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What’s next for Drs Foster and Smith, Live Aquaria, and Petco?

Petco, the large multi-channel retailer is intent to purchase our beloved Drs. Foster Smith mail order and eCommerce business. Apparently the owners wanted out of their successful enterprise—which comes as no surprise as they are older in age and more than likely want to retire with their families and grand kids. We can’t blame Marty Read More

Sharks are surprisingly social

Sharks can have their own personalities—that is according to a new study. The Study published in the journal Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, is the first study to show that the water borne predators have their own personality. David Jacoby, a behavioral ecologist now at the Institute of Zoology, and his colleagues conducted the research. The Read More

Humphead Wrassee does not receive endangered species listing

The humphead wrasse will not be put on the endangered species act as either threatened or endangered according to the newest information from NOAA. Their review process concluded: We conclude that the humphead wrasse is not presently in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range nor is it likely to Read More

California greatly increasing Consumer Protections for Pet Insurance that include aquatics

California is one of the few states that have added new provisions to pet insurance, which includes aquatics. The new law is increasing consumer protections for pet insurance. The pet insurers are now required by law to disclose important information regarding their policies, standardize definitions, and provide consumers with a 30-day “free look” period, under Read More

The new consumer aquatics lifecycle

Back in the 90s many folks got a freshwater tank and kept fish like the simple goldfish. They gradually progressed into keeping full-blown saltwater tanks and the progression from gold fish to clownfish took many years. Today, we are seeing a different behavior pattern, which has them jumping directly into keeping a saltwater tank. The Read More

Red Sea Max E Series will start shipping in 2015

The new Red Sea Max E Series that we saw back in May 2014 might not be arriving anytime soon. Red Sea a major manufacturer of aquarium equipment and supplies worldwide has not specifically promised a release date anytime this year. Rather we are expected to see the new tanks sometime in the first quarter Read More

Aquavitro aquarium tools by Seachem coming soon

Seachem has announced their new aquavitro aquarium tools. The new tools are made from premium stainless steel and are ideal for both freshwater and marine aquariums. In total there are about 12 different types of aquavitro tools that include forcepts, shears, soil spade and last but not least a coral cutter. Seachem is a major Read More

Oman Clownfish can make epic Journeys

That is according to a new report from Steve Simpson of the University of Exeter, United Kingdom. Steve and his colleagues studied Oman anemonefish (Amphiprion omanensis) which is unique to the Arabian Sea off Oman. The group studied two separate populations 248 miles (400 kilometres) apart from each other and captured a total of 136 Read More

Endangered versus Threatened: Why should you be concerned?

While yesterdays event scared just about everyone in the greater aquatics industry we might come to expect that more often as different petitions make there way around federal bodies that deal with the ESA. A lot of folks think we are safe if a species is listed as only threatened versus endangered but for the Read More

USFWS Los Angeles: We are now advising the trade of coming ESA listings

We have confirmed the USFWS was incorrectly restricting some wholesalers regarding the 20 species of corals recently listed as threatened as illegal to import. Apparently the local offices in Los Angeles were interpreting things different than the folks back at the National Marine Fisheries (NMFS) who control the listings. We spoke directly to Paul Mckinn, Assistant Read More