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XP-E2 LED continues Cree’s efficiency and low cost upgrade strategy

As expected, Cree is continuing to upgrade it’s workhorse lineup of LEDs with their new silicon carbide technology by announcing the XP-E2 white LEDs. Much like the XP-G2 before it, the updated LED is showing improvements in overall efficiency and output, while lowering costs.… Read More

XP-G2 is Cree’s update to the venerable XP-G LED

Cree is about to officially anounce the XP-G2, the successor to the long time favorite XP-G. Some of the details are still up in the air, but the big changes here are increases in efficiency, putting it on par with the XM-L for lumens per watt at higher color temperatures. Forward voltages don’t seem to … Read More

AI LED upgrade kit now available for owners of the first generation AquaIllumination

If you were an early adopter of the original AquaIllumination LED aquarium light, you may have been wondering when AI would give it’s earliest customers the Cree XP LED makeover. The future availability of an upgrade kit was announced early in the news of the second generation AI LED and as of today, AquaIllumination is … Read More

MR16 LED spotlights from NanoCustoms revealed at ReefStock 2010

NanoCustoms made a very strong showing at this year’s ReefStock with many new products, one of the most notable being their MR16 LED spotlight. The MR16 from NanoCustoms is a Mini-Me version of the industry-leading PAR 38 LED spotlight from NanoCustoms that is already lighting up Nano Reefs and small tanks all over the world. … Read More

PacificSun lights slated to get the Cree XP-G and XP-E royal blue LED makeover

The PacificSun LED printed circuit board above might seem innocuous enough but the excitement lies in the fact that those LEDs are Cree’s latest and greatest. PacificSun’s new panel will be using the highest performing XP-G whites at 130 lumens per watt and XP-E Royal Blue LEDs rated at 500 mA, the most powerful XP-E … Read More

Cree breaks 200 lumens per watt LED efficiency barrier

The 200 lumen per watt efficacy barrier has just been breached by a fresh round of testing on Cree’s latest generation LEDs. Seems like just this past summer we reported the new advancements of Cree’s XP-G LED reaching a record 132 lumens per watt at the nominal drive current of 350mA and that record was … Read More