Corals Gone Wild: Don’t Let Encrusting Polyps Take Over Your Tank!

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  1. Avatar Glenda says:

    On Alameda beach, near San Francisco, I found green, red, and brown alge in the current. It looks like most of the same you would buy. Am I able to acclimated it to my refugium of my saltwater fish tank ?

  2. Avatar bob smith says:

    I put my Green Star Polyps on a rock that only goes so far before it blocks the light. This keeps the star polyps from growing too far down the rock, and then i put that rock on top of another rock

  3. Avatar Eric says:

    One word: isolation. I have wavy fingers xenia on one chunk of rock on substrate away from the rest of the tank. My local fish store guy was cool enough to warn me of its proliferation. I’ve had it a while with no problems. Looks nice and haven’t had to cut back at all. If you want xenia, it’s the only way. Don’t have experience with green star though. I think Kate’s technique seems pretty legit.

    1. Avatar Jeff Kurtz says:

      Thanks for sharing these insights, Eric!

  4. Avatar Hk says:

    Trimming and then using boiling saltwater from tank with my feeder tube to keep the edges of the intruding colonies in check.

    1. Avatar Jeff Kurtz says:

      Interesting approach! Thanks for sharing, Hk!

  5. Avatar Kate says:

    I’m using a rose bubble tip anemone & a pulsing xenia to keep my green star polyp cornered. The xenia can only grow onto the substrate the entire rock is small enough to be lifted out of the tank so I can ‘trim’ easily into a safe bucket. This means I ‘get’ to have/risk keeping two spreading menaces in my smaller 40gallon set up without too much trouble. I’ve had both in their current location for over a year both do require regular ‘trimming’ but haven’t taken over 🙂

    1. Avatar "Caribbean Chris" Aldrich says:

      I love the “standoff” technique you’re using, Kate. Great thinking! For some reason it reminds me of the Old West, haha.

    2. Avatar Karla Hazlewood says:

      How do you “trim” it? My husband bought a rock with xenia on it. It spread well (to well) in his tank and when I set up my tank, I asked for a piece. It did NOT go well. The second biggest colony he had he gave me and immediately it went limp and refused to stand up or pulse. I moved the rock a couple of times and it still didnt do well. It didnt die tho. Then HIS spread all over his tank in tiny spots. SO he gave me his original large rock with the mother colony on it. It perked right up and turned pick and started to pulse. It is HUGE and beautiful. The first one he gave me changed colors. It is now almost lilac (the original is pink). But its now doing well. However, HIS tank is being over run. I want to clean his out of some of the xenia and put them in my spare (hospital) tanks, as we are planning on setting up a 75 gal in the living room soon. How do I get them off the rock without hurting them.

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