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Sergeants Pet Care Products and Fritz Aquatics announce distro and royalty deal

Fritz Aquatics just scored a royalty agreement with Sergeants Pet Care Products. Sergeants if you weren’t familiar are extremely popular for their Mardel and aquarium product lines including: CopperSafe, Maracyn, Maracyn 2, MarOxy, Maracide, Maracyn+, ProtoShield, ParaShield, BacterShield, QuickCure, Crystal Clear, Clout and BioZyme. Most people didn’t realize that Fritz was manufacturing the majority of Read More

New Pulse LED light Fixture from Aquatic Life

Aquatic Life took the wraps of their new Pulse LED Fixture for saltwater tanks and threw their hat in the ring for on board controller dimmable LED light fixtures. The new Pulse product has multiple channels of control and comes with 3 watt LEDs in white, blue and UV Pink/Red. It ships with an on Read More

Get your aquatics event on Reef Builders

One of the largest requests we receive here at Reef Builders is local clubs, societies and other groups to post their events on the home page. Starting today you can. Reef Builders events is a new collection of all of the aquatics industry events in one convenient place. To add your event you’ll need to Read More

Massive Black Blob taking over La Jolla Shores in San Diego

No, this isn’t a huge oil slick off the coast of La Jolla Shores in San Diego as some might have guessed. Rather a massive Anchovy Shoal formed and they spend their time “munching on plankton and smaller fish and doubtless admiring its own very sexy silver stripe.” Apparently, A current “La Niña” pattern of Read More

An Abandoned Warehouse Is Full of Live Jellyfish

If you’re near Liverpool and start walking around in a deserted area in the middle of the night you might stumble across an abandoned warehouse glowing blue. Inside you’ll see a ridiculous amount of live jellyfish floating around peacefully. What is it? Art. Walter Hugo and Zoniel opened the setup several weeks ago and told Read More

Fritz Quick Change Liquid Salt Concentrate

Fritz has been making pre-dissolved salt for years under their “Pro” line and selling tons of the stuff. It’s popular with larger customers (fish stores, wholesalers, etc.) but we haven’t seen it in consumer friendly packaging. Quick Change is now available in 64oz or 1 gallon sizes and is designed for use in marine, reef Read More

Coral Gumbo is new from Hikari

Hikari released their new Coral Gumbo this past May to stores and distributors. Coral Gumbo is adding to the Frozen fish frenzy that has surfaced in the past several years. The food is frozen in mini pack form and “Free from harmful parasites, unwanted bacteria and foul odor.”  The new frozen food is a “mix Read More

EcoSmart Live Beta announced with Dropcam support and VorTech integration

Ecotech Marine announces the availability of a new beta program for their recently redesigned EcoSmart Live software program. The new update has a refreshed look and feel, improved usability and several updates to new features the largest being dropcam support and vortech integration along with fine tuning of settings and the like. Ecotech Marine has Read More

The business of the Ecotech Marine and Aqua Illumination Merger

I’ve been following the business side of things here in the aquatics business for some time. Just last week we had the biggest news in the history of the hobby. Two major competitors were joining forces: Ecotech Marine and Aqua Illumination. Why would a business deal like that make sense? There are of course several Read More

H2O Plus Marine Based Skincare for Men

H2O Plus is a skincare company that has been in business for over twenty years. The company, based in Chicago offers ocean based skin and bath and body products that are sold in over 40 different countries. Their tagline is  “The Science of Marine Skincare” and recently they just announced a new Men’s line targeted Read More