red-acropora-kwajalein Kwajalein has more than its fair share of Red Acropora Red Acros are one of the rarest color forms you can find in captively grown Acropora species, which is why species such as the ORA Red Planet, the Red Dragon acro, and the raspberry red Millepora acros are so popular in a field of otherwise blue and green SPS corals. With red color being such a
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Reef Octopus automatic waste collector just works
Abyzz 100 is Venotec’s smallest hot rod water pump to date

Cree Smashes Efficacy Milestones Again; 303lm/W

Cree is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to improving the little solid state lighting devices that they are well known for. In a statement yesterday, they announced a new breakthrough in efficacy at 303lm/W. Some of you may think this is another one of these lab experiments where the conditions are Read More

Hands-on with LED Group Buy’s Lumia 5.2

Last year, LED Group Buy introduced the Lumia 5.1 to the DIY LED community, and has had great success with it. But while some loved the simple setup of this high power, full spectrum LED, there were others that were left wanting more, and corrections to a few shortcomings. Well, say hello to the Lumia Read More

New Giesemann Futura-S LED gets performance boost

The new Giesemann Futura-S is getting a performance upgrade thanks to incorporating CREE X-series LEDs into the fixture. The updated light was designed with a modular approach each using 20 5W CREE X-series on each board without the need for secondary lenses. The Futura can be controlled via Bluetooth from your home computer, smartphone or tablet. Read More

Reef Angel adds new PAR module to lineup

The Reef Angel controller is getting a new option that will allow you measure photosynthetic light in your tank and dial in your dimmable LED lights ‘on the fly’ to get the exact settings you want depending on your tank’s unique values. Since the Reef Angel uses the open-source Arduino language, you can expect to see Read More

It’s Back! Let the 2013 LED Showdown Begin

It’s back! It’s January and that means it’s time for our annual jaunt down LED memory lane with the 2013 Reef Builders LED Showdown — so let the haters hate and the photon geeks rejoice. We’ve have a lot of fun putting together this informal way to figure out what was the most intriguing LED Read More

Maxspect close to releasing Wide Angle Reflector for Razor LED

Maxspect is shedding a little more info on the wide angle reflector option for the R420R (or “Razor” as it’s commonly known) series of LED fixtures. The new reflector modules will be standard on the upcoming 43.5″ long 300W model that was shown at MACNA last year, but will be offered as an upgrade to Read More

Cree takes the shrink ray to the XQ-E LED

Looks like Cree didn’t want Philips to have all the fun this week with new LED announcements. Just announced today is the new micro sized XQ-E. Like the Luxeon Q that we reported on earlier, this announcement isn’t so much about output and efficiency, but packaging (size). The XQ-E is Cree’s latest addition to their Read More

Philips Lumileds Luxeon Q makes it easier to mix and match LED makes and models

While new product announcements from Philips aren’t unusual, this specific announcement is. Ever since the Luxeon Rebel was announced years ago, Philips has forged ahead with their own unique LED package and solder footprint, making the lives of DIYers a little more difficult when it came to mixing and matching LEDs, at least on multi-LED Read More

BuildMyLED’s new goodies at MACNA 2013

BuildMyLed has been very busy diversifying its LED products and had a lot to share at MACNA. First off, they are now offering three dimmable channels in its LED strips plus you will be able to choose which LEDs go into each channel. All the channels can be controlled via a Neptune APEX via their Read More

The “Stealth” is Volx Japan’s most gorgeous fixture yet

LSS Laboratory, the Japanese company known for it’s exciting products and leaking of new equipment coming from Japan and Asia, recently released pictures of the latest fixture coming from Volx Japan. Called the “Stealth” this Japanese-made LED fixture is absolutely gorgeous, in a galactic space war awesome sort of way. Since the Volx Japan Stealth Read More