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Jeremy Gay is an author, editor, and lifelong fishkeeper, with over twenty years in the marine aquatic sector. His experience includes retail, wholesale, publishing, distribution, marketing, manufacturing, and livestock import. He loves the biology of marine ecosystems as well as marine equipment and tech.

Global container crisis causes price increases and out of stocks

The rising cost and scarcity of shipping containers are having a knock-on effect on the aquatic trade.

D-D’s ClariSea Gen 3 roller filter offers faster and easier set up than before

An upgraded version of a popular automatic fleece filter has been spotted on sale in the UK. Like the Gen 2 before it, the new ClariSea Gen 3 looks to come in two sizes, capable of handling flow rates of up to 3000 and 5000lph.

AquaEl Opti Set aquarium can house up to nine LED light strips

The marine conversion market is considerable and few freshwater aquarium sets scream out for some saltwater fun like this one from Polish manufacturer AquaEl.

Next Gen Lani LED resurfaces with an Unrealistic Price Tag

The Lani LED panel light is back for the third time since 2012, this time with more diodes and with Wi-Fi functionality. But is it enough to compete in the 2020s? And at what cost to the consumer?

How to Cycle a Reef Aquarium Right Away – With Corals First

Forever and a day we have been schooled in how to set up and cycle an aquarium. Set it up, wet it, add bacteria, test, add fish, test again, and then eventually add corals. But here at Reef Builders we can’t help but think there’s another way to fast reef tank cycling, and that actually, people have been doing it wrong all along…

AQUA 2021 trade show will go ahead this October

Europe’s largest aquatic-only trade event will go ahead as planned on October 13 and 14 this year. The show organizers have told Reef Builders that the biennial event held in Telford, UK will now happen due to government lockdown restrictions…

TMC’s V2 iLumenAir gets a light and mounting upgrade

Tropical Marine Centre has launched an upgraded version of the iLumenAir aquarium light. Named the iLumenAir+, the new model is available in three sizes and boasts new rear mounting brackets, and a new LED configuration.

12 reasons why every reefkeeper should work in their LFS

If you’ve never worked in an aquarium store before, there are some great reasons why you should. It doesn’t haven’t to be on a full-time basis, it doesn’t even have to be paid work, but the experience that you’ll get…

Maldivian Koi tang comes with valuable catch information

For every aberrant koi tang we feature here at Reef Builders, we’re bombarded by about six more from around the globe. To the point where we weren’t even going to feature this fish, based just on its looks and high…

Reef Tanks of Instagram are Beauty Magazines all over again

“Do not read beauty magazines. They will only make you feel ugly.” These iconic words appeared in the “Wear Sunscreen” address given to graduates in 1997 by Mary Schmich of the Chicago Tribune and were later popularised by Australian film…