Reisa Kilgore
Reisa Kilgore
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Reisa Kilgore is a marine aquarist and quarantine specialist from Conifer, Colorado. From public aquariums to retail reef stores, her experience is very diverse, and has allowed for a wide perspective on the industry and the hobby alike. Reisa's professional aspirations include furthering our understanding of biomedical quarantine and applying those sciences to the reef-keeping industry, allowing hobbyists to have improved health and success of the creatures in their tanks.

Why Golden Assessors deserve a place on your stocking list

The Golden Assessor, Assessor flavissimus, has always been something of an oddball fish, not only because of its beautiful coloration, but due to the behavioral differences that it gladly presents in home aquariums. A member of the basslet family, these…

Understanding Difficult Fish: Why Expert Only Isn’t a Simple Term

When I was a brand new hobbyist, one of the facets of keeping fish I enjoyed most was research. Like most scientifically inclined people, learning about livestock was (and is) something I spent immense amounts of my free time doing.…