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Jeremy Gay is an author, editor, and lifelong fishkeeper, with over twenty years in the marine aquatic sector. His experience includes retail, wholesale, publishing, distribution, marketing, manufacturing, and livestock import. He loves the biology of marine ecosystems as well as marine equipment and tech.

Maldivian Koi tang comes with valuable catch information

For every aberrant koi tang we feature here at Reef Builders, we’re bombarded by about six more from around the globe. To the point where we weren’t even going to feature this fish, based just on its looks and high…

Reef Tanks of Instagram are Beauty Magazines all over again

“Do not read beauty magazines. They will only make you feel ugly.” These iconic words appeared in the “Wear Sunscreen” address given to graduates in 1997 by Mary Schmich of the Chicago Tribune and were later popularised by Australian film…

Yellow Koi Scopas Tang is a Filipino Banana Split

Zebrasoma scopas is a widespread but highly variable surgeonfish species, with unusual color aberrations that are prized by the reefkeeping world. The Indian and Pacific Oceans have produced many freaks over the years from as far apart as Kenya to…

CITES Europe to Discuss Restrictions on Australian Corals

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species will meet on December 3rd to discuss the collection and export of certain hard coral species from Australia.

Black and white Penguin tang is the latest aberrant Scopas to appear

Reefbuilders is the home of saltwater color morphs and has covered more koi, calico, yellow and piebald Scopas tangs than anyone else. So let us introduce you to our next example of polychromatism in Zebrasoma scopas, the Bicolor.

Pseudojuloides pluto and proserpina are two new pencil wrasses from Micronesia and the Marquesan islands

Prolific Ph.D. candidate Yi Kai Tea (Lemon Tyk) has published papers on not just two but four new species of Pencil wrasse this week. Pseudojuloides crux and P.paradiseus are now being joined by P.pluto and P.proserpina, taking the total number of Pencil Wrasse species to 18.

OceanGuard is a new rimless aquarium range from Aquaforest

Aquaforest is joining the aquarium market with a new range of reef-ready aquariums. The AF OceanGuard range comprises aquarium, sump, pre-assembled cabinet, and pipework, and will be available in five sizes from two to six feet in length, and 275-980 liters (72-258 gallons) total volume.

ADA FC Tool Stand is made from actual concrete

The late, great Aqua Design Amano founder Takashi Amano had many positive design influences on this hobby. Low iron glass, rimless tank design, and minimal silicone were all core ADA design principles that have left a legacy in the hobby that so many others now adhere to.

Parazoanthus atlanticus is a new species of Yellow Polyp from the Dutch Caribbean

The biodiversity of the Dutch Caribbean has been studied for 250 years, but most records of Zoantharians don’t go much beyond the genus level or are grouped into generic catch-all species despite being common. A group of zoantharian specialists from Japan and the Netherlands has sought to change that by collecting and DNA testing new specimens as well as reexamining huge numbers of historic records and data of species collected and described from the area.

Hagen launches Fluval Flex Saltwater Aquarium Kit

Pet and aquatics company Rolf C Hagen has added a new model to its popular Flex curved aquarium series. At 32” long the Fluval Flex Saltwater Aquarium is the longest model to date, sharing the top to bottom bow front, integral filtration, and lighting of its smaller relatives, but holding double the water volume at 32.5 gallons, providing additional space for a protein skimmer and coming supplied with marine spectrum, app-controlled lighting.