Fluval Sea and no less than nine months of planning, we succeeded in diving and surveying and extensive swath of the Flores Sea between Sumbawa and Flores including Rinca and Komodo Islands. Read More

Abandoned shopping mall overrun by fish is pretty surreal

Abandoned urban areas are a bit creepy as it is but add a bunch of water and fish and you have something downright creepy. We came across this story of this vacant shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand. After being gutted by fire in 1999 the mall has flooded becoming a paradise for koi and catfish. Read More

New Cad Lights PLS-50 Elite protein skimmer improves on pipeless design

The new Cad Lights PLS-50 Elite pipeless protein skimmer is an improved version of the already cutting edge design the team has been working on the past few months. The new Cad Lights PLS-50 have made it even stronger, more consistent and overall deliver better skimming performance while being easy to use. The pipeless design makes for Read More

EcoTech Marine Radion XR15w is a new, smaller LED light for smaller tanks

The EcoTech Marine Radion XR15wPRO is a new light just announced added to the Radion line. Designed for smaller or shallow tanks, the small new Radion XR15w has all the features and performance of the bigger Radion XR30w in a smaller form. The new Radion XR15w PRO will retail at $449 and includes 19 LEDs Read More

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