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Friday Smorgasbord: Orcas, Phelps, drones and salty art

Welcome to our weekly edition of the Friday Smorgasbord. All those strange and wonderful aquatic-related tidbits that captured our attention this week. To send you off on your weekend, we’ve got an interesting array including a video that proves Orcas are bullies, a look to see if Michael Phelps is better than a fish, drone Read More

This “zombie” reef is coming back to life

There is some hope for dying coral reefs. A Pacific coral reef declared dead in 2003 is making what appears be a comeback. Coral Castles reef, located on the floor of a lagoon on the Phoenix Islands an archipelago halfway between Hawaii and Fiji, became a dead zone from unusually warm waters created by a powerful Read More

Incredible video of Staghorn coral spawning

Each year, researchers from all over the world come together in August in coral nurseries off the coast of Florida to witness one of the most stunning events in nature, coral spawning. This multi-institutional task force meets every year to help the Coral Restoration Foundation as they hope develop a better understanding of Staghorn coral (Acropora cervicornis) Read More

Friday Smorgasbord: Giant goldfish, shipmaps and leaping manta rays

What a strange week! There have been some pretty cool and unusual stories this week that deserved a bit more than just a run down in the Friday smorgasbord, like giant fish pee and cute purple squids, but we’ve still managed to uncover a few stories worthy of our weekly overview. Here we go! Seems we Read More

Coral Bleaching: This sad video shows the violent process

We know what the after effect of coral bleaching looks like, but now we are able to know what actually happens during this process thanks to this time-lapse video of coral dumping its zooxanthellae as a reaction to the stress of rising water temps. The video of this plate coral (Heliofungia actiniformis) shows the coral Read More

Evolution Aqua joins the AIO party with eaReefPro and eaReef aquariums

The Evolution Aqua eaReefPro and eaReef all-in-one aquariums are among the recent additions for the UK company known more is aquatics products for ponds and aquariums. These new aquarium, sump and stand combinations are in line with the sleek, modern approach we are seeing more and more in the industry. The eaReefPro is the latest line of Read More

Friday Smorgasbord: Granny sharks, tough crabs and more

It’s the end of the week and for those you us stuck working and not enjoying a much-needed vacation, it means the final day before a weekend of fun! But before we crack open a cold one, there are still a few more hours in the day. No better way to countdown to the weekend Read More

As betta popularity grows, how will it impact the saltwater hobby?

Walking into a large pet store, you might find that lowly endcap of freshwater betta fish has now expanded with entire aisle of shelves dedicated to the Siamese fighting fish. The rising popularity of keeping this fish is fueling the growth of betta-related products. The one question we ask, will this impact the saltwater side Read More

Nominations still open for Marine Aquarium Hobbyist of the Year

There is still time to nominate a deserving hobbyist for the Neptune Systems Marine Aquarium Hobbyist of the Year (MAHY) award. Now in its second year, the award recognizes a saltwater aquarium enthusiast exemplifying a passion for the hobby, dedication, persistence, patience, helpfulness, humility, and incredible respect from their peers. If you know of anyone Read More

Friday Smorgasbord: The raven, fake fish, ocean views and strange spheres

It’s hard to believe August is already here and that means MACNA is right around the corner. To start your weekend off right, we have a few tasty tidbits in this edition of the Friday Smorgasbord including a new whale, information on fake seafood, a cool 360-degree interactive video and an odd (and stinky) floating Read More