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Double down with new Dual Orbit Marine PRO LED fixture

The new Dual Orbit Marine PRO LED fixture doubles the power of a single Orbit Marine PRO light for your light-hungry reef or larger aquarium. Specifically designed for marine reef tanks and larger aquariums, the Dual Orbit Marine PRO provides plenty of punch with its full-spectrum light array to deliver good growth and brilliant color … Read More

AquaReef X Series and Pro Series LED lights launched in Turkey

AquaReef is one of the only aquarium light manufacturers from Turkey and have a pair of LED lights they have recently launched. When we last wrote about AquaReef, they were focused on T5 and T5/LED hybrid lights, but are now venturing into full digital lighting. The new fixtures are loaded with SemiLED and CREE LEDs … Read More

MaxSpect Ethereal LED is just about ready for prime time

It’s been a long time since we’ve had any updates on the MaxSpect Ethereal LED, but after nearly a year we are looking forward to seeing the new light at Aquarama next week. First revealed at InterZoo last year, Maxspect’s new flagship LED lighting platform has been under advanced development and refinement for the past … Read More

AquaticLife Halo LED pendant finally ready for market

The AquaticLife Halo LED pendant we saw at MACNA back in 2013 is finally hitting the market with two available models. We have two models. The AquaticLife Halo Deluxe pendant has the onboard controller and the AquaticLife Halo Basic can either be used as a slave unit or with an external aquarium controller. The pendants … Read More

Coralife LED Aqualight is a great choice for the mid-range of LED lighting market

The Coralife LED Aqualight that was debuted at MACNA 2014 in Denver got its first big reveal to the consumer world in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. Coralife’s first effort at making an LED aquarium light was ill-fated for trying to compete in the top-end of the LED lighting market with companies that specialize in … Read More

New Aquatic Life Pulse LED gets video treatment

The new Aquatic Life Pulse LED we introduced this summer has received a video walk-through to show off all its features. The Aquatic Life Pulse LED has 275W of power designed for the saltwater aquarium with the sleek form similar to others we’ve seen on the market. The fixture comes with an on-board computer with … Read More

Blue LEDs have just been awarded the nobel prize for physics

If there’s one group of people among the general population who really love and appreciate the blue LED it is definitely reefers. A few years ago we barely used them over our reef tanks for anything more than a moonlight at $50 a watt. Today us marine, reef and coral enthusiasts are so into blue LEDs … Read More

Nano Box Reef breathes new life into old fixtures with cool custom retro projects

Nano Box Reef is breathing new life into older fixtures with some pretty compelling modifications with the Nano Box Reef RETRO program to bring custom T5-LED and metal halide-LED hybrids to market. As a DIY hack, I always envisioned the clean, sleek and stylish aquarium but my budget often said otherwise so I have a … Read More

GHL Mitras Lightbar now available for nanos, deep actinic color coming soon

The GHL Mitras Lightbar is getting smaller and is now available for nano tanks. Additionally, the Mitras Lightbar is also be made in a deep actinic color for those looking for a deeper blue color in their reef aquarium. The nano Mitras Lightbars are designed for 40 cm (around 15.75 in.) or 50 cm (around … Read More

Build My LED gets multi-channel control, taking beta product orders

Build My LED MC Series is showing the company is getting even more innovative by bringing multi-channel control to its custom LEDs. The new MC Series is being debuted in a small, beta product launch before the final launch later this fall. Coming in two flavors, the MC Series 6300K Dutch Planted Spectrum and the … Read More