Ryan Gripp
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Ryan Gripp founded Reef Builders in 2006. He writes about technology, industry and other associated news relating to saltwater fish tanks. He went to Depaul University and has been keeping reef tanks for over 15 years.

Cyclop-eeze the man made product for your reef aquairum

I’m not much on man-made products on the market today. I prefer the natural products. I’ll give you one example, Burt’s Bees lip balm is one of my favorites. Anything else I hate. Okay maybe I am a little biased,…

REVIEW: Tunze Osmolator Auto Top off Device

If you want a precision auto top off device. You need to check out the Tunze Osmolator. This thing is tough. It’s something I have come to expect from Tunze engineering. Your not going to have to worry about your…

Top 10 Most Common Mistakes Made by Saltwater Aquarists

  Interested in making the plunge to saltwater? I encourage you to read this article by Stan & Debbie Hauter. They offer some excellent tips to get started in keeping saltwater aquariums.