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Odontanthias cauoh is a new anthias species from Brazil

Odontanthias cauoh is a new species of deepwater anthias hailing from the São Pedro and São Paulo archipelago of Brazil. Odontanthias cauoh is the second member of this genus to be described from the Tropical Atlantic Ocean, bringing the total number of described Odontanthias species to 16. Up until a few years ago this illustrious group of showy anthias was Read More

New Species of deepwater scorpionfish, Scorpaenodes barrybrowni

Scorpaenodes barrybrowni is a new pretty little species of scorpionfish from the deepwaters of the Caribbean Sea. Discovered in Dominica by the Curasub, the newly described Scorpaenodes barrybrowni is named in honor of Barry Brown, a member of team Curasub and the primary photographer of many of the new species that the team has discovered over the Read More

Flower Anemones Discovered in Bali Indonesia!

Flower anemones, Phymanthus crucifer, are one of the most striking reef invertebrates that until now, have only been available from Florida and surrounding Caribbean, or so we thought. Bali Aquarium shared some photos of a recent batch of ‘flower anemones’ from Indonesia that are virtually identical to the beautiful polyps the hobby has enjoyed from Caribbean habitats. Read More

Zoo Med 50 Gallon ‘Low Boy’ Aquarium is a Dream Tank for Frags

The Low Boy is an interesting new breeder aquarium from Zoo Med which is destined to be the hobby’s new favorite frag tank. This 50 gallon aquarium has an area of 48 by 24 inches, but it is only 10 inches tall! This low and flat breeder tank, aptly named the ‘Low Boy’ is the Read More

Dave Botwin’s Reef Has the Most Eclectic Mix of Fish & Corals

Dave Botwin, AKA O2manyFish, is a veteran reef aquarist who has been in the epicenter of the reef aquarium scene for at least 15 years now. Dave loves all things reef, including fish, corals and aquarium gear, and his diverse interests have culminated into quite the eclectic reef tank. His 400 gallon reef tank is Read More

Captive Bred Blue Tangs become a reality at the UF Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory

Captive bred blue tangs are no longer a dream as Rising Tide Conservation just revealed that they had successfully bred this iconic fish in captivity. The breakthrough took place at the University of Florida’s Tropical Aquaculture Lab which announced that they had finally succeeded in breeding the one and only, Paracanthurus hepatus.  The successful breeding of the Read More

Reef School is in Session With Red Sea’s Professor Sharon Ram

Since the beginning of the reef aquarium hobby, our understanding of what happens in our saltwater ecosystems has been a fine balance of art and science. Of course everything that we know is rooted in science and facts, but there’s often been an art to implementing and approaching different aspects of managing water quality and Read More

Aqueon JukeBox 5 Aquarium with Dancing Water LED Speakers

The Aqueon JukeBox5 Aquarium Kit is a new surprising combination stereo and nano aquarium. But these aren’t just any speakers in the JukeBox5 Aquarium, but a pair of dancing water speakers with multicolored LED lights to create a visualization of whatever music you pump into it. The five gallon glass tank of the JukeBox 5 Aquarium has a Read More

Seaway Aqua Launches a Whole Catalog of Reef Aquarium Goods

Seaway Aqua is a newer company from England which we learned about at InterZoo 2016 earlier this summer. Seaway Aqua makes and offers a wide range of aquarium products from foods to treatments, including diseases and aiptasia eradicators. Some of Seaway Aqua’s core products include a range of foods to meet the nutritional needs of Read More

Wesley Vreeswijk is the Ultimate Reefing Control Freak

In America, many of us have more than one tank, and sometimes more than one room of tanks. But for many European reefers where space is often a constraint, having a single display tank is more often the norm. Having only one reef tank to focus on can result in some truly spectacular results and Wesley Read More