January 1 2012,

Protesters are at war with PETCO, a large multichannel retailer primarily based in the United States. In Hawaii, protesters took to the streets to complain about the death of a baby tang among other things. PETCO, which we have covered before, is an easy target for supporters of For the Fishes, Snorkel Bob’s and the Pacific Whale Foundation, which wants fish kept in the sea and not in reef tanks. PETCO’s saltwater aquatics handling practices are horrible, with poor training and very little education given to the store’s hourly employees, although there are a few that sparkle among the muck. Another lingering issue is the sheer amount of Yellow tangs that get exported from Hawaii each year, something that local Hawaii residents have had about enough of. PETCO has issued a stop sale and will not carry two native Hawaiian tangs sold in five stores in Hawaii. Although nothing was mentioned about the stores located elsewhere in the US. Hit the read link below for an bonus newscast video.

[via] Maui Now


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