Elos colorimeter brought forth

Are you tired of trying to interpret your test kits? Elos has come out with a new colorimeter to help you accurately testing your aquarium water parameters. A Colorimeter is an instrument that compares the amount of light that passes…

Elos NS 100 protein skimmer

This little baby is included in the new Elos Mini System, which is Elos’ version of a nano aquarium.

Elos NS 2000 Protein Skimmer

Say hello to the new NS 2000 protein skimmer from Elos. Details are very thin right now, but we will keep this page updated.

Elos system mini nano aquarium released

Elos has launched their new mini nano aquarium, options include low iron in the front and a special edition that will have low iron on all sides, as the larger elos systems. Dimensions are around 17x17x16. Also comes with their…

Elos release Biotopus II firmware upgrade

Elos released a new update to their Biotopus II controller. This fresh update will add several new features including: an improved child lock out, fan functions, dosing function for extra level control functions for the new Aqua Rescue. You will…