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Underwater PAR Measurement is Strongly Impacted by ‘Immersion Effect’

Apogee released their newest PAR light meter, the MQ-500 earlier this year with a brand new and improved light sensor. The improvements to the sensor of the Apogee MQ-500 increased the accuracy of this PAR meter across across the visible wavelengths of light, especially its sensitivity in the blue end of the spectrum. With our reef Read More

Toxic Acropora florida is a Whole New Level of Fluorescent Green

Acropora florida is a common shallow-water reef building coral which is commonly seen on the reef, and also a popular coral for aquariums. The typical Acropora florida is green with axial corallites that are a varying degree of orange, but not all ‘Florida Acros’ are created equal. Despite being a common and well-known aquarium coral, there is a Read More

Ocean Wonders Magnetic MAG Disks

I’ve been making my own magnetic frag plugs with scavenged aquarium magnets for over a decade. Despite a proclivity for magnetic coral bases, somehow, someway, Ocean Wonders’ magnetic MAG Disks have flown completely under my radar. So you can imagine the reaction when my eyes first focused on this delightful small package, sitting innocuously on Read More

World’s Largest Pearl Was Made By A Giant Clam

The World’s Largest Pearl has been discovered in the Philippines and this thing weighs as much as a small child. Clocking in at around 34Kg or about 75 pounds, the huge gem was being used by a Filipino fisherman as a good luck charm under his bed. The new world’s largest pearl is more than Read More

Captive Bred Potter’s Angelfish Proven Possible by Rising Tide

The Potter’s Angelfish is a gorgeous species of Centropyge which is endemic to the Hawaiian Island chain. While this fish is only collected in the Pacific Ocean, a recent captive breeding breakthrough may make this fish available from aquacultured sources in the future. This morning Rising Tide Conservation announced that they had successfully raised Centropyge potteri Read More

Calan-Eeze Review: a Nano-Krill for all Aquarium Fish and Corals

Calan-Eeze is a new freeze dried offering from Two Little Fishies which is an ideal size for many species of fish, corals and invertebrates. Frozen Calanus copepods have become increasingly available to aquarists, especially in frozen form, but Calan-Eeze is the first product to provide a large quantity of these pods in a more affordable and Read More

Cirrhilabrus hygroxerus, the Monsoon Fairy Wrasse Officially Described

Cirrhilabrus hygroxerus is the latin name of the newest species of fairy wrasse on the block, and it’s got a cool common name too. The monsoon fairy wrasse hails from the Timor Sea in Northwest Australia. The newly described Cirrhilabrus hydroxerus is introduced with some great aquarium photography showing the similarity between it and two other Read More

Deep Sea Big Eyed Squid Looks Too Silly To Be Real

This newly discovered big-eyed squid looks so goofy that it could easily be a character in Finding Nemo. The vivid purple color and especially those huge, widely spaced eyes gives this animal such a comical appearance that researchers couldn’t help but giggle when they first stumbled across this bizarre animal. In fact, the discoverers of Read More

Radion G4 LED Light Will Have Unspecified ‘Additional Control Functionality’

Ecotech Marine has formally taken the wraps off its next flagship LED aquarium light and we couldn’t be any more excited for the fourth-generation Radion. From the radically improved lenses, to the additional colors, increased power, and extra control channels, there’s lots to look forward to about the Radion G4 LED light. But apparently, it seems Read More

Tantalizing Video Clip Of A Luscious Peppermint Angelfish

The Peppermint Angelfish is the undisputed holy grail of rare and exotic reef fish. We’ve written at length about what makes Paracentropyge boylei special, and every account of this species both in the wild, and in the aquarium world. Since it’s been a while since we’ve had a peppermint angelfish in the headlines, we just wanted Read More