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Where are thou, Thrive Aquatics and your Waterlab?

This is the story of the rise and fall of Thrive Aquatics, and their missteps with the Thrive Water Lab which led to empty promises to retail stores across the United States and abroad. It was a cold morning when Jeff logged onto this site to check the daily news of the aquatics industry. The day … Read More

UK’s Reef One sold to German conglomerate

UK aquarium manufacturer Reef One, maker of the Reef One BiOrb line of aquariums, was recently sold to a German conglomerate OASE GmbH for an undisclosed sum. Founded by Paul Stevenson and his son Matt in 1998, Reef One has had some success producing a range of aquariums, most notably the BiOrb line with its … Read More

Cobalt Ultimate Fish Bag is simply smart

Cobalt Aquatics has taken a simple everyday object, the lowly fish bag, and transformed it into something better with the introduction of the Cobalt Ultimate Fish Bag featuring a thick bottom and rounded corners. Everyone in the hobby knows the drill. You get your fish at the store or online and it comes double bagged with … Read More

PolypLab launching video project dubbed “The Lab”

PolypLab is planning on launching an upcoming video education project called Lab” in the next few weeks. Although video education series are nothing new, it looks like PolypLab is going to be featured around a complete aquarium system built from scratch in order to promote education in the hobby and showcase products. The initial framework of the show … Read More

Tenji’s latest installation at the Monterey Bay Aquarium is stunning

Tenji Aquarium Design recently completed this stunning installation at the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Animal Research and Care Center facility that grabbed our attention. While we don’t know too much about the system, the project included quarantine and tanks for both tropical or temperate animals. The team at Tenji did such a spectacular job with this … Read More

Tempmate affordable USB temperature loggers for tracking shipping temps

Shipping livestock has its challenges as the goal of maintaining a consistent temperature no matter the season. tempmate is making it easier for anyone shipping temperature-sensitive products to track and monitor temperature along the entire supply chain with a disposable temperature logger with a built-in USB reader to generate a complete report. For breeders, coral … Read More

Maxspect sends warning over Jebao’s “Cross-flow wave making pump”

Maxspect is keeping up the pressure on making sure Jebao gets the message to stop infringing on other company’s designs and patents. On Tuesday, Maxspect shared an email they posted online sending a warning to Jebao about using the company’s patent-pending design of its Gyre pumps. The post states they are taking note to the Jebao … Read More

Interview with Waveline Part 2: departmentalization for quality control

And, now on to part two of the series. The importance of departmentalization of the DC pump for quality control. Tony: So Daniel, looking around the Waveline facility I can’t help, but notice many little departments. Can you please explain why so many little divisions/departments just to manufacture a pump? Daniel: Well the manufacturing of … Read More

Interview with Waveline Part 1: the early days of their DC pumps

I recently attended the China International Pet Show, CIPS, in Guangzhou China. Guangzhou is the home of many aquarium manufacturers, including Waveline, maker of the first widely used DC water pumps. Eddie and Daniel greeted me with open arms and instantly made me feel welcomed in a place far from home. The first full hour … Read More

Take our Black Friday shopping survey!

Black Friday is right around the corner! Not only is this a great time to get a new toaster or TV, it is a great time to grab some deals around the aquarium. We wanted to see how you, the hobbyist, is planning when it comes to this shopping period. If you have a minute … Read More