devil clam-4 Face to face with the mythical Devil Clam, Tridacna mbalavuana We’ve been writing about the devil clam, Tridacna mbalavuana (formerly T. tevoroa) for years, and even more so in the last couple months since Tonga loosened up its exports of giant clams. But finally, this week we had the chance to see a real live devil clam, in person, in the flesh, and extremely personal. Coming face to face
stenopus tenuirostris A Photographic Identification Guide to Stenopus Shrimp
Ocean Swipe 360 — A Robot that can clean all four sides of an aquarium

Bali Aquarich’s angelfish accolades part 2: Updates on Holacanthus passer

Still fresh from the meteoric news of Bali Aquarich’s first captive bred Pomacanthus hybrid, we’ll quell the excitement just a little with updates on the growth of their captive raised Holacanthus passer. Just two days post Valentine’s this year, we reported on Bali Aquarich’s success with this species, making Holacanthus passer the second member of Read More

Awesome Fish Spotlight: Cirrhilabrus rubrimarginatus in nuptial display

Today’s Awesome Fish Spotlight features an opulent member of the wildly popular genus Cirrhilabrus, more affectionally known as the Fairy Wrasses. Cirrhilabrus rubrimarginatus is a common species with a wide distribution across much of the Western Pacific, from Japan through to the Philippines, Palau, Indonesia, Vanuatu, Fiji and Tonga. It was first known from the Read More

Bali Aquarich’s angelfish accolades part 1: Pomacanthus imperator x annularis hybrid

At the risk of sounding cliche and in a manner most routine, it’s difficult not to admit the prowess and remarkable work that Bali Aquarich has accomplished. Founded by Su Wen-Ping, this Bali based aquaculture company has won the world over with their stunning high quality designer clownfish, and yet again with their incredible repertoire of Read More

Hammer Coral Heaven is the best type of specialized micro reef tank

If we’ve learned anything from our years of reefkeeping and experimenting with smaller more specific aquarium environments, it’s that keeping a community reef tank with every kind of corals happy in the same aquarium is just about the hardest aquaristik challenge there is. With that notion in mind, we’ve fine tuned every subsequent coral aquarium since Read More

NanoBox Reef’s hybrid T5 & LED light is ready to class up your coral aquarium

When LEDs really hit the market, many in the reef aquarium hobby in general were ready to all but abandon the previous generation of lighting technology which has served us so well. We were always kind of perplexed that we didn’t see more of a gradual transition between LEDs and T5s, and many more examples of Read More

Reefgreentech is selling a 3D-printed fluidized reactor

France’s Reefgreentech is touting the first commercially available 3D printed fluidized reactor. As 3D printing is still gaining momentum and as the technology improves and the price gets more reasonable, we expect this to be more common and mainstream. The 1.8L reactor, with 10 x 9 x 38 cm dimension, is made from ABS and Read More

Royal Exclusiv announces their most powerful RD3 Speedy ever

The Red Dragon 3 Speedy 230 is one of Royal Exclusiv’s most powerful and high performing water pumps for saltwater tanks ever. For many years now, Royal Exclusiv has been making the most powerful and exciting aquarium-specific water pumps for high performance applications. Long before the DC pumps came to the market, the Red Dragon Read More

An eye for a Bigeye

The family Priacanthidae, more commonly known as Catalufas and Bigeyes, are strange looking fish that look less out of place with Alice and her wonderland than in the ocean. The family comprises of roughly twenty species, in four genera namely Cookeolus, Heteropriacanthus, Priacanthus and Pristigenys. Of the four, Pristigenys is most often encountered in the aquarium trade, Read More

Terrance Pennyworth is no joke

We thought Terrance Pennyworth was another silly April Fools joke, but when we watched the video we realized it was not an April Fools joke, just a hilarious video tip by Innovative Marine. Taking cues from Grey Poupon, Dos Equis and Old Spice (and a bit of Wes Anderson), Terrance shows you how easy it Read More

Best of the web? April Fools laughs aplenty

April Fools is both fun and annoying but we did have to say, we found a few chuckles in our inbox and social media feeds today and thought we’d share a few: Neptune Systems – QED, Quiet Echo Driver We all spend as much time trying to quiet our beasts but the more pumps, drains, Read More

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