January 13 2012,

A strange looking creature found along the Florida coastline by a couple out on a stroll is thought to be an oarfish. As the longest of the “bony” fishes, the oarfish can average lengths up to 26 ft. in length.

“It just rolled up on the beach in front of us,” Carolyn Hoffman told the Palm Beach Post about the discovery on Delray Beach. “I’ve never seen anything shaped like that.”

Palm Beach Atlantic University biology professor Ray Waldner made the speculation about the identity of the alien looking creature. Others have reported recovering oarfish that are as much as 56 ft. long.

Usually found in the deeper ocean waters feeding off of plankton, jelly fish and squid. They are rarely seen in the wild except when they are dying and swimming near the ocean’s surface. The oarfish have been historically labeled as “sea serpents.”

Check out the rare video below of a live oarfish.


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