endangered-stony-coral-species Meet 6 of the corals that are in danger of becoming illegal The petition to list over 80 species of stony corals as endangered led to a ruling that 20 of the proposed corals were deemed threatened, and warrant protection under the Endangered Species Act. Of those 20 corals, five are Caribbean species which have already enjoyed a thorough degree of no-take protection so these species are
Acropora_cervicornis Endangered versus Threatened: Why should you be concerned?
Build My LED gets multi-channel control, taking beta product orders

Alpha 250 Vertex Cone Skimmer Teaser video

We will have full review of the Alpha 250 in the weeks to come, but thought you might like this teaser video to get all worked up before a higher quality video is produced. You never knew your hot tub would be jealous of all the bubbles now would you? Read More

Reef Octopus Bubble Blaster: French video of a Chinese skimmer

We’re not sure what’s cooler: The fact that a Chinese protein skimmer gets demoed and videoed in France or that said protein skimmer pump has a clear volute allowing us to bear witness to every operational detail. In either case we want to thank our Urban Reef Builder brothers across the pond All Marine for Read More

Vertex Aquaristik gets a swanky new website

Marine aquarium product manufacturer Vertex Aquaristik has been busy developing high performance products one after the other and they have finally unleashed a new website to tell you all about their lines. The flashy site is a one stop gallery highlighting the Vertex protein skimmers, water purifiers, reactors, ballasts and it hints at a whole Read More

Royal-Exclusiv Vertex Alpha Cone Skimmers 170 / 200 / 300

Hot off the heels of the Vertex Alpha 250 cone skimmer announcement we receive word that the Alpha 250 is just one of many Vertex cone skimmers produced by Royal Exclusiv. There are 3 new models, 170, 200 and 300. The Alpha 250 sits in between the 200 and 300 while the Alpha 170 is Read More

Warner Marine K2 cone skimmer Video and hands on

It seems the Warner Marine cone skimmer has already made it in the hands of some fortunate customers. Specifically vanillagorila was able to snag one of these cone skimmers and plop it on a dining room table for his camera to get some quality shots. Build quality, the K2 is amazing something that we have Read More

Alpha 250 cone skimmer totally splayed out in newly released pictures

Although the Vertex Alpha 250/BK Cone skimmer was notably absent at the Marine Aquarium Expo a little while back, these newly minted intimate photos of the Alpha 250 are a good sign that indeed these skimmers are bound for their final distribution destination, Premium Aquatics. We’ve also just learned that the BK Cone will be Read More

Warner Marine K2 cone protein skimmer has started to ship

That hotness K2 cone skimmer from Warner Marine has finally started to ship, to dealers anyway. Warner Marine has released a nice teaser image of the drain and valve assembly…something that looks really nice. Our guess is we won’t start to see these skimmers at least for another month. Perhaps we all can beg for Read More

ATB’s Slim Line cone skimmer gets priced for lucky Europeans

You would think that a slim line version of a cone skimmer would be cheaper, you know the whole taking-up-less-space ideology, but alas it isn’t. The price ticket to grant you entry into more sump space will run 2180 euros ($2,919) which for being a premium reef aquarium manufacturer is to be expected. Available in Read More

Warner Marine K2 cone skimmer shipping soon

For all of you anxiously awaiting the impending arrival of Warner Marine’s cone skimmer the K2, we got word that this cone skimmer should be shipping very soon. Like we mentioned earlier, the skimmer takes up a footprint of  10.5 x 14.5 in your sump system. The cone base is a nice 9.25″, while the Read More

ATB Deluxe Cone Skimmer 2009 gets priced for Europeans

The ATB 2009 model that we reported earlier on has now been given the “Deluxe” name. The protein skimmer from ATB is cone based and will have deluxe features that other high end companies use such as Royal Exclusiv. The most popular that we are seeing are the top off protection devices, something that will Read More

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