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Dominican Reef, a community for Santo Domingo Reefers

This week we will be traveling through the Dominican Republic documenting Caribbean corals and visiting reef projects around the island. Yesterday we had the opportunity to meet with Jhon H. Morató who runs @Dominican Reef, a reef shop in the capitol city of Santo Domingo. Dominican Reef was founded just over a year ago and … Read More

Rossmont Waver is poised to shake up reef aquarium water flow

The Rossmont Waver has finally been revealed in full detail and you can color us impressed. The Waver is so much more than a simple ‘wavemaker’ as it looks poised to shake up the current status quo of what controllable propeller pumps should do, and for how much. We have to admit that when Rossmont … Read More

Dreamy coral reef scape of the Denver Downtown Aquarium

It used to be that us reefers would visit zoos and public aquariums and have pity on the sorry excuses for a saltwater aquarium that passed as a reef tank. Those days are long since gone and nowadays public aquarists are doing a fantastic job of growing incredible reef tanks, and schooling the hobbyists on … Read More

Top 10 great legacy aquarium products that are still being sold

A couple of weeks ago we lamented the fact that some pretty useless aquarium products are still widely available to purchase. Today’s piece is the flip side of that coin, with an overview of some great legacy products that you can still buy at pretty much most fish stores. These are the products that have … Read More

Insane purple Acropora suharsonoi with neon green ‘GFP infection’

This exceptionally stunning purple Acropora suharsonoi with swirls of green fluorescent protein has just been obtained by Bali Aquarium. Rare and aberrant reef fish pop up on our radar like everyday but one of a kind coral specimens such as this purple and green A. suharsonoi are much more special. Acropora suharsonoi is already an iconic … Read More

New Red Sea Max S series coming soon with LED lighting

The Red Sea MAX E Series is not the only new all in one reef tank that will be released by Red Sea this year. The Red Sea MAX S Series is the largest reef tank kit that Red Sea in the MAX family of aquariums, and after several years on the market Red Sea … Read More

Exclusive: Aqua Illumination is using freaking robots to measure light

If you’ve got a modern controllable LED reef aquarium light on the market, you can’t market it to savvy reefers without at least divulging some of the specific levels of light intensity. As well-informed reefers, we want to know the peak photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) at a set distance, as well as the the working area … Read More

Red Sea MAX E Series debut at ReefStock in Denver

The Red Sea MAX E Series is the company’s fourth major generation of All In One aquariums and it is a truly worthy successor to the MAX S that came before it. This past weekend at ReefStock in Denver we got some quality face time with the first Red Sea MAX E to be displayed … Read More

Fishbit controller and monitor come out of Beta, ready for primetime

The Fisbit aquarium monitor and controller is one of the best and biggest success stories regarding crowdfunded aquarium products. About this time last year Fishbit launched their first Kickstarter to build 30 Beta units of their combination controller and monitor system, meeting their funding goals well under 24 hours. In that time Fishbit delivered their Beta … Read More

500 gallon Mountain View reef tank is home to an exquisite wall of corals

Nestled in the foothills of Genesee Colorado, there is a most excellent 500 gallon reef tank with an exquisite wall of corals and an impressive view of the Colorado Rockies. This Mountain View reef tank is maintained by Premier Fish & Reef and under their care this tank has blossomed into quite a spectacular reef aquarium. Last … Read More