November 18 2010,

The Aqua Medic LED nano we brought you from Interzoo is out and coming to the North American market within the next month or so. Dubbed the Aqua Medic Yasha, the diminutive tank will hold seven gallons of water in the sexy rimless styling we’ve grown to love. The all-in-one nano features a trio of 3W Aqua Medic Aquasunspot MR16 LED lights , a Turboflotor 500 Blue skimmer tucked neatly in the back, and a Nanoprop 5000 circulation pump.

The Aqua Medic Yasha was released recently in Europe with the first run selling out rather quickly. As production ramps up the company is expecting to have this on hand and shipping within the next month here in North America. Final pricing has yet to be determined but rumor has it these tanks were selling for around €400 so we should see these in the $500 USD range.

[via Acuaristica]


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