best-of-interzoo-2014-b The new InterZoo products we expect to see at MACNA Writing about the release of the Radion Mounting System got us to thinking about all the new products we reported on at InterZoo which American reefers will see for the first time at MACNA. While it may be four months after their initial release, many of the products debuted at InterZoo 2014 are one-offs and
Heat header What our readers do to “beat the heat”
GHL’s new Powerbar 5.1, smaller and updated

ATB Elegance 220 is one impressive skimmer

ATB has always produced some of our favorite protein skimmers and the new ATB Elegance 220 looks to be another in a line of solid performers. With a footprint around 410 x 260 mm (16.15 x 10.25 in.) and suitable for tanks up to 1800 liters (475 gal.), the ATB Elegance features a double diffuser plate Read More

ATB Internal Super size Cone Skimmer with dual pumps

What would we do if we didn’t have large protein skimmers to sit and drool stare at? ATB has built some very impressive cone skimmers as of late and it doesn’t look like they will stop anytime soon. This beast is a super size cone skimmer that utilizes two airstar pumps, each pump is said Read More

Xtra Tall Skimmer from ATB gets priced for the masses

You’ve already been given the low-down on ATB’s new Xtra tall skimmer, you know that ridiculously tall skimmer coming the way of US shores sometime soon — but one aspect that still hasn’t been adequately addressed is the price. It seems that you might have to pay a premium for all that xtra tallness from Read More

ATB scraps current hang on back skimmer model, redesigns

ATB Skimmers which has been working on a hang-on-back skimmer for some time, and have decided to scrap that model which we reported on earlier for a newer model. Of the changes, it appears that a option of having the  pump outside the aquarium,  or inside. Having the pump outside is a smart one in Read More

ATB XL external protein skimmer, gets handled

ATB just raised the bar another notch with thier newest ATB XL external protein skimmer. This thing is a beast, having a bubble plate 12″ in diameter and the neck reaching 7.5″ in diameter. Reaching 32″ tall, the base is over 19″ in diameter. No word on a price for this bad boy. Read More