AquaEl Opti Set aquarium can house up to nine LED light strips

The marine conversion market is considerable and few freshwater aquarium sets scream out for some saltwater fun like this one from Polish manufacturer AquaEl.

TMC’s V2 iLumenAir gets a light and mounting upgrade

Tropical Marine Centre has launched an upgraded version of the iLumenAir aquarium light. Named the iLumenAir+, the new model is available in three sizes and boasts new rear mounting brackets, and a new LED configuration.

Nothing Rivals the Tunze Wavebox For Real Oscillating Wave Action

We’ve been testing quite a few wave making machines in the last few months since we are now producing a large amount of corals inland, especially Torches, Branching Hammers and Frogspawn. We were looking for a correct way to balance…

Bali Aquarich breed Colin’s Angelfish!

The Colin’s angelfish is one of those pygmy species of Centropyge that isn’t necessarily all that rare, but it is quite poorly known outside purist Pomacanthidae circles. But in what is yet another first for Mr Su and Bali Aquarich,…

First Impressions: CoralVue Hydros

Innovation is key for any industry to survive. As a product developer in the real world I can truly appreciate what it takes to bring a product to market. But as a 23 year hobbyist I have probably seen and…

Aquaforest OceanGuard is a new rimless aquarium from Europe

Aquaforest is joining the aquarium market with a new range of reef-ready aquariums. The AF OceanGuard range comprises aquarium, sump, pre-assembled cabinet, and pipework, and will be available in five sizes from two to six feet in length, and 275-980 liters (72-258 gallons) total volume.

ADA FC Tool Stand is made from actual concrete

The late, great Aqua Design Amano founder Takashi Amano had many positive design influences on this hobby. Low iron glass, rimless tank design, and minimal silicone were all core ADA design principles that have left a legacy in the hobby that so many others now adhere to.

Hagen launches Fluval Flex Saltwater Aquarium Kit

Pet and aquatics company Rolf C Hagen has added a new model to its popular Flex curved aquarium series. At 32” long the Fluval Flex Saltwater Aquarium is the longest model to date, sharing the top to bottom bow front, integral filtration, and lighting of its smaller relatives, but holding double the water volume at 32.5 gallons, providing additional space for a protein skimmer and coming supplied with marine spectrum, app-controlled lighting.

Cetus 2 LED Offers The Ideal Wavelength For Low To Medium Light Corals

The Cetus 2 is a pendant-style LED by HME Electronics is ideal for small aquariums with low to medium light corals. The Cetus 2 comes with an updated smartphone app (HME AquaMaster) allowing users to customize and select various light…

Women of the Water: Inspiring the Next Generation – Join Piscine Energetic For A Live Video Series

When public aquariums were forced to close their doors Piscine Energetics answered the call organizing a weekly private zoom chat called Quarantining with Curators. These zoom chats were exclusive for public aquarium curators and staff, however, for the next two…