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Undescribed Plectranthias from Papua shows up in Bangkok, Thailand

If there’s a genus we love more than or equal to Liopropoma here at Reef Builders, it’s got to be Plectranthias. Unfortunately, Plectranthias is poorly reviewed and the genus is riddled with numerous undescribed members which leads to confusion in identifying various species. To make matters worse, it is not uncommon for certain unknown species to look similar to known ones, or even unknown ones … Read More

Juvenile Chaetodon wiebeli spotted cruising in a Bangkok LFS

Butterflyfish are ubiquitous in the hobby, but there are some species that hardly see the light of collection. These are either because they are really deep living species such as those in the genus Roa and Prognathodes, or are far out of collecting range such as Chaetodon smithi. Then there are those that are never collected because … Read More

BlueSpace and Crazy Aquarium in Bangkok is a mecca for Anthias and well groomed reef fish

In the second part of our Thailand escapade, we navigate through the labyrinth that is Jatujak. Jatujak, or JJ market, is a humongous fair that happens every weekend. The market contains over 15,000 stalls spanning 35 acres, and sells everything from clothes to pets. It is a famed tourist attraction in Thailand. Maze like is … Read More

Tales from Thailand: Chingchai’s incredible DSPS tank

Having just returned from an amazing trip in Bangkok, it would almost be considered criminal if we weren’t going to spill and share on the reefing goodies this amazing city has to offer. Like our previous recount of BlueHarbor in Japan, this is our second major travelogue from Asia showcasing the sights of the fish … Read More

Bluespace Aquarium’s spectacular anthias display is an eye-catching showcase from Bangkok

A tank full of colorful Anthias is always an attractive sight for onlookers. Mixing of the bright orange, yellow, pink, and assorted colors of Anthias and Pseudanthias reef fish species makes for good eye candy anytime you look at them. As you can see in the pictures of the main display tank from Bluespace Aquarium … Read More

Liopropoma collettei re-appears in the aquarium scene

Liopropoma are a group secretive fishes which makes them elusive and uncommonly found in the aquarium trade. Collette’s Reef Basslet (Liopropoma collettei) is a species that closely resembles the Pinstripe Reef Basslet (Liopropoma susumi), however the former has a more pinkish body with fewer but thicker stripes. Even though Liopropoma collettei is a widespread species … Read More