August 6 2013,

Pseudojuloides is a beautiful genus that gets quality air time here at ReefBuilders. This group of wrasses do not get as much love as they should, and are often overshadowed by their hardier and more forgiving Cirrhilabrus cousins. Though small, this genus continues to grow with new undescribed species being churned out every now and then. This spectacular male that landed at Greenwich Aquaria could be the latest. 

Looking superficially similar to P. severnsi, the unidentified pencil wrasse above sports a labyrinth like pattern of purple squiggles filled with yellow all over its face and chest. The Indian Ocean fish was collected from the waters of Kenya where Indo-pacific P. severnsi is not known to inhabit. We’ve got word that studies are currently in the works, and we won’t be surprised if this fish eventually makes it to full species level.


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