August 25 2009,


Although fish lovers yearn to see and aquire fish which are caught alive in 100-300 feet of water, deepsea fishermen get to see some of the wildest deepwater fish when fishing for them at extreme depths. The following images were taken from a couple different lure and deepwater fishing websites and they show some amazing fish species which we never, ever get to see alive in aquaria. These fish were caught at depths between 100 and 950 feet where crushing pressure would demand that these fish would need to decompress for days if they were to be brought back up alive. In other words, don’t even dream about seeing any of these species at your LFS. Images from Fishing Forum and Lure Fishing Diary.


The fish above is Symphysanodon typus, it was caught in the Kagoshima Prefecture of Tatsugo Japan and the species is normally found in 50-400 meters of depths. At the very top we have an Oblique-lined snapper, Pristipomoides zonatus, which was caught at 600 feet of water off the Island of Kona, Hawaii. The image below shows a blue-striped soldierfish which was also caught in Hawaii, but at more moderate depths.



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