Black and white Penguin tang is the latest aberrant Scopas to appear

Reefbuilders is the home of saltwater color morphs and has covered more koi, calico, yellow and piebald Scopas tangs than anyone else. So let us introduce you to our next example of polychromatism in Zebrasoma scopas, the Bicolor.

First Odontanthias randalli collected in South Java

Randall’s deepwater anthias first came to our attention a scant five years ago when the Original description of Odontanthias randalli was published. With that intro of the new anthias species, all we got was one lousy picture of a very colorful fish.…

Hotspot of aberrant scopas tangs discovered south west of Java

Aberrant scopas tangs, also known as koi tangs and tricolor tangs are very unique form of the Zebrasoma scopas surgeonfish. A normal scopas tang is a fairly easy fish to overlook with a spade shaped body outline that has a basic…