giant-staghorn-corals-jake-1 Giant staghorn corals so big they make you feel small There are staghorn acros and then there are STAGHORN corals! It is astounding to see the massive size that some species can reach in their preferred habitat amnd stumble upon the kinds of gargantuan ship-grounding sizes the colonies and their branches can reach. We know how fast “aquarium” staghorns can grow and while it is
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Ebeye Special Acro – a new ‘shortcake’ from Kwajalein Atoll
Abyzz 100 is Venotec’s smallest hot rod water pump to date

Maxspect close to releasing Wide Angle Reflector for Razor LED

Maxspect is shedding a little more info on the wide angle reflector option for the R420R (or “Razor” as it’s commonly known) series of LED fixtures. The new reflector modules will be standard on the upcoming 43.5″ long 300W model that was shown at MACNA last year, but will be offered as an upgrade to Read More

MaxSpect Razor Nano LED specs revealed: 60 watts, new mount and three colors

The MaxSpect Razor Nano LED is the logical svelte new size of the value-leading MaxSpect Razor. Using the same overall design of perforated wings that allow passive airflow for heatsinking, the Razor Nano is likely the thinnest high output LED light for reef aquariums to date. MaxSpect let us trickle out the existence of the Razor Read More

This is what the MaxSpect Razor looks like in real life

If you thought the MaxSpect Razor LED looked good in the pre-InterZoo renderings, just wait till you get a good look at pictures of the real thing. The aptly-named Razor is incredibly thin, not thin like the AquaPad, but thin-with-heatfins enough to pack 150 watts of discrete LEDs in just an 24 inch span. The Read More

Xyrichthys pentadactylus, just one of the many Razor fishes out there

Xyrichthys pentadactylus is one of many species of razor fish, or more commonly known as razor wrasse. Razor wrasses are adapted to life on open sandy reefs, and all possess highly compressed bodies which look paper thin from the front, enabling them to slice through the sandbed with ease as they dig around hunting for Read More