April 21 2011,

We know it may seem like we have an unhealthy obsession with the rare and cryptic, deepwater Lipogramma klayi but we just can’t help ourselves. It’s only been a few weeks since we posted a video of Lipogramma klayi from Blue Harbor but this week B-box Aquarium has a little Lipogramma klayi eye candy of its own. This time the Lipogramma klayi video is close and clear and it shows a well adjusted specimen swimming casually in the midwater with fins held erect, very nice indeed.

You gotta love how this little basslet apepars so calm with no cover and in lighting which is probably considerably brighter to what it’s used to in its natural deepwater environment. The large blue eye on a magenta face with intricate vermiculations of pink on yellow is a beautiful color pattern.

But most of all we are fascinated by this Lipogramma‘s swimming posture, holding its body at a 45 degree angle with the prominent pelvic fins trailing down almost as far as the anal fin. B-Box is mighty proud of this outstanding Lipogramma klayi specimen as they are asking a cool 250,000 Japanese Yen, about $3000, for the chance to own this gem of a reef fish.


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