Poetry in motion, Priolepis nocturna in notion

I live in seclusion, cloistered and coy. Taciturn and weary, I watch you go by. From under my ledge, I yearn to be free. If only I dared, if only I cared.

Poetry in motion, Chaetodon daedalma in notion

A leather bodice, of gunmetal grey, Of polished iron, for which I overlay. Woven in chains, I shine like mercury, A knight I am not, of the 17th century.

Poetry in motion, Apolemichthys kingi in notion

Embellished throughout, with stripes of a tiger. Not one of mammal, but of equal desire. Your presence is known, but secret i’ll keep. A halo a clue, is all I shall speak.

“Once upon a Montipora” by George Adkins

Once upon a Montipora… Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the aquarium. Not a fishie was stirring, not even Z. veliferum The socks were all hung by the reefer with care, In hopes that Poseidon soon would be…

Solitary coral poetry

We like to share a lot of news on this here blog, most of it pertaining to new species, rare fish, exciting equipment, some occasional ocean science and artworks but real bonafide poetry is notably absent. In an effort to…