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Bounce Shrooms all start out as really nice Rhodactis

Bounce Shrooms and Mushroom Mania in general is taking the reef aquarium hobby by storm. Not since zoanthids has a soft coral captured the collective collectoritis that is gripping the high end coral frag market in the U.S. today. To be clear, very few of the bubbly Rhodactis, even the top shelf rainbow bullseye mushrooms, are anywhere … Read More

First Odontanthias randalli collected in South Java

Randall’s deepwater anthias first came to our attention a scant five years ago when the Original description of Odontanthias randalli was published. With that intro of the new anthias species, all we got was one lousy picture of a very colorful fish. Since Randall’s deepwater anthias is far only documented from Lombok fish markets where it is caught … Read More

Where are thou, Thrive Aquatics and your Waterlab?

This is the story of the rise and fall of Thrive Aquatics, and their missteps with the Thrive Water Lab which led to empty promises to retail stores across the United States and abroad. It was a cold morning when Jeff logged onto this site to check the daily news of the aquatics industry. The day … Read More

Reefbuilders Indonesia Travelogue – How corals get from Farm to Tank

We’ve spent the past two month traveling around Indonesia to answer one question, do you know where your corals come from? To find the answer, we met with coral farmers, dove with coral collectors and toured export facilities in Bali and Jakarta to get the full picture of how corals get from farm to tank. … Read More

Reefbuilders Indonesia Travelogue – Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is a true underwater paradise, and this past week we had the privilege of diving some of the best reefs the Park had to offer. For those of you that are not familiar, the Raja Ampat Marine Park is located in the heart of the coral triangle, and has some of the highest … Read More

Reefbuilders Travelogue – Padang Bai and the search for Euphyllia baliensis

Padang Bai Pier is located 40 km (25 miles) east of Denpasar City and is the main ferry terminal for boats leaving Bali to Lombok and Gili Islands. There are a handful of dive sites North of the main ferry dock, and just a few kilometer offshore is where the endemic stony coral Euphyllia baliensis was discovered. Padang Bai is on … Read More

The future of the saltwater aquarium hobby

Since this is my last piece for the year I thought rather than reflecting back on the past year, I would answer one of the questions I get asked the most: What do you see as the future of the hobby? Well as Timbuk3 sang: “The Future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades”. And while … Read More

Top 15 new reef fish species of 2015

This has been a very big year for new fish species, both described and discovered. Normally we finish up each year with a ‘Top 10’ new species but 2015 was so well endowed with fish being inducted into the hall of Binomial Nomenclature, we could only narrow it down to 15. As in previous years, … Read More

DIY Gift kits for anyone who loves Aquariums

Looking for the perfect gift for the Aquarium lover on your list, why not make one of these DIY kits! Or if you are just looking for a few stocking stuffer ideas why not mix and match and pick a few items from each kit. We especially like the idea of giving Turkey basters or Frag … Read More

Red Sea MAX E Series will use Hydra 26 HD LED lighting

The Red Sea MAX E series all in one aquarium with open top design and LED lighting was first revealed at InterZoo in Germany in May of 2014. The new tanks are finally fully fleshed out in two sizes, the Red Sea MAX E170 and E260, both of which will now be bundled with the … Read More