How to grow the most colorful SPS corals

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  1. Pico reef says:

    Again. You clearly show no idea what you are talking about. Everything I have read from you is either generic common knowledge or utter crap. This article was supposed to be guidelines have possible scientific data or even some kind of guideline. All this article says is have the right light, have the right water quality and make sure right flow. …while some stats were given for alkilinity as well as a couple specific color needs, that was about it. Something 2 seconds of research could tell you.

    This is just typical of your B.S. wright ups with nothing significant to say.

  2. Ralph says:

    Prety basic info.. was expecting something extra.. like adding HGH to your tank or fishoil vitimins something along that relm….

  3. Walter Hernandez says:

    There was nothing to be taken from this that I couldn’t take from the noon section of reef central or the horible reef2reef website which is a joke.

    top shelf aquatics will be releasing a guide shortly on how to grow colorful sps.

    That picture of the Walt disney is also a joke. Heavy saturation, leds and photo saturation in orDer to sell coral is sad….. good job mike.

  4. Andrea says:

    When the article you mention on SPS comes out, please send me the link.

    Thank You!!!

  5. Acronatic says:

    The picture of that Walt Disney is not real. It a photoshop job. The whole hobby knows that. Its a shame Reef builders doesnt know that. The color on that coral is phony, I have seen around 7 frags of it along with 2 colonies and its not even close in color. Its very pale and green.

  6. Acronatic says:

    Mike is a rippoff artist that should be jailed for false advertising. I dont care what the pics show.

  7. Howard says:

    What specific lights do these hobbiest use? T5, led, mh? How many inches over the tank? What par, what photoperiod?

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