ReefBuilders_Banner FUSION Nano 10g & 20g Premium Starter Kit from Innovative Marine Innovative Marine will soon start shipping two new sizes of their Fusion aquarium series, the 10 & 20 gallon Fusion Nano all in one aquariums with more fit and finish than has ever been offered in an aquarium of this type and size. With the Fusion series Innovative Marine really broke new ground as far
coral-aquarium-time-lapse Five time lapse aquarium videos that show the ‘behavior’ of corals
Tunze celebrates 50 years of protein skimmers with a working replica of the original

Cree T8 Linear LED light is a total game changer

Today Cree announced one of the holy grails of LED lighting adoption, in the form of a tube shaped LED light designed to replace the incumbent of lighting efficiency, the good ole fluorescent tube. There exists a nearly endless number of options of fluorescent tube shaped LED lights which are designed to be placed in existing Read More

Cree Smashes Efficacy Milestones Again; 303lm/W

Cree is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to improving the little solid state lighting devices that they are well known for. In a statement yesterday, they announced a new breakthrough in efficacy at 303lm/W. Some of you may think this is another one of these lab experiments where the conditions are Read More

Hands-on with LED Group Buy’s Lumia 5.2

Last year, LED Group Buy introduced the Lumia 5.1 to the DIY LED community, and has had great success with it. But while some loved the simple setup of this high power, full spectrum LED, there were others that were left wanting more, and corrections to a few shortcomings. Well, say hello to the Lumia Read More

Cree takes the shrink ray to the XQ-E LED

Looks like Cree didn’t want Philips to have all the fun this week with new LED announcements. Just announced today is the new micro sized XQ-E. Like the Luxeon Q that we reported on earlier, this announcement isn’t so much about output and efficiency, but packaging (size). The XQ-E is Cree’s latest addition to their Read More

Cree XP-E2 Color announced with upgrades over original

The Cree XP-E has been the reefing industry workhorse for the longest time (relatively speaking) when it comes to colors outside of white and royal blue, although it has done pretty well in those roles too. Seeing as the white XP-E got a silicon carbide update late last year (which we covered here), Cree felt Read More

Cree XQD LED – unprecedented brightness in a tiny package

The X-Lamp XQD LED is Cree’s teeny tiniest high powered LED to date. The tiny package pictured above is a mere 1.6mm by 1.6mm, with almost half the surface area of the blinding Cree XP and XT LED packages. The micro Cree XQD LED is an illumination grade diode which still manages pretty close to Read More

CherryAqua iNano LED gets some video love by Reef Secrets

The CherryAqua iNano is a really cool LED fixture with a refreshing design, that up until recently was only available within Asia, but now seems to enjoy international distribution. Reef Secrets in Australia received some units, and they were nice enough to shoot a little footage of the lights showing off its touch screen control Read More

Cree LED bulb is the first consumer lighting product from Cree

The Cree LED Bulb is a new screw-in light that can be easily placed into most existing home lighting fixtures. You could use it on your aquarium, but most importantly the release of Cree’s very own LED light bulb is an exciting development in the world of solid state lighting. Cree’s light fixture division, aptly Read More

Alpheus made to order LED lamps have some serious research behind them

There seems to be a common theme in the French reef aquarium industry of very high standards. Using blue lights to sell corals for example is highly frowned upon and virtually isn’t done. Similarly, the makers Alpheus LED have put some serious effort into the science behind their fixtures. From complex flux graphs to angular Read More

Cree XLamp MK-R LED reaches for the 200lm/w barrier

The just-announced Cree XLamp MK-R is an all new product that has some impressive specs behind it, one of which being a maximum output of 1769lm @ 85C. Cree just can’t seem to take a break. With the various updates to their workhorse lineup including the XP-E2, XP-G2, and XM-L2 over the last few months, they have had a busy year Read More