Salem Clemems
Salem Clemems
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Salem Clemens has been in the hobby for a decade and has worked in the industry for the last five years. He has worked with numerous fish stores and now farms coral, phytoplankton, and copepods on his own.Salem is in his senior year pursuing a degree in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology with a minor in Chemistry. He is researching coral pathogens, zooxanthella, and holobiont-associated signal transduction pathways. He wants to pursue a doctorate and would like to go into conservation work eventually. His favorite corals are Goniopora and zoanthids, but he has recently fallen in love with Dendronepthya and Scleronepthya. His favorite fish are Blue Chromis and Moray eels.

Reef Microbiology Part Two: The Immune System

In this installment of the microbiology series, I will provide a more technical explanation of the coral immune response.   Introduction to Immunology Immunology is the study of the immune system. There are two broad categories of immune responses – innate…

Reef Microbiology Part One: The Holobiont

In this series, I hope to bring a magnifying glass to the invisible world populating our tanks – the microbiome! The first installment of this series will focus on the microbes living in and on our corals. What is Microbiology,…