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Pre Order the “Wrasse Bible” Labridae Fishes starting now

We are very excited to announce Reef Builders is publishing our first book entitled Labridae Fishes: Wrasses written by none other than Ruddie Kuiter. The special edition has been updated with all the latest information and pictures and could be likened to the “wrasse bible” with over 400 pages. Inside the book you’ll find updated Read More

Oceans – A new social networking app for Scuba Divers

Ocean, is a new social networking application designed for Scuba Divers to interact with each other. The iOS/Android app allows you to share dive logs with Facebook friends and to see where your other fellow divers have dived throughout the world. The application is a mix of LinkedIN, Facebook and Twiter and if you have Read More

All in one Aquariums: Critical to the Success of the hobby

All in one aquarium kits are extremely popular with consumers a trend that has been increasing over the last several years. The trend is no doubt brought on by the vast amount of product combinations available on the market today and especially true in the saltwater aquarium niche in the overall market. These aquarium kits Read More

Continuum Aquatics launches direct to consumer website + Certified Bulk

Contiunum Aquatics the manufacturer of aquarium additives headed up by industry veteran Jack Kent announced a direct website for consumers and hobbyists. The move no doubt is focused on offering larger bulk sizes that most retailers do not stock because of space constraints in their physical stores. While most hobbyists will continue to shop direct Read More

The Jobs are back!

We have good news. Our job site is now back online after being disconnected from our services provider. While we get all everything sorted out you can now post a job ($10 for 30 days) or browse listings. Because our industry is so small give the software several weeks to fine tune the listings currently Read More

Consumers still protesting Petco / Drs. Foster Smith deal

Now that it’s been several months of Petco’s acquisition of Drs. Foster & Smith and their famous Live Aquaria division the Internet has  and is still crying out in protest of the deal. Every major social network has been slammed with negative responses to the news including news outlets that are outside of the industry. Read More

Tropical Marine Centre bringing Ecoxotic Canon Pro lighting to UK and beyond

Tropical Marine Centre is partnering with Ecoxotic to bring the high power Canon Pro range of LED pendant lights to the commercial market in Europe, the Middle East and Russia. The Canon Pro LED lighting is extremely popular with large installations as the amount of light distributed is second to none, as we’ve concluded with Read More

Bulk Reef Supply suffers cyber attack, customer data stolen

Bulk Reef Supply, a popular provider of aquarium equipment and supplies announced yesterday they have been hacked. Those customers who were affected by the breach will receive written notice from the company along with free instructions to receive credit monitoring services. The investigation is ongoing to the incident but the company has confirmed some customer Read More

Hawaii removes ban on aquarium collection in proposed bill

Hawaii has been at the center of legislation that would ban aquarium collection. Last week, the House Committee on Ocean, Marine Resources and Hawaiian Affairs approved a revised House Bill 873 which initially called for a ban on the industry that officials have said does around $2 million a year in business. The decision came Read More

Ocean Swipe 360 — A Robot that can clean all four sides of an aquarium

Keeping reef tanks is a big job that takes a large investment in time. One of the bigger tasks is cleaning the aquarium glass especially removing it from any built up algae. A new product called Ocean Swipe 360 seeks to change our hassle of cleaning aquariums with a novel way to clean the inside Read More