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Established in 2006 Reef Builders covers the aquatics industry for keeping saltwater tanks and has been featured by CNN, MSNBC and Wikipedia as a definite source.

Ryan Gripp, Managing Director
Ryan Gripp is a commerce technologist with more than 14 years experience in the retail industry. He started his career with ecommerce using Miva Merchant and more recently has implemented complex large-scale systems (Oracle ATG). Ryan’s expertise also includes conversion optimization, retail analytics, and customer experience and order management architecture. Throughout his career he has changed the way executives think about their customers and led teams who fundamentally changed how and why consumers shop. He founded Reef Builders in 2006. He writes about technology, industry and other associated news relating to saltwater fish tanks.

Jake Adams, Managing Editor
Jake Adams has been an avid marine aquarist since the mid 90s and has worked in the retail side of the marine aquarium trade for more than ten years. He has a bachelor’s degree in Marine Science and has been the managing editor of ReefBuilders.com since 2008. Jake is interested in every facet of the marine aquarium hobby from the concepts to the technology, rare fish to exotic corals, and his interests are well documented through a very prolific career of speaking to reef clubs and marine aquarium events, and writing articles for aquarium publications across the globe. His primary interest is in corals which Jake pursues in the aquarium hobby as well as diving the coral reefs of the world.

Brian Blank, Senior Editor
Brian Blank has been blogging about the aquarium industry since 2007 and writing with Reef Builders since 2009. Brian has been involved in spurts of aquarium keeping since he was a youngster. Most recently he has kept freshwater aquariums throughout the 1990s and briefly ventured into saltwater before breaking down the tank while in college. He ventured into the reefing world in 2006 finally fulfilling his dream of a larger saltwater tank. As a DIY nut and gadget fanatic, he brings a passion covering new products and innovations while leaving the livestock to the other incredible writers at Reef Builders. He often pens a Friday Smorgasbord column that explores the wild, wacky and wonderful side of the aquatic kingdom. Brian studied PR and marketing at San Jose State University and works for a high-tech PR agency in San Francisco. Brian and his awesome wife Veronica and baby daughter live in Pacifica, California, where his aquarium is currently on hold as he works on updated his home.

Comments (10)
  1. Mark Zick says:


    I just stated watching your videos on YouTube and wanted to compliment the great job you do. I’m a fresh water aquariest and was drawn to professionalism you demonstrate in all your videos. You are a great public speaker and a master of the subject matter you cover in the videos. Keep up the good work, you have inspired me to consider adding a low maintainence reef tank. I especially enjoy your videos of spectacular private reef tanks and explaination of how they are assembled and maintained. Your YouTube subscriptions should be many times higher than the current number. I guess you need to shoot a video picking up Lion Fish using bare hands in order to get the huge numbers. How about dumpster diving for discarded coral at 3 AM?

  2. bill mussa says:

    want a job as a technician custom fish tank build and tank maintenance. currently working in cape town south Africa with aqua concepts company

  3. Michael Stubbs says:

    I need advice. I live in Trinidad and want to set up a reef tank but I am a bit confused as to how to go about it. I have a good idea about the basics like filtration and lighting. However as I live on a teopical island the common thing is to have a water chiller. Is it necessary to have one? The place where I will be putting the aquarium is away from windows and direct sunlight.

  4. Wolfman says:

    Im Wolfman: I just want to know how y’all feel about a certain youtube channel called (majestic aquariums tv) killing pet Hybrid African cichlids I can’t stand him and in his comment section they talk about feeding them to sharks.

  5. Rich Atkinson says:

    How do I buy a ticket for reefstock Sydney?

    This page doesn’t work: https://reefbuilders.com/events/reefstock-sydney-australia-2018/ – can’t buy a weekend ticket, and when you try a day ticket it goes back to the same page.

    Can’t comment on that page w/o a facebook account.

  6. Steven Riley says:

    How do I purchase from you guys? I am interested in the seamless sump systems

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  8. Kiyoshi Endoh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I photograph the fish in Japan.
    I think whether a photograph of Bella whom you employed is my thing.
    How was the photograph of the seawife able to be available?
    When I am used without permission, I am troubled very much.

  9. John Cooney says:

    I am looking to breed Hawaaian Bandit angelfish here on Kauai. Rather than seeing them captured and populations dwindle I would like to breed them and need information on water, filtration, lighting, temperature and food. I can get the adults but do not know if they will breed. Can you please give me any info. I also Need Karen Brittian email address as well, thank you < john

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hey Guys, Captain Kirk here.!! Just a laugh for ya. Any how I live in “Little La. ” thats Louisiana. Maurice. And been following salt and reef since 85; I started reading articles from the Original guy to “Invent” the Algae scruber. He built the Salt Aquariums for the “Smithsonian institution. And learnd that was one of the greatest techniques for cleaning salt, and fresh water. And back to my subjects, Here in Maurice I want to let you folks know that if yall want to catch some Amazing Deals on Used Salt Tanks and live rock and live stock i have some Amazing Stock. Give me a shout, at kirkaj3@gmail.com or call 337-522-5334 just wanted to share. I would like to start a Club, Out reach for Handicapped and Veterans who would like me want an Salt Aquarium, but are not ( Physically able to set up an aquarium due to Disabilies. So if you have any suggestions an contacts who might doe this, or be interested in starting a Club like this please send me info. Thank Folks, KIRK’OUT’PEACE

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