How to Remove Unwanted Fish from a Reef Tank

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  1. Avatar Trev says:

    Or…. My fail safe method. Either wait for when your lights go out in the evening or turn off reef lights and darken room (there can’t be any light). Wait about 30 minutes. Get your net and a bright torch. The fish will now be calm and not moving around much due to the darkness. Turn your torch on and quickly identify the fish you want to catch with the beam. In my experience the fish will either freeze and remain still while you net it or it will be confused and won’t know where to swim. Again net it while it’s confused. The only fish this won’t work for are fish such as wrasse who hide in the rocks at night. But it has never failed me with free swimming fish ?

  2. Avatar David Willis says:

    This is a really great article, but I am really confused on the method with the pvc and clear plastic. A picture or simple drawing may help me understand it better.

  3. Avatar Craig says:

    Amazing and thorough article with lots of practical tips and tricks. Thanks for posting!

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