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Elos Stella LED is one of their sexiest fixtures to date!

The Elos Stella LED is a new aquarium light fixture which oozes class and style, in a package that would look great over any kind of tank. The sleek Elos Stella houses a built-in controller, 24 hour timer function, and a broad gamut of colors thanks to the RGB + white LED lighting platform. The … Read More

Aqamai KPS is a tiny controllable propeller pump from Hydor

The Aqamai KPS is great new small controllable water pump and we can’t wait to use it in our smaller tanks. Hydor has gone and made the most adorably small and controllable propeller pump and they’ve done it right. Not only is the Aqamai KPS really small, it is wirelessly controllable with any mobile phone, … Read More

Neptune Systems announces next generation of Apex controller

Neptune Systems has announced a new generation of Apex aquarium controller which completely overhauls the aquarium hobby’s most popular controlling system. The new Apex is different in so many incredible ways and it finally brings with it a huge new crop of improvements that will help make the Apex even easier and more capable than … Read More

Top 10 Bicolored corals and invertebrates

Invertebrates and corals in particular, are fascinating to us higher primates (humans) particularly because they seem so alien from us. Everything about them from the way they live, the way they develop, and even the way they die (or partially die) just works by a completely different set of biological rules than we do. One of the … Read More

Crazy rainbow Acanthophyllia will knock your socks off!

We’ve seen some pretty epic Acnthophyllia meat corals in our day but a pair of insane specimens from Malaya Reef Aquatic are on a whole other level. If we had an idea of what colors and patterns constituted a top shelf for the one and only species of Acanthophyllia, these two new specimens just raised the bar much, MUCH … Read More

Syncra SDC – Sicce’s brand new controllable high performance pump

The Syncra SDC is Sicce’s newest generation of high performance aquarium pump, a Smart DC (SDC) controllable water mover that improves on every aspect of the current gen Syncra pumps. Sicce, who already makes what we consider to be the only AC pump that can compete with DC pumps, has made a controllable DC pump of their own. FINALLY! … Read More

First look at the new MaxSpect Gyre 200 Series Advance Controller

The Gyre 200 Series Advance Controller is an exciting new accessory coming soon from MaxSpect to get the most out of their award-winning Gyre pump. The Maxspect gyre pumps already ship with a pretty capable controller, although its interface and controls definitely left room for improvement. This is where the new Advance Controller steps in, … Read More

SeaDreams builds a masterpiece of Aquarium Engineering

SeaDreams made quite a big splash last year when they shared pictures of a fabulous Reef Water ultimate sump that has every bell and whistle you could ever want. Now SeaDreams is putting themselves on the map with a complete tank build which features top of the line gear, and even bigger, more elaborate sump, … Read More

Dominican Reef, a community for Santo Domingo Reefers

This week we will be traveling through the Dominican Republic documenting Caribbean corals and visiting reef projects around the island. Yesterday we had the opportunity to meet with Jhon H. Morató who runs @Dominican Reef, a reef shop in the capitol city of Santo Domingo. Dominican Reef was founded just over a year ago and … Read More

Rossmont Waver is poised to shake up reef aquarium water flow

The Rossmont Waver has finally been revealed in full detail and you can color us impressed. The Waver is so much more than a simple ‘wavemaker’ as it looks poised to shake up the current status quo of what controllable propeller pumps should do, and for how much. We have to admit that when Rossmont … Read More