koralia-3rd-generation-hydor-5 Sneak peek at Hydor’s third generation Koralia water pump The third generation Koralia pump is Hydor’s latest breed of propeller pump which really bring with them a next generation level of refinement. Any pump manufacturer can deliver incremental improvements to their newest pumps, kinda like what hydor did with the second generation Koralias, but these third generation Koralias are better, faster, quieter, stronger in so
zoanthid-tree-top Tyler Bell’s Zoanthid tree is an exquisite concept of coral display
Hands-on with the PRS Corrente digital flow sensor

National Marine Fisheries Service requests Comments from public to ascertain a potential 4(d) ruling on threatened corals

Uh oh. It looks like someone is doing their job at the National Marine Fisheries Service. Do you remember the 20 species of corals that were listed as threatened in 2014? The agency stated today: “We are now considering whether there are protective regulations that are necessary and advisable for the conservation of these 20 Read More

Are Banggai cardinalfish endangered species or invasive species?

Earlier this week, the results of a 12-month finding by the National Marine Fisheries Service has concluded to propose the beloved Banggai cardinalfish as an endangered species. Together with three species of little-known stony corals, the Banggai cardinalfish, which is a staple of marine aquariums around the world, is slated to be a restricted, protected Read More

USFWS Los Angeles: It is now illegal to import frogspawn & certain deepwater acro species

Update:  9/16/14 4:15PM CT Waiting on a call back from the Office of External Affairs regarding the validity of it being an honest mistake. Update 2: USFWS Los Angeles: We are now advising the trade of coming ESA listings We have just confirmed The United States fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) at the Port of Los Read More

Clownfish could be declared an endangered Species

That’s according to a new report from National Marine Fisheries Service that Clownfish (Percula) may warrant protection under the U.S. Endangered Species Act because of threats from global warming and ocean acidification. The service will now conduct a status review to decide whether the Clownfish will be protected under the Act. The original petition (warning: Read More

Halichoeres socialis: did you know this small wrasse is critically endangered?

There’s a teeny tiny little wrasse living in the Gulf of Mexico called Halichoeres socialis which is all but unknown in the aquarium world, and it may not last long of this world at all. Living over a tiny 10 square kilometer of reef called Pelican Cays in Belize, the social wrasse is threatened with extinction Read More

Breaking: NOAA announces the proposal to list 66 stony coral species as endangered or threatened

Just hours ago NOAA and the National Marine Fisheries Services (NMFS) made public their intention to move forward with the proposal to list 66 species of stony corals under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). You may recall that three years ago the Center for Biological Diversity petitioned to have 83 species listed as threatened or Read More

Massive coral reef, twice the size of Manila, destroyed in Philippines by poachers

A tragic crime that is being described as “the rape of the ocean” took place in the Philippines where poachers decimated an entire reef area almost twice the size of Manila harvesting over 21,000 pieces of black coral and killing 161 endangered sea turtles and other marine life. Read More

Biologging: Tuna, sharks and mammals getting smart electronic tags to map the oceans and ecosystems

We’ve all heard of tagging animals for catch and release programs, for tracking migrations and populations but what you may not have learned is that these tags have been getting smart, like scary smart. Over the past 20 years these electronic tags have gone from simply alerting researchers to the location of their subjects to Read More

Great White Sharks struggling, rarer than tigers

Movies like Jaws and sensationalized media reports of swimmers being attacked by sharks have given the massive Great White Shark a bad rap, and now this awesome predator is facing dwindling numbers making it even rarer than the endangered tiger. Researchers have recently learned their numbers are dwindling and their estimation of the global population Read More

Clownfish, staghorn coral among species on climate change “flagship” list

Clownfish and staghorn coral are among 10 species identified as those hardest hit from climate change due to increased CO2 emissions and ocean acidification by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen on Monday. The full report, Species and Climate Change, lists the Read More