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MACNA 2017 will be in New Orleans, hosted by Bayou Reefkeeping

MACNA 2017 will be in New Orleans, Louisiana, August 25th to the 26th, hosted by Bayou Reefkeeping. We’ve seen our big annual reefing conference held in a myriad of places around the country, but this is the first time that we’ll be seeing MACNA hosted right on the Gulf of Mexico. Bayou Reefkeeping will be … Read More

Toxic Acropora florida is a Whole New Level of Fluorescent Green

Acropora florida is a common shallow-water reef building coral which is commonly seen on the reef, and also a popular coral for aquariums. The typical Acropora florida is green with axial corallites that are a varying degree of orange, but not all ‘Florida Acros’ are created equal. Despite being a common and well-known aquarium coral, there is a … Read More

Captive Bred Mandarin Goby from Biota Aquariums

The mandarin goby is one of the most popular marine aquarium fish, unfortunately it is not the easiest fish to keep, and definitely not recommended for beginners. One way to make the iconic dragonet more accessible is to offer them as captive bred, which ORA has done in the past, and which Biota Aquariums is … Read More

Captive Bred Blue Tangs become a reality at the UF Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory

Captive bred blue tangs are no longer a dream as Rising Tide Conservation just revealed that they had successfully bred this iconic fish in captivity. The breakthrough took place at the University of Florida’s Tropical Aquaculture Lab which announced that they had finally succeeded in breeding the one and only, Paracanthurus hepatus.  The successful breeding of the … Read More

Wesley Vreeswijk is the Ultimate Reefing Control Freak

In America, many of us have more than one tank, and sometimes more than one room of tanks. But for many European reefers where space is often a constraint, having a single display tank is more often the norm. Having only one reef tank to focus on can result in some truly spectacular results and Wesley … Read More

Habitat Persistence Hypothesis is Rich Pyle’s exciting theory about deep reef fish

Dr. Rich Pyle is one of the undisputed pioneers of deep reef fish species habitats, and biology. Over the last thirty years, Pyle has been exploring deep mesophotic reefs and discovering new species of reef fish in these habitats at an astounding rate. Despite having found hundreds of deep living reef fish, Pyle and his … Read More

Top 5 best Designed LED Lights of InterZoo 2016

We saw a lot a great LED lights at InterZoo 2016 but a few of them stood out for being particularly easy on the eyes. LED aquarium lights are getting sexier and more attractive and for some very good reasons. Just as we saw with smartphones, at first the race was on to build the … Read More

The Incredible Display of Rare Reef Fish by De Jong Marinelife

When it comes to sourcing and handling rare marine fish, De Jong Marinelife is definitely one of the world leaders for exotic reef animals from all over the world. This normally wholesale-only operation is not open to the public but every two years they show off what they can do by setting up a truly breathtaking … Read More

Core7 Base Elements and Reef Supplements from Triton

Core7 Base Elements and Reef Supplements are two new lines of reef aquarium additives which take potency to a whole new level. Although Triton Elements have only been out on the market for a few years and they are about on par with the concentration of most major additive line, the Core7 elements and supplements … Read More

Aqamai KPS is a tiny controllable propeller pump from Hydor

The Aqamai KPS is great new small controllable water pump and we can’t wait to use it in our smaller tanks. Hydor has gone and made the most adorably small and controllable propeller pump and they’ve done it right. Not only is the Aqamai KPS really small, it is wirelessly controllable with any mobile phone, … Read More