June 29 2010,

New rectangular Micron Bag filter socks and holders from Eshopps take “outside the box” thinking to tackle the old standard. Traditionally filter socks use a circular collar and Eshopps designed its rectangular version to be able to add more filters to larger sumps without sacrificing surface area of the filter socks. The new designs still utilizes the 200 micron filtration spec of most filter socks but use a 4 1/2 inch by 7 inch rectangular collar on a 14 1/2-inch long sock allowing two filter bags to fit in the area one single 7-inch circular sock fit before. Although you may be losing some surface area to the new design, it will be far greater than what you’d get with a pair of smaller, 4-inch socks. Being able to have multiple socks in your sump allows for a bit more time before you have to change them out but also means you’ll have to double your backups. The new rectangular socks will be added in double duty with the larger RS-200 and RS-300 sumps.

Eshopps will also release Micron Bag holders to be able to add filter socks to existing sumps. The adjustable acrylic brackets allow you to slip the holder on the edge of your sump and tighten it down with nylon thumb screws to secure it in place. The new micron bag holders will come in three sizes: small for one 4-inch circular bag, large for one rectangular bag, and X-large to hold two rectangular bags. Both the rectangular Micron Bag and Micron Bag holders will be released in late July. No pricing was available at the time of posting but we’ll make sure to pass it on as soon as its available.


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