kwajalein-coral-reef-scene-8-620x465 Recap of this week’s new products to create an aquarium reefscape By some neat coincidence, this week witnessed the announcement of four new products which have a different approach to building a mini reef aquarium aquascape. Each of this week’s artificial reefscaping materials represent novel solutions to using an alternative to live rock. The various choices for building an artificial mini reef structure include man made rock, ceramic
flores-acropora-unknown-two-5 The second unknown Acropora discovered on the Fluval Sea Flores Expedition
GHL’s new Powerbar 5.1, smaller and updated

TMC AquaRay Horizon LED is designed to disappear

The AquaRay Horizon LED light from Tropical Marine Centre is the first light “fixture” to take LEDs to their inevitable built-in conclusion. There will always be a place for standalone high powered LED lights with tons of functionality and features but for 99% of the aquarium market, there is a simple need for a decent light Read More

Illumagic Style is a nifty line of LEDs out of Taiwan

The Illumagic Style LED Mini and full fledged Fixture caught our eye at Interzoo 2014. Particularly once we learned about some of the distinguished features put into these lights. The Style Mini is a single cluster of LEDs in a square pendant, and then there’s the fixture with 6 clusters. Each cluster contains a Neutral White, Cool Read More

Nyos pimps out their controllable skimmer with colorful LEDs

Nyos is expanding the Quantum skimmer to incorporate a controllable pump, and possibly with LED. They will still manufacture the Quantum with their standard pump, but they will soon have the option of a quieter and more efficient controllable AC pump. The LEDs change color based on the output setting of the pump. Having an LED Read More

First look at new Unibody Lani LED from Triton Reef

The Unibody Lani LED is a spanking new solid state aquarium light from Triton Reef, which is uncompromising in its build quality, spectrum and light output. If you thought that Triton Reef takes reef aquarium additives seriously with its Reef Elementz line, then the Lani LED is the hardware manifestation of that approach to applied Read More

Tunze LED full spectrum 8850 light bar

Tunze added the LED full spectrum 8850 bar to their lineup at Interzoo 2014. It comes equipped with 7 white (5000K), 7 blue (470/450nm), and 12 red Nichia and Osram LEDs; which provides the ability to adjust temperature from 5000K to 25000K. There’s also a moonlight and all of it shines through a T.I.R lens for Read More

Hands on & review of the Nano Box Reef Mini Tide LED light

The name Nano Box Reef has been around for a while, and is certainly making quite the splash in the aquarium world of late. With everything being hand built and customized in every degree, there is certainly a lot of appeal with the products that Dave Fason, owner and operator of Nano Box Reef, makes Read More

Cree Smashes Efficacy Milestones Again; 303lm/W

Cree is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to improving the little solid state lighting devices that they are well known for. In a statement yesterday, they announced a new breakthrough in efficacy at 303lm/W. Some of you may think this is another one of these lab experiments where the conditions are Read More

Hands-on with LED Group Buy’s Lumia 5.2

Last year, LED Group Buy introduced the Lumia 5.1 to the DIY LED community, and has had great success with it. But while some loved the simple setup of this high power, full spectrum LED, there were others that were left wanting more, and corrections to a few shortcomings. Well, say hello to the Lumia Read More

New Giesemann Futura-S LED gets performance boost

The new Giesemann Futura-S is getting a performance upgrade thanks to incorporating CREE X-series LEDs into the fixture. The updated light was designed with a modular approach each using 20 5W CREE X-series on each board without the need for secondary lenses. The Futura can be controlled via Bluetooth from your home computer, smartphone or tablet. Read More

Reef Angel adds new PAR module to lineup

The Reef Angel controller is getting a new option that will allow you measure photosynthetic light in your tank and dial in your dimmable LED lights ‘on the fly’ to get the exact settings you want depending on your tank’s unique values. Since the Reef Angel uses the open-source Arduino language, you can expect to see Read More