2014 recap 2014 recap: Top 10 scintillating reef fish stories 2014 is fizzing away by the day and as usual, we’ve recapped our ten favourite reef fish stories for the year. Normally we’d put out our top ten highlights just as the year closes to make sure no surprises pops up that might reshuffle the order, as seen in 2013’s last minute appearance of Paracheilinus hemitaeniatus.
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Two Little Fishies adds the MagFeeder and grazer ring

Would you spend $20 on a snail if it looked this good?

You’re probably used to spending a maximum of $3 on a snail, perhaps a little more if you are really unlucky. But if all marine snails looked as good as the coldwater Jewel Top Snail (Calliostoma annulatum) would you be willing to fork out $20? Cold Water Marine Aquatics just acquired a couple of these’ Read More