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Fluval G3 canister gets reviewed on camera by Practical Fishkeeping

The Fluval G3 is one of Hagen’s latest and greatest flagship canister filters. A canister filter is not the first or the fifth thing we think of when we’re thinking of setting up a marine or reef tank, but canisters still do some things better than anything else. Canisters can run off of reduced water … Read More

Fluval G3 and G6 canister filters get priced for US Market and you won’t believe how much

We know. You’ve been waiting to get your hands on the new Fluval G canister filter that has been leaked out via the Internets for the past several months. You’ve no doubt heard of the overpriced plastic parts inside the unit and want to buy the unit because it features a LCD screen smaller then … Read More

Hagen’s Fluval G out on local fish store model display via Video

You remember that fancy canister filter named the Fluval G? Apparently Hagen has decided that only certain local fish stores will be able to carry the Fluval G. If you are a store that gets to carry the Fluval G you’ll get a fancy display that shows water being run through the device as the … Read More

Fluval G filter from Hagen gets outed with more official pictures

The Fluval G filtration system finally gets outed with high quality pictures. Finally. As it has only taken Hagen 3 months a few months to finally give up the goods. This Fluval G filter is being pushed by Hagen as the next generation filtration system. Let’s not forget that this Fluval G filter comes at … Read More

Fluval G3 and G6 canister filters get outed

The Fluval G3 and G6 canister filters are the first two models of the Fluval G Series from Hagen. The highly anticipated G Series of canister filters have been in development for many years and Hagen has been teasing the new feature rich filters for several months. The Fluval G Series is defined by  a … Read More

Hagen’s New Fluval Frontier series tank and stand exudes modern styling

Industry stallwart Hagen has been rather quiet the last couple of years but with the release of the Fluval Edge, the Fluval G and now the Fluval Pioneer, the company is making a huge comeback with a strong emphasis on styling, design and producing otherwise droolworty products. The Pioneer Series aquarium is a complete 90 … Read More

Fluval G series filter gets its own mini site

Hagen decided to launch a complete mini-site devoted to their new Fluval G series filter of sorts. This is a bold move considering the industry is relatively small.  Since we first mentioned the murmurs of the Fluval G, we still have no idea what this new filter might bring, but industry sources seem to indicate … Read More

Fluval-G filter coming soon from Hagen

Is it a canister? Is it a power filter? Is Hagen dipping it’s webbed toes into the world of full-on marine with a wet-dry/refugium sump? Right now they are only rumors but if Practical Fishkeeping is talking about it, there must be something to it.… Read More