OLYMPUS-DIGITAL-CAMERA Breathtaking views of coral reefs at Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands Alright, alright, alright! We’ve been teasing you with innumerable posts about individual corals and novel colonies found at Kwajalein Atoll but now it’s time to blow your mind with some serious eye candy! If you thought scenery like this has become rare on coral reefs, we can assure you that they abound on the stony
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Ebeye Special Acro – a new ‘shortcake’ from Kwajalein Atoll
Kessil A360N & A360W LED lights announced with excellent new features

ORA Black Cardinalfish available soon, Goth Reefers pensively rejoice

ORA’s announcement of their Black Cardinfalfish may make 2013 the year of the Cardinalfish.  Banggai Rescue is slated to be published, David Watson is presenting “Cardinalfish breeding beyond the Banggai” at the 2013 Marine Breeder’s Workshop, and twice this month we’ve running stories about new commercial production of non-Banggai Cardinalfish. These species are much more Read More

Rising Tide announces success with captive-bred Green Chromis

Green Chromis as a species complex (Chromis viridis, C. caerulea, and C. atripectoralis) represent the NUMBER ONE species collected for the marine aquarium hobby*, yet unlike another popular bread & better species (such as the Ocellaris Clownfish, Amphiprion ocellaris), the Green Chromis evaded any captive breeding success for years. Only in very resent times was experimental rearing of Read More

2012 Marine Breeder’s Year in Review

As has become a tradition, it’s time again for a look back at the past year’s advances in marine fish breeding with our annual Marine Breeder’s Year In Review.  (see 2010, and 2011 Part 1, and 2011 Part 2, for past recaps). Read on to learn what made 2012 another exciting year in the world of Read More

ORA Announces Limited Availability of Captive-Bred Blackmargin Dottybacks

ORA’s newest release – the Blackmargin or Horseshoe-Tailed Dottyback, Pseudochromis tapeinosoma – The fish shown here is a male (females/juveniles are gray with a yellow tail).  Image courtesy ORA Time to call in a favor from your LFS and hope they have an ‘in’ with ORA.  ”Another ORA first, the Black Margin Dottyback. We have Read More

Grunt Breeding 101 – Courtesy of Rising Tide

“French Grunt (Haemulon flavolineatum) is well suited to commonplace aquaculture techniques. The larvae are large at first feeding and readily accept rotifers as an initial diet. Post metamorphosis growth is rapid with juveniles reaching 2 inches in just under 3 months.” Those are some bold words coming from the team at Rising Tide, who has Read More

Captive bred marine bettas becoming more available

“This is going to blow your socks off!!! We have not hundreds, but thousands of Marine Bettas coming soon to a store near you!” That was the announcement today by Sustainable Aquatics VP of Sales & Marketing Chris Turnier. Sustainable Aquatics has been quietly increasing production of this classic marine fish.  While the Comet or Marine Betta Read More

Proaquatix reveals new captive bred Parioglossus – but what species?

While at MACNA, we had the opportunity to talk fish with Seth Pierce of Proaquatix. Seth hinted that one of the newest developments is the captive breeding and rearing of a small Parioglossus ”Goby” that schools. Their problem?  No one there knows what species it is as Parioglossus are very small and little known marine fish. Today, Proaquatix released a Read More

Bali Aquarich – Contender for first captive-bred Annularis angelfish

A recent spate of captive breeding successes, particularly with the Koran angelfish Pomacanthus semicirculatus, had us wondering what the next captive bred ”Big Angel” would be.  Based on what we’re seeing from Bali Aquarich (producers of the first captive-bred Pinnatus Batfish), it appears that we can now add Pomacanthus annularis to the list of firsts we can Read More

Todd Gardner is breeding success with AlgaGen Copepods & 20,000 Gallons

Earler today, Todd Gardner (the man to first breed Liopropoma basslets) announced a new breeding success at the Long Island Aquarium where two damselfish species were specifically mentioned.  Neoglyphidodon melas, the Bowtie Damsel, was reared from larvae collected in the 20,000 gallon reef. A quick check of the MBI Database revealed a prior succes with Read More

Using ‘Double Down’ to stimulate spawning of the Lightning Maroon Clownfish

The Lightning Maroon Clownfish has not spawned. While the image above (and video below)  shows the Lightning Maroon and her mate tending a nest of eggs on a tile, those are NOT their eggs.  This technique has been called by some (including Mitch May, possibly the technique’s originator) as a “Double Down”.  The premise – take Read More