March 22 2011,

The AquaClear media basket from InTank is a really neat way to turn those dusty AC70 power filters into something much more useful. The specially designed, CNC-machined acrylic chambers of the AquaClear media basket cause water to flow completely through the mechanical filter and then through three more chambers which can be used in a variety of ways.

If you have a larger tank, the separate chambers of the AC70 media basket can be loaded up with different medias such as activated carbon in one and Granular Ferric Oxide in another. If you have a nano tank you can use the AC70 media basket to turn the classic power filter into your one stop water-treatment center; you can stick a heater in the last chamber to get it out of the tank, pop a Mame Nano Skimmer into a nano chamber and even sandwich a little fuge in between.

The InTank AC70 media basket is $65 but on presale for $53. We know that sixty bucks sounds like a lot of green for what amounts to a little acrylic box but how much are you going to spend on two phosban reactors and pumps to drive them? How much space will that take up? Granted if you have a larger aquarium you may need a wee bit more media holding capacity but if you have an average size tank or a nano, there’s a lot of ways to squeeze performance out of your old AquaClears using InTank’s acrylic media basket.

[InTank via Reef2Reef]


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