July 22 2010,

Genesis Reef Systems is a name which is soon to be very familiar to aquarium automation enthusiasts, pro aquarists, service companies and the plain lazy reef keeper. Genesis has developed two new modules for aquarium use, one is called the Renew for automatic water changes and the other is called the storm for “specialized” auto top off needs. The gist of the Storm and Renew’s function is to precisely control two water pumps to get a mechanized turnover of old to new water with lots of feed back from a handful of water level sensors that are used with special metering reservoirs. The Genesis Renew module allows you to set the frequency of water changes, their volume and how long you want them to take place. In this case the Renew is great for executing controlled water changes of an aquarium with regular frequency instead of doing very large changes at long and irregular intervals. We could see the Genesis Renew and this kind of water change system being quite useful for NPS reef tanks where the hobby is experimenting a lot with continuous additions of coral food, and the water quality continually going down the tubes. The Genesis Storm is like the Renew but it halves the water pump control, yet retains that second plug so you can prepare your water with a mixing pump or heater. Rounding out the Genesis team of water “volume management” is the ROCv, a fancy solenoid valve with built in functions to take advantage of the two water level sensors that click right in. The coup-de-grace for the Genesis Renew and Storm would be some kind of interface with aquarium controllers, but having stand alone devices that really work is also pretty exciting. We can say this about Genesis Reef Systems, their boxes are very well presented in these press shots and if they can deliver on their promises with modern electronic technology then automated reefing just got a whole lot easier. Remember the Reef Filler pumps which were designed to do the same thing ages ago? We won’t even go there. The Genesis Renew starts at $399 (with required metering reservoirs) and the Genesis Storm is $199 yet both boxes are available in kit bundles with every sensor, tube, reservoir and doo-dad to be as lazy as possible.

[via Genesis Reef Systems]


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