May 13 2009,


What would we do if we didn’t have large protein skimmers to sit and drool stare at? ATB has built some very impressive cone skimmers as of late and it doesn’t look like they will stop anytime soon. This beast is a super size cone skimmer that utilizes two airstar pumps, each pump is said to produce over “3000 lph” which we would love to see in person. The dual pumps being used are airstars with a custom volute. The design looks very similar to the “XXL” cone skimmer that we saw a while back, but this model is all prettied up in white. Like other high end ATB models, this model does get blessed with a overflow protection system, something that we have also seen in some Bubble Kings and of course ATB. The massive skimmer is rated at a mind blowing 10,000 liters or 2,641 gallons and the baseplate including pump is 500mm x 700mm (19.68″ x 27.5″) with a height of just over 700mm (30.31″). Obviously this skimmer is designed for either a very large reef tank or a local fish store of some kind and our bet is probably for the later. Our guess of a retail would be in the $5,000+ range. Anyone care to take a stab at it?

atb-super-size-cone-skimmer-2 atb-super-size-cone-skimmer-3 atb-super-size-cone-skimmer-4 atb-super-size-cone-skimmer-5 atb-super-size-cone-skimmer-6


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