April 6 2009,


While most of you were having a nice weekend we were off covering the MAX aquarium show for new products, and trends in the saltwater industry. In case you missed it here is a recap of the MAX aquarium show in all its glory. We will revisit most of the items covered here along with a few other items in the weeks ahead.

Illuminata new trimless aquarium line from Oceanic

Fragasaurus Racks from Marine Depot want to hold your frags

AI T5 modular lighting system

Actinic LED strip light metal halide pendant add on from ALS

The Alternative Reef is showing ceramic reef structures

SL2, PC1 and Hub modules from DigitalAquatics

SunBright LED system is real and it’s awesome

Aquathrive will nourish your fish with bristleworms

LED light strips from Advanced Lighting Systems

G12 bulbs coming soon from Ushio

Linkable Dual-lamp T5 HO light fixture from AquaticLife

Twin arc metal halide lamp from Advanced Lighting Solutions is a worlds first

Teco releases Reef Salt and Sea Salt

Apex aquacontroller from Neptune Systems

Vortech MP10 from Ecotech Marine says hello to the world


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