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Reefbuilders Travelogue: Corals of the Dominican Republic

After spending last weekend at the Reef-A-Palooza Orlando show we decided to hop on a plane and check out some Caribbean corals in the Dominican Republic. We travelled from the capitol city of Santo Domingo around the coast to Punta Cana stopping at three unique reef habitats. DAY 1: We started our day catching a … Read More

Reefbuilders Indonesia Travelogue – How corals get from Farm to Tank

We’ve spent the past two month traveling around Indonesia to answer one question, do you know where your corals come from? To find the answer, we met with coral farmers, dove with coral collectors and toured export facilities in Bali and Jakarta to get the full picture of how corals get from farm to tank. … Read More

Reefbuilders Indonesia Travelogue – Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is a true underwater paradise, and this past week we had the privilege of diving some of the best reefs the Park had to offer. For those of you that are not familiar, the Raja Ampat Marine Park is located in the heart of the coral triangle, and has some of the highest … Read More

Reefbuilders Travelogue – Padang Bai and the search for Euphyllia baliensis

Padang Bai Pier is located 40 km (25 miles) east of Denpasar City and is the main ferry terminal for boats leaving Bali to Lombok and Gili Islands. There are a handful of dive sites North of the main ferry dock, and just a few kilometer offshore is where the endemic stony coral Euphyllia baliensis was discovered. Padang Bai is on … Read More

Reef Builders Indonesia Travelogue – Bajau Village on Sumbawa Island

Years ago I read an article about the Bajau Laut “Sea Gypsies” and since then I have always wanted to see one of these community for myself. This past week Reefbuilders had the opportunity to visit a Bajau village and spent three days with some Bajau fishermen diving the remote coast of Sumbawa Indonesia. The … Read More

Reef Builders Indonesia Travelogue – Menjangan Island and Permuteran Bay

Last week we had the opportunity to dive the North West coast of Bali. We did two spectacular wall dives off Menjangan Island and visited the Bio-Rock reef project in Permuteran Bay. First up Menjangan Island is located 5km (3 miles) off  shore from Bali, it is a popular diving destination and inside a national park so the reefs … Read More

4.0 Cirrhilabrus laboutei & the Origins of Fairy Wrasse Diversity

At last, we’ve reached the thrilling conclusion to this comprehensive review of Fairy Wrasse evolution, and it’s time to once more dwell upon the topic of the group’s origins. As we’ve previously discussed, this enormously diverse genus can be comfortably categorized into a pair of major lineages that serve to organize these fishes into more comprehensible … Read More

Reef Builders Indonesia Travelogue – Bali Aquarium Serangan Coral Farm

Staring out to sea only a few short kilometers from the hustle and bustle of Denpasar Indonesia, it would be easy to miss what is going on beneath the surface. Above, you would notice surfers paddling between crashing waves and fishermen wading out at low tide, but below what you might not see are the rows upon rows … Read More

Reef Builders Indonesia Travelogue: Tulamben, Bali

Indonesia is the heart of coral reef diversity and an important source for marine aquarium animals. Reefbuilders is on location in Bali, central Indonesia, and over the next two months we will be saturating ourselves with coral, fish, and reef knowledge to share with all of you. … Read More

3.4 Fairy Wrasses: The filamentosus group

The filamentosus group presents the reader with a collection of familiar, aquarium-friendly species, many of which are exuberantly colored and morphologically quirky. Despite some superficial differences in colors and fin shapes, the overall morphology strongly implies that this is the Pacific counterpart to the Indian Ocean rubriventralis group. Given the highly diverse and endemic nature … Read More