ReefBuilders_Banner FUSION Nano 10g & 20g Premium Starter Kit from Innovative Marine Innovative Marine will soon start shipping two new sizes of their Fusion aquarium series, the 10 & 20 gallon Fusion Nano all in one aquariums with more fit and finish than has ever been offered in an aquarium of this type and size. With the Fusion series Innovative Marine really broke new ground as far
coral-aquarium-time-lapse Five time lapse aquarium videos that show the ‘behavior’ of corals
How to turn a Sicce Shark ADV internal filter into a fluidized reactor in less than 2 minutes

New Patent US8646934 aquarium light strip revealed

We get several goods delivered to our respective Reef Builders’ offices located around the world. One such package caught our eye more than others. In the package from Ecoxotic was a new patent that recently got approved as officially official. The patent in question US8646934 references an aquarium light strip, which describes the abstract, as Read More

Ecoxotic’s E-Series LED striplight is superbangin’ over some real live fish and corals

Earlier this month Ecoxotic teased us with a promising new LED, the E Series striplights with integrated reflectors, multicolor, multichannel control and remote controllability. While Ecoxotic had a strip on their ReefStock table, we didn’t get a taste of the E Series in action until we got to see ORA’s booth at Global Pet Expo Read More

Ecoxotic teases new E-Series RGBW LED striplight and inline controller

Ecoxotic is a ReefStock regular and as such, they’ve usually got a few nice new tricks up their sleeves for us to enjoy and blog on during the show. This year the big reveal from Ecoxotic is the E Series LED striplight and an inline LED controller-timer. The Ecoxotic E-Series LED striplight is the third Read More

Want to dive the Coral Restoration Foundation at MACNA? #dive4crf gives you the chance

The work the Coral Restoration Foundation is important to the survival of some vital reefs in the continental United State and having the opportunity to dive with the CRF is a chance in a lifetime. Now thanks to Piscene Energetics, Boyd Enterprises and Two Little Fishies, Ecoxotic is turning to social media and sponsoring a Read More

Is this a new RGB Par38 coming from Ecoxotic?

Scrolling through Ecoxotic’s Flickr feed, we came across this intriguing RGB PAR38 LED lamp that we suspect might be making its way into the product catalog. This RGB PAR38 lamp holds 12 high-power LEDs with 15 degree focusing lenses, allowing light to penetrate deeper depths. The ubiquitous wireless remote control we’ve seen with other RGB LEDs Read More

Cannon LED Floodlight takes the Ecoxotic spotlight to new heights

Our first look at Ecoxotic’s new Cannon LED Floodlights at the Reef Systems Aquarama booth was a really pleasant surprise. Although rated for the same 100 watts of light using a multichip LED package, the Cannon LED Floodlights are a completely different animal. Gone is the Cannon-style form factor with highly concentrated light source from a tiny Read More

Ecoxotic gets fresh

While we are all about the saltwater over here, we have a fond appreciation for freshwater planted aquariums and were glad to see Ecoxotic getting a little fresh today — freshwater that is.  Ecoxotic has announced a freshwater version of the EcoPico along with EcoPico freshwater LED strips and a freshwater version of the Ecoxotic Read More

Nano-reef user Metrokat’s display refugium is an awesome collection of macroalgae

Marcoalgae is awesome, and not only because of their nutrient removal abilities. We love macro algae for its ease of maintenance, cool growth forms and colors and we’re even more fond of macro algae displays. This display refugium of nano-reef user Metrokat is no exception, hosting a spectacular variety of algae including Sargassum, Ochtodes, Halimeda, Read More

Panorama Marine & Actinic LED strips produce some unbelievably colorful soft and stony corals

The Panorama LED strip light has been around in some form or another for years now, and the Panorama LED fixture really shows the experience that Ecoxotic has gained during that time. Coming in a mixed-color Marine and an all blue Actinic version, the Panorama fixture represents a carefully thought out reef aquarium experience from the dealer Read More

Panorama Pro 2.0 sheds three watts and drops by $20

It was a pleasant surprise this morning to be greeted of news of the new and improved Panorama Pro LED 2.0 bringing it with a refinement of the Ecoxotic LED striplight. Now priced at just $69, the Panorama Pro LED 2.0 delivers more for less. With new and improved LED chips the Panorama Pro sheds Read More