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Bubble-Tip Anemones: Care and Propogation

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  1. Matt Bowers (Muttley000) says:

    I have visited your website a few times and hope to visit your facility one day, thanks for a very nicely done article!

  2. Gus Gutierrez says:

    Where is Tidal Gardens? Do you allow visits at your facility?

  3. Chris Aldrich says:

    Hi Gus, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

    Tidal Gardens is located in Copley, Ohio, USA. It’s a small town near Akron, if you’re familiar. On-site visits are available by appointment. You can schedule one through their website: http://www.tidalgardens.com

    If you’re not in the area, we posted photos of the facility on our Facebook page. They also have tours on their YouTube channel.

  4. Daniel says:

    My rose bubble tips propogate just by feeding. I also notice they are sensitive to water changes , for the better…they turn color and extend

  5. Nekko says:

    So what do you feed them?

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